how to test lan connection

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Flexible arrangement for Efficient wireless LAN operation

Sometimes, to work, we often need to deploy a wireless LAN outdoors. So how should we deploy a wireless LAN so that it can run efficiently to improve work efficiency? In fact, the wireless LAN construction structure is different for different work

Complete LAN construction manual (Key Words: Lan, reserved IP address, Address Allocation)

Basic LAN knowledge This article describes how to set up a local area network (LAN) with a Red Hat Linux 6.2 computer ). First, I will explain some basic knowledge, including the overview of TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

How to configure the connection between two wireless routers in a LAN

With the popularity of wireless networks, wireless routers gradually enter our lives. However, if you buy a wireless router, in addition, you must also use the original wired router or your broadband itself to connect from the neighboring home

Sharing and printer connection settings for the same LAN and different LAN

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Summary: Lan router configuration methods

When using the LAN router configuration method, the LAN router configuration method is often optimized, as well as the WAN port connecting to the wireless router and related problems. Here we will introduce the solutions to many problems

Measure the test taker's understanding about the basic technical indicators of LAN switches.

LAN switches are quite common, So I studied the basic technical indicators of LAN switches and shared them here. I hope they will be useful to you. There are many basic technical indicators for LAN switches. These technical indicators fully reflect

Uncover the mystery of frequent disconnection of LAN routers

LAN routers are quite common, So I studied the frequent disconnection problem of LAN routers. I would like to share it with you here and hope it will be useful to you. Several companies in the unit building have their own LAN, and each lan has more

LAN switch Energy Test Description

We all know that throughput is one of the most important parameters in a vswitch. Here we have explained how to test the performance of various parameters of a LAN switch. There are many network equipment manufacturers today, in addition, they all

Looking for unprotected Wireless LAN: full access to war driving

Liu YuanWith the rise of Wireless LAN technology, more and more people are deploying wireless LAN at home and in their units to enjoy the fun of wireless networks. At the same time, the security issues highlighted by wireless LAN have also become

How to configure two wireless routers in a LAN

Most users who have been familiar with broadband routers know that the ports on the broadband routers are divided into WAN ports and LAN ports. A Broadband Router has the following features during work: data streams from the LAN to the WAN are not

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