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Vsftp is not so easy to fix (xinetd way and Independent way)

Vsftp is not so easy to fix (xinetd way and independent way) [%= @title%] [%= @count%] ticket [[%= @percent%]%] The default is set to use xinetd to start vsftp, which is also recommended in the document because it can use many of the control fe

Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use cookies are the easiest way to use cookies.

Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use cookies are the easiest way to use cookies. Today, I suddenly saw my cookie fail and shouted, how can I do this? I am crazy about searching online. 1. Introduce jQuery and jQuery. Cookie. js plug-ins. $.cookie("like", $(":radio[checked]").val(), { path: "/", expiress: 7

It is easy to understand TCP's three-way handshake to establish a connection and the four-way handshake to release the connection.

It is easy to understand TCP's three-way handshake to establish a connection and the four-way handshake to release the connection. Why do I wave three times when TCP establishes a connection? Each TCP connection requires three phases: Connection establishment, data transmission, and connection release. The three-way ha

Easy way to learn the Linux kernel source code

Easy way to learn Linux OS kernel source codeFor a lot of Linux enthusiasts are interested in the kernel is not easy to swallow, the purpose of this article is to introduce a way to interpret the Linux kernel source code, rather than explain the Linux complex kernel mechanism;A The file organization of the core source

VM Installation ubuntu16.04 Easy way

After you have installed the VM10 virtual machineFirst file-"New virtual machine-" typical (standard)Choose to install the operating system later, followed by a downloaded ubuntu16.04 imageSelect OS is Linux, version is UbuntuSetting the virtual operating system installation locationAllocate disk size 20GSelect the System image locationConfiguring system memorySelect network connection mode bridging or NATAfter the configuration is complete, turn on the virtual machine into the installation inte

SQL FOR XML also has a way of writing (with tag and union all, simple and easy to understand)

Tags: case AAA Compact SOC ISS ble Article char = = SQL FOR XML also has a way of writing (with tag and union all, simple and easy to understand) Test environment: SQL, R2, 2010, 2012, 2014, etc. Declare @agent table (agentid int, Fname varchar (5), SSN varchar (one)) insert into @agent Select 1, ' Vimal ', ' 123 -23-4521 ' UNION ALL Select 2, ' Jacob ', ' 321-52-4562 ' union ALL select 3, ' Tom ', ' 252-

A super-easy way for Java to read files within a jar

The Java curriculum design of the pit Daddy, to use Jar to runLow support for reading and storing files within jarStorage method:1;2;3;4 5 Public classtestdouble {6 Public Static voidMain (string[] args)throwsIOException {7URL url=NewURL ("Jar:file:/c:/test.jar!/a.txt"); 8 System.out.println (URL);9InputStream is=Url.openstream ();Ten byteb[]=New byte[1000]; One (b); ASystem.out.println (NewString (b). Trim ()); -

(go) quick and easy way to find list in Java

Programmers who believe in Java development often iterate through the data in the list to find the data they want. Then elected to do the processing, I have a small method in the case of a large number of data can be faster, of course, this method is only for the novice a little use, for the veteran may have a better way, please pointingWhen traversing the list, put a keyword into the map for each piece of data in the list, such as:For (mapResourcemap

An easy way to add python environment variables

If the add Python.exe to Path is not selected when installingCauses the Python prompt to be executed at the command prompt ' Python ' is not an internal or external command, nor is it a running program or batch file.There are two ways to do this:Method One: Use the cmd command to add the PATH environment variable 在cmd下输入: path=%path%;D:\Python27 接着按"Enter"回车键。 其中: D:\Python27 是Python的安装目录。Method Two: Add the Python directory to the environment variable

An easy way to Llinux server file sharing

If the CentOS virtual machine does not have the file sharing feature installed, then the client and server file sharing will cause some problems;Here is a small way to quickly implement a Linux server and Windows sharing, here is the CentOS 6.4 version for example;Link to the server via Xshell;To install the Yum source on a Linux system (slightly):Then, install the Lrzsz file-sharing package through Yum;Yum-y Install Lrzsz so it is installed;If you wa

