how to take backup of mysql database in phpmyadmin

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MySQL Learning Note VII: Backup and recovery of data

We know that data is at the heart of an enterprise IT architecture, and in order to prevent data loss or some other special purpose for some accidental reasons, it is especially important to make backups of the data at the usual times.First, why to

High-performance MySQL "15th Backup and recovery" learning record

 Topics We are not going to include:Security (Access to backup, permissions to restore data, whether files need to be encrypted) where backups are stored, including how far they should be from source data, and how to move data from source to

Iis+php+mysql+zend OPTIMIZER+GD Library +phpmyadmin Installation Configuration _ server

From the outdated forum, the original post address: Some people say that the following is not successful, I take the WIN2003 system as an example, reinstall the configuration demo, add screenshots to

PhpMyAdmin installation and configuration process and troubleshooting

This is a very sincere technical article, which is referenced here. it is also a backup to prevent the original text from being lost or it is too difficult to find it back in the vast network. Debugging the PHP database Mysql today and installing

#1045 unable to log on to phpMyAdmin and cannot connect to the MySQL server. Install the lamp tutorial on Ubuntu first.

In Linux, configure and install Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Follow the online tutorial step by step, but it gets stuck at the first step. I think I have never set any user names. I searched today, it turns out that the default user name in his system is

MySQL Backup recovery basics and mysqldump explanation

Database Backup Recovery Knowledge Essentials: Timeline Backup Type classification:Full backup : Backing up the entire data setIncremental backup : Backup of the last full backup, or data that changed after the last incremental backup (Restore

MySQL configuration file my. CNF settings

Recommended settings: For a single running web server, we recommend that you add: Skip-locking Skip-name-resolve Skip-networking Use "localhost" when connecting to the database in PHP. In this way, the mysql client library will overwrite and try to

MySQL database comes with backup and recovery tools: MySQLdump.exe and Mysql.exe

database backup work is the key to protect the database, the following article is mainly about the MySQL database backup of some small coup, we all know that using MySQL dump backup database users need relatively small permissions, Only the

Iis+php+mysql+zend OPTIMIZER+GD Library +phpmyadmin installation configuration [full revision utility] 1th 2 Page _ Server

Iis+php+mysql+zend OPTIMIZER+GD Library +phpmyadmin installation configuration [Full revision utility] First, software preparation: The following are the latest official version as of 2006-1-20, the download address is also valid for a long

Phpmyadmin database import and export problems

In the background, I found that a function was invalid and various detection methods were used. then I detected that a table in the database was accidentally deleted. I backed up the data and downloaded it from the google browser, after the original

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