how to troubleshoot network latency

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Network latency test, network latency too large how to do?

In all kinds of data in network media through network protocol (such as TCP/IP) for transmission, if the amount of information is too large to limit, excess network traffic will lead to slow device response, resulting in network latency. Unit: Millisecond (ms) How to defin

Linux tips: Troubleshoot SSH connection latency issues

Troubleshoot SSH connections waiting a few seconds Peacetime when we connect ssh, often have to wait 5 seconds or longer, to connect, because it is a virtual machine, the host through Vmnet8 and virtual machine is the same network segment, there is no delay problem, that must be virtual machine sshd configuration problem. Annoyed for a long time, suddenly any classmate mentioned sshd_config a parameter co

How to troubleshoot router latency issues

Problem ScenarioLong time not to write blog, recently moved, re-run the network, found the same router, to the ping here is basically no single digit, so try direct broadband dial, ping value is basically 3MS, but after the connection router has an exception, that is not the operator's problem, In the middle of trying out the various methods on the network does not work, so began the following processingNot

Muduo Network Programming Example (v) measuring network latency for two machines

This article introduces a simple network program roundtrip, which is used to measure the network latency between two machines, that is, "roundtrip time/round trip Time/rtt". This article mainly examines the tcp_nodelay of the fixed-length TCP message and the function of the packet. The code for this article is shown in

Muduo network programming example 5: measure the network latency of two machines

Muduo network programming example 5: measure the network latency of two machines Chen Shuo (giantchen_at_gmail) This is the fifth article in The muduo network programming example series.Article. Muduo full article list:

Resolving Win7 Network latency issues

What is QoS? QoS (Quality of Service), a security mechanism of the network, is a technique used to solve problems such as network latency and congestion. It is necessary for key applications and multimedia applications. When the network overload or congestion, QoS ensures that important traffic is not delayed or discar

Muduo network programming example 5: measure the network latency of two machines

. if the message is calculated directly, the latency is-700us. This result must be wrong, because the server and client are not in a clock domain (this is a concept in a digital circuit), and their time is directly reduced without significance. If we have measured that the server is 700 us faster than the client, we can use this data for one correction:-850 + = 150us. This result is more realistic. Of course, in practice, clock offset must pass throug

[Turn]qperf to measure network bandwidth and latency

original articles, reproduced please specify: reproduced from the system technology non-amateur researchThis article link address: qperf measuring network bandwidth and latencyWhen we are doing Web servers, we are usually concerned about the bandwidth and latency of the network. Because many of our protocols are request-reponse protocols,

In-depth analysis of Android start-up network latency

simlist;}In the Simhelper classprivate static listlistCollections.sort (Siminfolist, New comparator.....In the Phonestatusbar classpublic void Showsimindicator (String businesstype) {if (missimindicatorshowing) {Hidesimindicator ();}Mbusinesstype = Businesstype;Long Simid = Simhelper.getdefaultsim (Mcontext, Businesstype);XLOG.D (TAG, "showsimindicator, show SIM indicator which business is" + Businesstype + "Simid =" +simid+ ".");if (Simid = = Android.provider.Settings.System.DEFAULT_SIM_SETTIN

Wireless network latency must be overcome

Resisting network interference is a major problem that needs to be solved in our network. Here we will explain how to solve the latency problem in detail. The latency of all 802.11 Wireless Networks in the city is complex. The city's security department plans to convert thousands of repeated passwords into more powerfu

Processing of network latency in online shooting games

Processing of network latency in online shooting games (Jinqing's column) Network latency in online games is unavoidable.For example, if a mobile client sends a command to receive confirmation from the server, there will be a latency of Ms,If the client is moved after ms,

Modifying the Registry improves the slow network speed caused by Tcp latency in Windows

Modifying the Registry improves the slow network speed caused by Tcp latency in Windows. TCP is a link-oriented communication protocol. Each sending and receiving action of both parties must be based on the normal communication link. Therefore, TCP provides the default ACK authentication mechanism. The ACK authentication method is related to the operating system. In TCP, data validation is often delayed. Wh

Linux/centos Detecting network bandwidth and latency

Tags: blog technical description off-line rpm package download RPM PAC Water TransferUse the QPERF command to test network bandwidth and network latency under LinuxIf no command can be installed with Yum, the command is as follows:#yum-y Install QperfIf there is no yum or no network, install the following RPM package i

Ask for help! About network latency!

Ask for help! About network latency! -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. I recently studied network latency. I have learned from some papers that network late

Rethinking the design of the app by "8 Myths of Distributed Systems" second fallacy 2: No network latency

Just this morning, my system's network request latency was up to 544 milliseconds to 6937 milliseconds. And this is on an activated network interface. This can take an additional 10 seconds if the interface is activated from power-saving mode. So in order to provide a good user experience, the app needs to consider at least more than 10 seconds of

In-depth analysis of network latency during Android boot

In-depth analysis of network latency during Android boot In general, the property of phone is persistent to true, and the phone process is called up earlier. Applications modified by android: presistent will be started by AM after the system is started, even if they are not running, AM also calls startProcessLocked to start the process. Start package com. android. phone, that is, phone application. This wil

Using TC to simulate network latency and packet loss __linux under Linux

Qdisc Add dev eth0 root netem loss 1% This command sets the transmission of the ETH0 network card to a random drop of 1% packets. Example: Executing on 216 #tc qdisc add dev eth0 root netem loss 10% displaying 16 packages only 13 have received. You can also set the success rate of packet loss: # TC Qdisc Add dev eth0 root netem loss 1% 30% This command sets the transmission of the ETH0 network card to a r

SQL Server 2012 alwayson--Specifies a data synchronization link to eliminate commit latency issues caused by network jitter

Label:Original: SQL Server 2012 alwayson--Specifies a data synchronization link to eliminate commit latency issues caused by network jitterEvent Cause: Recent research and development reaction, a database from 08 to 12 environment, the occurrence of write operation delay problem;Event Analysis: After troubleshooting problems such as system resource contention, preliminary analysis may be caused by

CCF 201503-4 Network Latency

"algorithm"using namespacestd;intparent[10001];intdepth[10001][2];//The maximum depth of both subtree + 1intSmallidx (intx) {if(depth[x][0] 1])return 0; Else return 1;}intBigidx (intx) {if(depth[x][0] 1])return 1; Else return 0;}intMain () {intM, n, maxDepth =0; CIN>> m >>N; for(intI=2; i) {cin>>Parent[i]; } for(inti=m+1; i) { intp; CIN>>p; DEPTH[P][SMALLIDX (p)]=1; } for(intI=m; i>=1; i--) {depth[parent[i]][smallidx (Parent[i])]= Max (Depth[i][bigidx (i)] +1, Depth[parent[i]][smallidx (

Let Zabbix monitor router packet loss rate and network latency

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