how to turn off debugging

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Android system porting and debugging-------> Add a double-click Physical key to turn the flash on and off and sync the flash status to the drop-down menu

Recently, a customer has such a requirement:1. Add a switch button in the settings---> Accessibility.If you turn on the switch, when you double-click a physical button, turn on the flash, and then double-click the physical button to turn off the

Shell Script Debugging Technology _ Turn

Transferred from: paper introduces the shell script debugging technology comprehensively and systematically, including using echo, tee, trap and other commands to output key information, tracking

Android system transplantation and debugging -------) how to add an adb wifi wireless debugging function [developer options]-[Wifi debugging]

Android system transplantation and debugging -------) how to add an adb wifi wireless debugging function [developer options]-[Wifi debugging] First, understand how to set adb wifi wireless debugging function, as shown below. 1. Enable the adb tcp

Windows program Debugging Series: Using VC + + to generate debugging information to turn

Windows program Debugging Series: Using VC + + to generate debug information zhangtao,[email protected], translated from "Generating debug information with Visual C + +", Oleg Star Odumov Source:

CRT debugging heap

Content of this section Memory Management and debugging heap Describes the "debug" version of the heap function. These functions solve two hard-to-solve memory allocation problems: rewrite the end of the allocated buffer and Memory

MyEclipse how to set or turn off breakpoint debugging automatically jumps into debug mode

Encounter a very hole in the MyEclipse (Eclipse should also be the same) development process, break point debugging, initially will pop up a popup box, let you choose whether to enter the debug mode, the result accidentally point a remember the

Asp. NET debugging problems and solutions| Solve | The problem From MSDN: Asp. NET Debugging. Note If you do not find the error message you want in this section, review the section on handling the general debugging issues or the remote debugging issues. Message: Unable to start

" and turn on "USB debugging" and "unknown source" switch by default

Today, a user has a special requirement for "settings", namely:1. The "Developer Options" and the "USB Debug" switch ("Developer options"-"USB debugging") are displayed by default when the boot is turned on.2. Turn on the "safe" and "unknown Source"

JavaScript debugging Tool: Firebug use detailed (Turn) __java

(Turn: God knows the column) JavaScript debugging, is the development of WEB applications, especially AJAX application is very important, the current debugging of Javascript a lot of tools, I prefer to use is Firebug. Firebug is a powerful web

MTK debugging method summary

There are three basic debugging methods for MTK development: TRAC and serial port. For normal interface modification, the function line can be basically completed through the simulator. However, when a crash or l4c-related problem occurs, you need

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