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Bai Baoquan: Application of Microwave-microwave detection

Transfer voice The following is the Bai Baoquan tutorial I worked with several years ago.A piece of information that has been presented for more than six years.Not successful. I am worried that he may be dead.[Note], Publish thisTo attract people's attention and use the networkTo obtain any information about him..This document was originally used as a complete chapter of the microwave manual.But I am not sure which publisher invited him to wr

Microwave communication Technology

The use of microwave communication with large capacity, good quality and can be transmitted to a very long distance, it is a national communication network of an important means of communication, but also widely applicable to a variety of special communications network. Microwave communication in China is widely used in the frequency bands of L, S, C and X, and the application of K-band is still under deve

How to transmit the microwave of 4G network

Microwave Transmission Microwave transmission is one of the most flexible, the most adaptable means of communication, with fast construction, small investment and flexible application, microwave transmission is not only widely used in mobile networks, but also favored by fixed network operators. Widely used in radio and television, security video surveillance tr

38 Analysis Software for RF and microwave

integrated design environment provides system and circuit simulator, as well as circuit diagram capture, layout and verification capabilities, including many modules. EMDs : Full 3D Of Em Simulation, which can be used RF Circuit, MMIC ,PCB Module and signal integrity analysis, suitable for connectors, structural components, connection lines, antennas and encapsulation analysis. Empro : RF and Microwave Components Electromagnetic Effect Analysis Platf

Microwave Video Monitoring System Based on Da Vinci Platform

Microwave Video Monitoring System Based on Da Vinci Platform [Date: 2008-7-18] Source: China Power Grid Author: Zhao Yong [Font: large, medium, and small]   0 The electric power system is the main artery of the national economy and the most basic and essential guarantee for the normal life of the people. Moreover, with the development of modern society, people are increasingly dependent on electricity. Therefore, it is necessary

How to roast chicken wings in a microwave oven

Want to know how to roast chicken wings in a microwave oven? In fact, it is very simple. Next we will introduce several methods for oven roast chicken wings for your reference. How to bake chicken wings in a microwave oven Grilled wing raw materials:Chicken wings, soy sauce, chopped green onion, ginger, cumin, chilies, sugar. Best practices:1. marinate chicken wings with soy sauce, chopped green onion, g

Microwave Remote Sensor

Microwave remote sensor features: around the clock, not affected by the weather Therefore, almost all satellites launched after 1991 were equipped with several microwave sensors. 1. Microwave Remote Sensor Classification Passive remote sensor: microwave radiation meter: Observation of sea surface, sea water, atmosphere

Seminar on microwave circuit and Radar System Design and Testing Technology is coming soon

013 Chengdu high frequency circuit and system technology seminar complete topics announcement covering microwave circuit,Radar System,High-Frequency Communication System Chengdu, June 6, 2013-microwave RF network (, an industry portal focusing on microwave, RF, and wireless technologies) the 2013 Chengdu high frequency circuit and system technology

μwave -- microwave oven that automatically helps you consume time

Every time I use a microwave oven to eat something hot, I feel bored, and I can't do anything at all. Four students at the University of Pennsylvania recently converted a microwave oven named μwave to help us eliminate this boring wait. After each set time, μwave automatically finds the same video from YouTube for you to view. Time Matching is very useful and won't make you feel half sorry. It doesn't matt

Why is microwave oven dangerous?

