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How to Use the Newton method to find the square root of a number

An exercise for Scip 1.1.7. The Newton's method is also called the Newton-Raphson method ), it is an approximate method proposed by Newton in the 17th century to solve equations in real and complex fields. Most equations do not have root formulas,

Calculation of the square root of an integer (1)

  Abstract: This paper mainly discusses how to calculate the square root of a small integer by using the sum of the number of series. This algorithm can accurately return the square root of an integer to any precision when the memory space permits.

UVA 10023-square root (hand square root)

Title: UVA 10023-square root (hand squared root)Topic linksTo seek the square root of a given number.Problem-solving ideas: With two points but this number is too big, it has timed out. After reading the problem, we find that we need to calculate

Underlying algorithm efficiency of the square root sqrt () function

Although you may not have thought about this problem at ordinary times, it's not that easy to say that it's just like "getting a gun in front of a while, it's not that simple, we use the binary method to test the number of squares in the middle of

Square root Inverse rate algorithm (Carmack open method)

The square root countdown algorithm (fast inverse square root) is often associated with a hexadecimal constant 0x5f3759df . The algorithm is used to quickly calculate the inverse of the square root, which is 4 times times faster than the

Leetcode 69. SQRT (x) Problem solving report "C library function Sqrt (x) simulation-square root"

SQRT (x)Total Accepted: 93296 Total Submissions: 368340 Difficulty: Medium Submission URL: int sqrt(int x) .Compute and return the square root of X.Analysis:Solution 1: Newton's Iterative Method (Newton

Manual square and cube opening

I. Preface When I was in junior high school, the math teacher taught us to manually open the square. At that time, I was shocked. I verified it several times and found that the method was really good! Now I am a graduate student. I recall that the

Split-bucket method and square Division

The Bucketmethod is a method of dividing a row of objects or planes into buckets, each of which maintains its own internal information to achieve the purpose of efficient computation.where the square partition (sqrtdecomposition) is a row of n

Square Root--conquer

Description of title narrative:No sqrt (x) library functions are required. In order to achieve the square root.Problem Solving Ideas:Using dichotomyAssuming the square root of num is required, then first take the midpoint mid between 1~num.If mid *

The realization of the calculation function of sqrt () square root----two-point method

C Language Standard library: an interval, each time the square of the middle number to test, if large, then try the middle of the left interval, if it is small, then take the middle of the right interval to

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