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Measure the test taker's understanding about the basic technical indicators of LAN switches.

LAN switches are quite common, So I studied the basic technical indicators of LAN switches and shared them here. I hope they will be useful to you. There are many basic technical indicators for LAN switches. These technical indicators fully reflect

Green development of LAN switches is the way out

We all know that there are many reasons that affect the power consumption of LAN switches. For common users, we try our best to reduce the energy consumption. Many network equipment manufacturers today promise that their networks and switching

VLAN Technology Used in LAN switches

In a well-established LAN, how to implement LAN switch maintenance and testing skills, as well as problems encountered during LAN switch debugging, I found some related solutions on relevant forums, share with you for mutual learning and

Switch port Speed Limit summary

Speed-limiting switches are typically on three or more switches, and the new switch model two-tier device since 2008 can achieve the QoS speed limit of 1Mbps, such as the Cisco 2960 series switches. After this, most of the domestic standard

Fast LAN cabling Technology

With the improvement of computer desktop processing capability and the increasing demand for networking between users, a new generation of LAN technology has been developed. To meet the needs of data transmission rate growth, 100 ohm unshielded

Illustration: Design and Implementation of Embedded wireless LAN Devices

1 Introduction to Embedded Systems Embedded systems are specialized computer systems that are based on computer technology, application-centric, software and hardware can be tailored, and have strict requirements on functions, reliability, power

Measure the test taker's knowledge about the energy efficiency of switches in the LAN.

I have made many attempts to learn more about how to test the energy efficiency of switches in the LAN. Can not clearly handle their own needs, so in the following article, there should be a satisfactory harvest. Many network equipment manufacturers

Lan 6 popular arpfirewall ultimate test

ARP is the abbreviation of Address Resolution Protocol. In the LAN, the actual transmission is frame, and the frame contains the MAC address of the target host. In Ethernet, to directly communicate with another host, you must know the MAC address of

Wireless LAN-classic Q &

The development of wireless networks has reached a mature point, but we are not limited to the use of LAN, and its faults are constantly emerging. How should we solve them? Nowadays, the term "wireless" is often seen in the reporting media. Wireless

LAN cabling Technology

LAN cabling Technology Wiring is a key factor in designing a network system. With the rapid development of the Internet and the improvement of computer desktop applications, the new technology of wiring connected to the desktop has a broad market

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