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Seo Course Notes (2)

Title ):Web page optimization starts with the title. In the search results, the text displayed in the first line of each captured content is the title of the page. Similarly, a page is opened in a browser, and the title of the page is displayed

Webmaster Interaction: Website Promotion Practice Method experience sharing

Promotion | Website Promotion | webmaster: We welcome our guests to the game the first is the famous Wang Tong, king, Guo Jijun, Yang Bo, Shaomin, Wang Qingwei, Zhang Dewei, this field we have a few guests, everyone here should have not participated

Talk about the website optimization personal view How to optimize the user SEO

Baidu, has been to the webmaster SEO feeling is extremely unstable, from time to time to you to adjust, many owners feel very helpless, even in the face of the fight career change. Some people say that Baidu artificial intervention is very serious,

Website User Experience designer happy and miserable

Are you an interactive designer? Tell me, what do you do specifically? Did I do a website design? It doesn't sound professional enough. I do Web design, it sounds ... You are the interface ... Well, I reluctantly accept, but still will be very not

How important is a website font? It helps the website to raise 38% traffic!

Years ago, MIT researchers have confirmed that fonts affect our feelings: bad fonts make people unconscious, and good fonts make us happy. If the font can affect our mood, it will also affect the user experience. A few weeks ago, I decided to

The increasingly perfect credibility of the site will give personal webmaster how the impact

Security is an eternal topic of the Internet, every day there will be hundreds of millions of users in the Internet to retrieve the information they need, every day someone will go to the site they have never visited before, The security risks of

Comprehensive analysis of new threats to network security "phishing" attacks _ web surfing

What is phishing? Phishing (Phishing) is the word "fishing" and "phone" complex, because the first hacker ancestor is the phone, so use "Ph" to replace "F", created the "Phishing." Phishing attacks use deceptive e-mail and bogus Web sites for

PHP Learning Toolkit-Chapter III

Php Chu Getting Started This chapter highlights Decide whether to outsource or build your own Find the right ISP Avoid common host traps Install PHP Choose PHP Development Tools   In this chapter, we will discuss the pros and cons of

How to become an expert-Make your opinion persistent

When ideas are generated, will they be very interesting or people make them interesting? --- David heysYou have two ways to communicate ideas with others:1. it is very simple to tell people how interesting your point of view is to you-but

A Baidu interview question

Q: there are 10 thousand workers in plant a, numbered 0-9999, (EE [10000]), 1 factory director (gg) assigned tasks, and 1 Supervisor (MM) Administrator. the factory was too busy for a period of uncertainty. It may suddenly be very busy. After

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