At noon today, I had to eat the cake from the dead to the dead. When I was very upset, I thought, if there was a microwave oven in the office, I could take it back with me. Then I thought, why is there no configuration in our office in reality? On this issue, I raised a question to a female colleague. Unexpectedly, the answer I got suddenly gave me a try-she said, because the microwave oven is a dangerous p

Microwave Radio Frequency network successfully held a 4G Mobile Phone Radio Frequency Technology Seminar on World Telecommunication Day

December 31, 2013, Shenzhen-on World Telecommunication Day (December 31, May 17, the "2013 Shenzhen terminal Radio Frequency Technology Seminar" sponsored by microwave radio frequency network, an industry portal website focusing on microwave, RF, and wireless technology, was successfully held at the default Hotel in Bolin, Shenzhen. This seminar will focus on the hardware design and testing technical diffic

Selection Techniques of RF and Microwave Filters

. If the filter parameters are inaccurate, the system will eventually cause frequency conflicts. In turn, the design group will have to deal with crosstalk, disconnection, data loss, and network connection interruption. The incomplete or inaccurate definitions of filters are partly due to the current popularity of digital electronics in the electronic market. According to some statistics, 80% ~ 90% of new electronic design engineers are software and digital. The knowledge gap lies in this, becau

19th. Troubleshoot and troubleshoot run-time issues with web programs

1. OverviewSeveral common run-time issues include error data, slower-than-expected responses, unknown behavior, or unhandled exceptions.Visual Studio provides tools such as troubleshooting, tracing, and logging to help troubleshoot your system. In some cases, the diagnostic code needs to be inserted.This chapter includes troubleshooting performance, security issues, and run-time errors, implementing traces, logging (including using attributes), and de

Learn to troubleshoot MongoDB (troubleshoot Replica sets) clusters

Test Connections between all members (cluster node network test)When a MongoDB cluster is in progress, each node's network needs to interact, assuming there are 3 server nodes.M1.example.netM2.example.netM3.example.netConnections from 2 and 3:MONGO--host 27017mongo--host 27017Connections from 1 and 3:MONGO--host 27017mongo--host 27017Connections from 1 and 2:MONGO--hos

How to troubleshoot and troubleshoot a database problem with CPU height consumption (100%) __ Database

Many times our servers may experience a 100% performance problem with CPU consumption. Troubleshoot system exceptions, which are often caused by a low performance or even faulty SQL statement in the system that consumes a large amount of CPU. This article provides a common way to capture such SQL in one case. Problem Description: System CPU height consumption, system running slowly Os:sun Solaris8 oracle:oracle9203 1. First view through the top comman

Analysis of impedance matching by microwave technology based on Smith Circle chart---

To analyze a matching network using Smith round charts ① the matching network into several segments, each corresponding to an impedance graph or a point on the admittance map; ② according to the operating frequency, the resistance (resistor) or

How do i troubleshoot a wireless AP during use?

smooth wireless network. However, if the network connection speed is lower than 2mb/s for a continuous period of time, it indicates that the network may have failed and can do the following to restore the original transfer rate:1. See if there are any obstructions between the wireless devices. There is a block between the wireless AP and the destination transmitting location, especially the metal shielding, which will seriously affect the transmission of the wireless signal. It is recommended t

How to troubleshoot connection problems in SQL Server 2000

server| Resolution | How the problem resolves connection problems in SQL Server 2000 apply to important notes: This article contains information about modifying the registry. Be sure to back up the registry before you modify the registry, and be sure to know how to restore the registry if a problem occurs. For information about how to back up, restore, and edit the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 256986 Microsoft Windows Registry

Use idle ports of vswitches to troubleshoot vswitches

You may have heard of many troubleshooting methods for vswitches by Using idle ports of vswitches. The following describes how to use idle ports of vswitches to analyze network traffic, how can we use this method to make it easier for us? The following describes how to troubleshoot a vswitch. In a switched network, it is often more difficult to troubleshoot a vswitch than to

Troubleshoot computer hardware FAQ

not fully identify some chip information, resulting in the Device Manager we see the unknown hardware. It is only necessary to install the Intel chipset INF file in the CD that comes with the motherboard to troubleshoot the problem. 8 BIOS Setup error raises memory parameter error Case My Computer motherboard is pan is 8rda3+, memory is DDR400, why the boot display is DDR333, how can i solve? [Case analysis Processing] Because Pan is 8rda3+ moth

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