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Linux add shortcut keys to turn the touchpad on or off

=vl.index (' Touchpadoff ')If iImport GTKImport PYGTKMD = GTK. Messagedialog (None, \Gtk. Dialog_destroy_with_parent, GTK. Message_info, \Gtk. BUTTONS_OK, "Shmconfig should be enabled.")Md.set_position (GTK). Win_pos_center) ()Md.destroy ()Exit ()Subprocess. Popen (args= ' synclient touchpadoff= ' +str (1-int (vl[i+2])), shell=true)The script will read first whether the current state of the touchpad is on or off, and then call the corresponding

Mac uses shortcut keys to quickly turn safari private browsing mode on and off

We all know that Safari 5 has introduced a very good feature is a private browsing (you know, if you do not understand, you will know sooner). Quote Apple's own introduction: When you turn on private browsing, the "Private" icon appears in the smart Address bar. Thus, if you do not want your history, search, download, or login information to be visible to other users who use the same computer, check that private browsing is turned on. It's also easy

Android Learning Note----Turn on the Android system ADB service (default off)

According to the company's needs yesterday came a cupboard, the boss let me give him also press a procedure up, connected several adb, found that ADB connection is not, after using the U-disk on the, but do not connect adb debugging Ah, breakpoints are not playing, for debugging programs greatly increased the difficulty, so in the almighty Baidu Help Finally found a solution.To resolve this method, you need to download and install an Android terminal

Android code optimization: Turn off output log

processed code. Only with this option if you know the What ' re doing!As follows:-assumenosideeffects class Android.util.Log {public static Boolean isloggable (java.lang.String, int);public static int V (...);public static int I (...);public static int W (...);public static int d (...);public static int E (...);}When using this configuration, be sure to note the-dontoptimize, configuration.Don ' t optimize optimization; The optimizations will be turned off

"Android" How to adjust the screen brightness, turn off the screen

650) this.width=650; "Src=" Iahl5mqlicpyph1931fibvxnc3s2etiacdtdnodprvndnpf6ibvovy1btl9gefgheamtnmriovgwgm4lk8h6i1ps6eq/0?wx_fmt=jpeg "alt= "0?wx_fmt=jpeg"/> Content Introduction"Android" How to adjust the screen brightness, turn off the screen "Android" How to adjust the scree

Android-Service turn-off and lifecycle

be called multiple times) --OnDestroyContext.bindservice () Start process:Context.bindservice (), OnCreate (), Onbind (), Service running, Onunbind (), OnDestroy () Service stopOnbind () returns a Ibind interface instance to the client, Ibind a method that allows the client to callback the service, such as getting an instance of the services, running state, or other operations. This time the caller (context, for example, activity) is bound together with the service, the context exits, Srevice w

An analysis of Android phone defender turn off automatic Updates _android

); Setcontentview ( r.layout.activity_setting); Siv_item= (Settingitemview) Findviewbyid (; Sp=getsharedpreferences ("config", mode_private); Sets the state Boolean Update=sp.getboolean ("Update", false) based on the saved data; if (update) {siv_item.setchecked (true); Siv_item.setdesc ("Automatic Update is already on"); else{siv_item.setchecked (false); Siv_item.setdesc ("Automatic update is turned off")//automatically updated click eve

Android Tool Class--------> Turn on or off the soft keyboard

Import Android.content.context;import Android.view.inputmethod.inputmethodmanager;import Android.widget.EditText ;//Turn on or off the soft keyboard public class keyboardutils{/** * Punch-in soft keyboard * * @param medittext input Box * @param mcontext context */public static void op Enkeybord (EditText medittext, Context mcontext) {Inputmethodmanager IMM = (Inputmethodmanager) Mcontext.getsystemservice (

android--turn speakerphone on/off

Turn on the speakerpublic void Openspeaker () {try{Audiomanager Audiomanager = (audiomanager) mcontext.getsystemservice (Context.audio_service);Audiomanager.setmode (Audiomanager.route_speaker);Currvolume =audiomanager.getstreamvolume (Audiomanager.stream_voice_call);if (!audiomanager.isspeakerphoneon ()) {Audiomanager.setspeakerphoneon (TRUE);Audiomanager.setstreamvolume (Audiomanager.stream_voice_call,Audiomanager.getstreammaxvolume (

About the Android system does not turn off the screen settings

In base/services/core/java/com/android/server/power/ Add the following to the Getscreenofftimeoutlocked function in the fileint nosleep = mscreenofftimeoutsetting;SLOG.I (TAG, "nosleep=" +nosleep+ "maximumscreenoff=" +mmaximumscreenofftimeoutfromdeviceadmin);if (Nosleep {Nosleep = Mmaximumscreenofftimeoutfromdeviceadmin;SLOG.I (TAG, "666");Return Math.max (Nosleep, mmaximumscreenofftimeoutfromdeviceadmin);}About the

Share a problem with Android phone not being able to turn off

entering a deadlock. Two lock waits are in this file to appear:, so look at Displaymanagerglobal will find the problem: Public displayinfo getdisplayinfo (int displayid) { try { synchronized (mLock) {The first is here Mlock lock competition. When calling Mdm.getdisplayinfo (Displayid) In this lock, it will call back to Displaymanagerservice, the following code: Public displayinfo getdisplayinfo (int displayid) { final int callinguid = Bin

Turn off DatePicker, Timepicker, Numberpicker editable mode in Android

DatePicker, Timepicker, Numberpicker these three controls in the process of use, the user clicks the number will pop up the keyboard, sometimes causes the layout to be extruded not to look good, also has other needs.I read many articles on the Internet, the solution is not valid, and then the almighty StackOverflow site to help me solve the problem, the code is as follows:[Java] view plain copy Mdatepicker.setdescendantfocusability (datepicker.focus_block_descendants); Mtimepicker

Android WebView Turn off sound when exiting 4. Video Full Screen Add cookie

); Videoview.removeview (MyView); Videoview.setvisibility (VIew. GONE); webview.setvisibility (view.visible); Mycallback.oncustomviewhidden (); myView = null;}} @Overridepublic void Onreceivedtitle (WebView view, String title) {//TODO auto-generated method Stubsuper.onreceivedtitle (view, title), if (showtitle) {settitle (title);}}; WebSettings setting = Webview.getsettings (); Setting.setbuiltinzoomcontrols (false); Setting.setusewideviewport (True ); Setting.setloadwithoverviewmode (true); Set

Android Development: Turn off the soft keyboard in EditText

valueWindowManager.LayoutParams.SOFT_INPUT_ADJUST_RESIZEThe activity height changes, letting out the soft keyboard space. and WindowManager.LayoutParams.SOFT_INPUT_ADJUST_PAN to 2 for the value of 1WindowManager.LayoutParams.SOFT_INPUT_STATE_VISIBLEThe activity displays the Soft keyboard window directly when it is opened, if that window is needed (i.e., a edittext or ditable control)WindowManager.LayoutParams.SOFT_INPUT_STATE_HIDDENWhen the activity is open, the Soft keyboard window is not disp

[Turn]-android Studio shortcut to organize share-sadieyu

yourself in Code tab.Other items in the list can be surrounded by other structures.47, when using the code to complete, use the Tab key to enter the highlighted section of the pop-up list.Unlike using the ENTER key to accept input, the selected name overwrites the other parts of the name on the right of the caret. This is especially useful when replacing another with a method or variable name.48. When declaring a variable, the code completion feature will show you a suggestion name. For example

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