how to sync onedrive for business

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Win8.1 Update How to disable the OneDrive Sync service

First, OneDrive system Setup Chapter 1. First, use the Microsoft account to login to the current Win8.1 or Win8.1 update system platform. If the Win8.1 platform, users need to open the SkyDrive application (Win8.1 Update platform has been renamed OneDrive). At this point, Microsoft OneDrive has started to automatically generate

Win8 How to turn off the OneDrive sync service

Recently, I went to a friend's computer shop and wandered around, found a problem, although the current Win7 system is still strong performance, but Microsoft has its own attitude, the beginning of a strong main push more advanced Win8, Win9 system, from open the sale of the computer can be seen, Most of the computers have been pre-installed Win8, win8.1 system, so today's small series to join the fun, for you to introduce a win8.1 system download the use of skills, how to shut down in the compu

OneDrive for Business next-generation synchronization client spring update Overview

OneDrive for Business next-generation synchronization client spring update Overview Last year, Microsoft announced the launch of the first version of the next-generation OneDrive for Business synchronization client, greatly improving its synchronization reliability and performance. Today, Microsoft once again announced

Use PowerShell batch enable OneDrive for business

To update a blog, this is a simple way to talk about how to bulk enable OneDrive for work for Office 365 users, some people may have a face, this thing still need to enable? Isn't it self-brought? In fact, Office 365 users can enjoy the storage space provided by OneDrive for business as long as they have purchased the qualifying license. But, this storage space i

Get the O365 Onedrive for business list using PowerShell

Tags: col simple efault net rtt result des Ecif callYear is over, it's time to start today, and then share a script about O365, before sharing a script that can open a user's OneDrive for business in bulk, which is helpful for doing some migration work. Let's share one today. How to get the user to turn on OneDrive for busine

Try data Loss Prevention in SharePoint online/onedrive for business and Office applications

Evolving Data Loss Prevention in SharePoint online/onedrive for business and Office applicationsby Office 365Team, on April 21, 2015Today ' Spost is written by Shobhit Sahay and technical product manager for the Office 365team.Original address: evolving-data-loss-prevention-in-sharepoint-onlineonedrive-for-business-and-office-

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