how to test net tcp wcf service

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Reprinted-interview record on "easily understanding WCF helps you find the entry brick"

"Easy understanding of WCF helps you find entry bricks" interview transcript Address: From pm to PM on April 9, 51cto invited two teachers, Zhang Yi and Zhao Yi, to discuss the topic "

Key words about communication udp/(TCP/IP)/ipc/rpc/.net remoting/webservice/wcf/http series

The relationship between OSI layer seven and TCP/IP layer four1.1 OSI introduces the concepts of services, interfaces, protocols, and hierarchies, and TCP/IP builds the TCP/IP model using these concepts from OSI.1.2 OSI first has the model, then has

Introduction to WCF

First, Introduction WCF, a Windows Communication Foundation abbreviation, is a distributed communications programming framework that Microsoft provides for building service-oriented applications and is an important part of the. NET Framework 3.5.

"The Path of Architecture: A full analysis of WCF (i)"--service contract and message mode

Microsoft announced last week that it would say. NET supports the news that is completely cross-platform and open core source code, let us feel immediately. NET to usher in its spring. Even as early as a few years ago. NET can develop Android and

WCF development practice series 2: use IIS to publish the WCF Service

This article from:     In the previous article, we created a simple WCF Service. During the test, we used the wcfsvchost (WCF Service host) that comes with vs2008 to publish

"WCF Technology Insider" Translation 2: "WCF Technology Insider" introduction

General statement Services are a major part of modern software architecture, and WCF is the platform for building a service program based on a Microsoft Windows system. WCF-authored services can interact with other vendors ' services (for example,

Introduction to WCF TCP Duplex mode

In a service-oriented distributed environment, a standard platform-independent communication protocol is used to enable each service to interact with each other through a SOAP message. This process of interaction is actually the process of

Exposing a WCF Service with multiple bindings and endpoints

Ref: Windows Communication Foundation (henceforth abbreviated as WCF) supports multiple bindings that allows developers to expose their

Deploy WCF in IIS in NLB Environment

Environment conditions: WINXP Visual Studio team System 2008 beta2.en VPC 2007.en Win2k3 Server SP2 Preparations: Install vs2008 on a WINXP SP2 machine; Install VPC 2007 on WINXP SP2; Prepare

In-depth integration of WCF and ASP. NET web applications

In development practice, a common situation is: first develop an web application in a typical way, and then for some reasons (for example, hope to add more access methods to the client through the mobile phone). Of course, the server-side

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