An easy way to find the maximum, minimum, average, sum, and number of arrays

//Gets the maximum and minimum values in the array@min. SelfNsarray*array =@[@4,@84,@2;NSLog(@ "max =%@", [arrayValueforkeypath:@ "@max. Self"]);//Average and sum nslog (@ "%@" , [array valueforkeypath:@ "@sum. Self" // average and averaging NSLog(@ "%@", [array valueforkeypath:@ "@avg. Self"]);    // Find the number of elements in an array NSLog(@" Total %@ ", [array valueforkeypath:@ "@count. Self" An easy

Win7 system Add/Remove snap-in easy way to manage network services

win7 System Add/Remove snap-in easy way to manage network services The specific methods are as follows: 1, first open the Win7 operating system, click Start-run; 2, in the operation of input MMC in the ENTER key; 3, you can see the console root node, in the click File; 4, click the file after clicking Add/Remove snap-in; 5, here click to add;

Easy way to get the jar package version

easy way to get the jar package version jar packages for MAVEN management The following files are available in the MAVEN packaged project: The version number information for the jar package is included in the To this point has come out of the method, read the file version can be. Take MyBatis as an example: For different projects, the path is not the same and can on

An easy way to get the mouse speed

Mouse | Speed today a friend asked about how to calculate the speed of the mouse movement, thought for a while, there is a more convenient way to achieve, the principle is relatively easy to understand, before really did not think, feel good on the hair and everyone to share, I hope to help ... Say the general production steps: After creating a new file, create a dynamic text with the variable name speed; C

Easy to master the way of database management--operation and maintenance patrol four (database backup)

checks the backup of the database itself, some third-party software backup information may be missing.Note: The considerations for Backup and the best configuration are described in backing up related articles on the platform.  SummarizeBackups are a central priority in database maintenance and can be restored by backup when the server fails or the Misoperation results in data loss. The more complete the database backup, the more data you can restore back after a failure.Suggestions: 1

Easy to master the way of database management--one of operation and maintenance patrol (server status and hardware indicators)

Tags: database management run Environment Details server processorObjectiveTo do daily inspection is an important step of database management and maintenance, and it is necessary to register each inspection date and result, and may need to make a inspection report. SQL Expert Cloud ( makes it easy to master the path of database managementThis series is designed to address some common problems: I don't know what to patrol.

An easy way to access SQL Server databases in the intranet

Objective:Sometimes we want to access the local area network SQL Server server, such as test environment database in the company intranet, back home or at the customer site to connect to the database in the intranetThe first step: if you can connect to the local area network database, remote also can connect itThe second step: Add a TCP port in the intranet pangolin, the IP of the local IP, port 1433, map to the external network port to fillYou can then use,7777

Ubuntu installation WDCP is not easy to solve the wrong way

WDCP v3.2 InstallationWDCP supports the installation of CentOS system, including 32bit or 64bit, the latest version is recommended in 6.x version, the source installation command is:wget zxvf lanmp_laster.tar.gzsh lanmp.shError when installing WDCP v3 to perform sh in UbuntuLanmp. sh: conf: lib/common.: function: Notfoundlanmp. SH:: Lib/ Common. conf: Syntax error: "}" unexpected Ubuntu dash compatibility is not good, and the compilati

Easy to master the way of database management--operation and maintenance patrol series

Patrol is the database administrator to ensure the health of the necessary maintenance items, comprehensive inspection can be early detection of problems, solve problems, prevent problems.Many database maintainers do not understand the database in depth (often concentrated in the traditional industry), not a professional DBA, but also a multi-job (business, software, network, hardware), in the daily complex work has been physically and mentally exhausted. Such a state is bound to let the system

Tip 13. An easy way to attach an entity

Tip 13. An easy way to attach an entityProblem:In some earlier hints, we discussed using attach to load an unchanged (unchanged) state to ObjectContext to avoid the overhead of querying.If performance is your goal, attach is the weapon to choose from.Unfortunately our API does not fit into the case of 99%, where there is only one entity set for each type. The Entity Framework supports single-type multi-enti

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