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Samsung notebook NP-Q460-JS01CN How to turn off the numeric keypad

1. On the right side of the keyboard a few keys to the lower left corner marked with numbers, as shown below: 2. When the digital keyboard is turned on, press the keyboard "U" "I" "O" and so on the letter key, will correspond to appear "4" "5" "6" and so on digital display. 3. By pressing the Samsung shortcut key "FN" + "F11" can turn off the numeric keypad

Introduction to the method of setting off alarm clock for Samsung mobile phone G7106

1. Set the alarm we need to go into the phone's "app", as shown in the picture. 2. Then click the "Clock" to enter the details as shown below. 3. Then we click on the "alarm" details as shown in the following figure. 4. Furthermore, we will see a "Create alarm" button on the alarm screen, we click on it. 5. This will enter the alarm clock to create a detailed interface, where we click on "save" can be saved our settings. 6. After entering

Samsung G6000 Mobile phone where does the flashlight turn on? (Galaxy On7)

Turn on the flashlight, you can in the evening lighting, in fact, is very simple, this phone as long as the notice menu in Samsung to pull down on it, the specific operation details are as follows: 1. Under the Samsung G6000 standby page, drop down the top curtain of the screen, the following red box interface. 2. Slide fast to the left, as shown in

Turn off wireless card energy-saving settings to solve the problem of frequent drop of laptop access WiFi network

Figure 1). Click the Change Adapter Settings button on the left. Right-click the wireless Network connection icon and select the Properties option, after clicking the Configure button, switch to the Power Management tab, Cancel "Allow the computer to turn off this device to conserve power" (Figure 2), and then click the "Confirm" button, Even for a long time downloading will not fall

How does Samsung Galaxy Tab a turn on the intelligent hibernate feature? (T350)

1. Under the Samsung Galaxy Tab a desktop, click "Settings" as shown in the following image, this is the second screen that we slide the screen to the right, if there is no can be in the first screen click on the application management and then go to find the setting is the same. 2. In the setup we find the "Show" option and click it to find the following figure. 3. In the display interface on the right side of the tablet computer, we se

Samsung J7008 How to turn on the flashlight

1. Under the Samsung J7008 standby page, we no longer need to pull the same finger as before, we just need to use our fingers to pull down the screen top.2. Then after slipping out we slide the shortcut icon to the left, as shown in the following figure.3. Then we open into the interface and then click on the "Flashlight" to open the entry, details as shown in the following figure.The flashlight shows green indicates that it is turned on.Note: If you

Samsung S6 edge+ How to turn on automatic restart? (G9280)

Automatic restart Condition: 1: The device is not currently in use. 2: The battery charge exceeds 30%. 3:sim card locking is disabled.1. In standard mode, slide the screen to the left.2. Click "Set".3. Slide up the screen and click "Backup and Reset".4. Click "Auto Reboot".5. Click the "Off" right slider, show "open" on behalf of the open. 6. Click on "Automatic Restart Time" and "automatic Restart Day", respectively, to set the automatic restart f

Samsung mobile phone Galaxy S7 sm-g9350 to turn on intelligent screen-cutting function

Samsung mobile phone SM-G9350 supports intelligent screenshots to intercept current screens and scrolling areas, and to instantly crop and share screenshots. If you want to turn on this feature, follow these steps: 1. Under the standby page, slide the main screen page to the left. 2. Click "Settings". 3. Slide up the screen and click on "Advanced Features". 4. Cl

Samsung Galaxy E7 How do I turn on click mode? (E7000)

1. Click Mode function is used to do what I do not introduce, we now directly into the mobile desktop, and then click the "Application." 2. Then we click "Set" again. 3. Well, that's fine, and now we're going to click "Accessibility" to open it. 4. Click "click Mode" to tick it. 5. Take the alarm clock as an example, when the alarm clock sounded, if you want to turn of

Samsung G6000 Mobile Phone Click mode is what? How do I turn on click mode?

The previous description of what the procedure click Mode is, the following we want to introduce is the click Mode Open, because the Samsung mobile phone models have a click mode so here is not too much to introduce other useless things, we go directly to the topic to see How to open the click Mode, specific below. 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Set".3. Slide up the screen and select "Accessibility".4. Click on the right sli

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