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Disable Apache Web server signature How to turn off server signature on Apache Web server

Sometimes we will hide the server information in order to avoid malicious attacks from a security standpoint, for example, we will find the following information in general.I'm using CentOS (Fedora, rhel as well)sudoOther systems (Ubuntu, Debian)sudoWe can add two lines of information to this file//隐藏Apache版本信息ServerTokens Prod//第一条命令虽然不会在页面上直接显示,但在response的头部还会包含,所以加上此条。And then restart the network.$ sudo service apache2 restart (DebianUbuntuorLinuxM

Disable Apache Web server signature How to turn off server signature on Apache Web server

Sometimes, we want to protect from the security point of view, to prevent malicious attacks by hackers. We will hide the server information, for example, generally we will find such as the following information.I'm using CentOS (Fedora, rhel as well)sudoOther systems (Ubuntu, Debian)sudoWe can add two lines of information to this file.//隐藏Apache版本号信息ServerTokens Prod//第一条命令尽管不会在页面上直接显示。但在response的头部还会包括。所以加上此条。And then restart the network$ sudo servic

Turn off WordPress automatically loaded open sans font, always connect, cause open WordPress very slow

Transfer from on the Internet, there are four ways.(1) Install the plug-in that others have developed for this issue to load Google Fonts(2) Modify the filter function function.php(3) Manually replace the path to the loading Google fonts yourself(4) Using goagentI used the f

How to turn off digital signature checking under WIN7

Content is to turn, the last step seems useless, watermark is to go away, but it doesn't matter, the key is the drive can be used, or completely blind measured Win7 32-bit flagship version available ================================================ =================================== some devices under the WIN7 drive without Microsoft certification can not be installed, there are ways to remove the check: 1. Press F8 at startup to select the "Disable D

Turn off automatic save and article revision features in WordPress

Today's article, the surprise found that the article ID unexpectedly has reached 19. In view of my previous experience of tossing WordPress, I know this is WordPress's "automatic save and article revision function" at the mischief. But how to turn off WordPress's function?! Or ask "valley teacher". After the "Valley teacher" guidance, found a solution. In fact,

Turn off WordPress New user Registration Email notification

Turn off WordPress New user Registration Mail notification method: Open wp-includes/pluggable.php File Search location to: The code is as follows Wp_mail (get_option (' Admin_email '), sprintf (__ (' [%s] New User registration '), $blogname), $message); Note, save it. The code is as follows W

Linux Ask a question: How to turn off server signing on Apache Web server

issue : Whenever the APACHE2 site server returns an error page (for example, 404 page cannot be found, 403 Forbidden page), it displays the site server signature (for example, Apache version number and operating system information) at the bottom of the page. At the same time, when the Apache2 Web server is serving PHP

Turn off Network-manager Network setup problem in Ubuntu! "Server Version"

configured in the NetworkManager graphical interface.2, close NetworkManager, close command: Sudo/etc/init.d/network-manager stop reboot: chkconfig network-manager off restart network:/etc/init.d/ Networking restartModify the/etc/network/interfaces file,System configuration section: Local loopback network.Auto LoIface Lo inet LoopbackWired configuration section:Auto Eth0#iface eth0 inet DHCP # If you do not want to use a fixed IP, it is recommended t

Turn on or off the bat file for SQL Server services

The interface is as follows:Because the computer's SQL Server service does not start on its own, and sometimes needs to shut down the SQL Server service, you find a tutorial on the Internet.The source code is as follows:@echo offchoice/t 3/c yn/d y/m Please enter y to start SQL Server service, n stop SQL Server service

Turn off Windows Server 2003&2008 IE Enhanced Security Configuration

When you use the Windows Server 2003/2008 operating system, when you open IE browse the Web page, you find that the browser always prompts "Whether you need to add the currently visited site to your trusted site", if you do not trust, you can not open the specified Web page, if you trust, you must click "Add" button to add the page to the list of trusted sites. A fair acceptance but every time you visit a webpage, you have to go through this step, it

Serv_u to turn off passive mode (PASV), use port mode to connect to FTP solutions _FTP Server

Problem performance: When using FLASHFXP or passing things, you must turn off passive mode, otherwise you cannot connect, the client always prompts when connecting ftp: "PORT mode is successful, please update your site configuration file"! Reason Analysis: Firewall or Serv-u port with no open passive mode (PASV) Workaround One:(connect only using port mode) As shown in diagram settings: Workaround T

Windows 2003 server turn on/off automatic Updates

possible not to choose this item OH. 2, download the update, but I will decide when to install Refers to the system automatically check the update (time is random), found that new updates are downloaded to the local, waiting for the administrator to manually install. Recommended for users who often connect to the server remotely. 3, have available download notify me, but do not automatically download or install updates. This is suitable f

How to turn off Event Tracker in Windows Server

Turn off System Event TrackerWindowsServer 2003 added a new feature for shutdown event tracking, asking for shutdown reasons each time it shuts down to detail the server shutdown reason for later troubleshooting standby. This is a necessary choice for the server, but it's not very useful for individual users, but it's

How do I turn off the time tracker when Windows Server 2003 starts Ctrl+alt+del and shuts down?

Remove Ctrl+alt+del when Windows Server 2003 starts In Control Panel--Administrative Tools--local security policy---local policy--and security options--Interactive login: No need to press Ctrl+alt+del to open. 2003 there is a more annoying is that when the shutdown needs a reason, you can close it like this: In run, run Gpedit.msc, open the Group Policy box, Local Computer Policy--computer--configuration--Administrative Templates--system--show "

Web Server Management Series: 12, turn off the ping command

Sometimes the Web site will be very slow to open, we have to troubleshoot the problem, we need to use the ping command, but Windows Server 2008 firewall is turned off by default for pingWe can use the following methods to turn on pingOpen Firewall-Advanced Security:Select File and Printer Sharing (Echo request-icmpv4-in)Select Enable:Remember to

Methods for Linux server to turn off SELinux

startup program's type settings[[Email protected] oracle]# PS aux-zLABEL USER PID%cpu%MEM VSZ RSS TTY STAT START time COMMANDsystem_u:system_r:init_t Root 1 0.0 0.4 2060 520? Ss May07 0:02 Init [5system_u:system_r:kernel_t Root 2 0.0 0.0 0 0? ssystem_u:system_r:kernel_t Root 11 0.0 0.0 0 0? ssystem_u:system_r:auditd_t root 4022 0.0 0.4 12128 560? Ssystem_u:system_r:auditd_t root 4024 0.0 0.4 13072 628? Ssystem_u:system_r:restorecond_t Root 4040 0.0 4.4 10284 5556? Ss May07 0:00/USR/SBDescriptio

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