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Samsung A7 How to set up call forwarding A7009 set Call forwarding Tutorial

Note: Call transfer function also need your mobile phone number of the operator support Oh, in China is Unicom, mobile, telecom the three major operators. You can make a corresponding call to ask. 1. When we click on the "Phone" in the desktop and press "menu", click "Set" in the Pull-down menu to open the entry. 2. After we click on "Call" in the setting to fi

Apple iphone5s/5c How to set up call forwarding

Call transfer is a function of iOS system, below I take ios7 as an example to introduce iphone5s set call transfer specific steps, I hope this method will help you. Specific steps 1. Find the "Settings" icon in IPhone5S, as shown in the following figure 2. Then we find in the setup "Phone Options"-"Call forwarding

Mobile phone How to set call Forwarding (iphone/android)

How Android phones set up call forwarding 1. First in the mobile phone's "program list" to find and click the "Settings" icon. 2. Click "Call settings" → "Call forwarding" in the Open Settings window. 3. In the Open "Call

Skype how to set up call forwarding

1. Click "Options" under the "Tools" menu; Set up Call forwarding 2. In the Settings window that appears, click "Call Forwarding voice mail"; Select Call Forwarding voice mail 3. Click the "When I can

Does Samsung A9000 mobile phone support call forwarding? How to Set

Call transfer function Call forwarding is one of the settings we made at the meeting or inconvenient time, or the cell phone is out of power and can be set in advance. Note: Call transfer requires SIM card support, please check with the mobile phone card's network operator to open this business.Samsung A9000 mobile P

[To] Shen OU jsy2000-06 controlled telephone switch call forwarding settings

Description: IfShen ou controlled telephone switchextension something is not in place or when busy extension is busy in order to make some important words do not lose, you can set the incoming phone calls to other extensions and public network fixed telephone or mobile phone. The telephone switch uses this function regardless of where the extension user can receive the office of the word, work, leisure or go out to do two, fully realize the extension and mobile phone or fixed binding.Call transf

Apple iphone5 How to set up call forwarding?

Of course, call transfer has a lot of functions, such as: Mobile phone busy, downtime, low power and so on can be a call transfer settings, so even some special situation will not miss the important phone, keep themselves can quickly and outside to do information communication.How to set up a iphone5 call transfer:1. Click "Settings" on your mobile desktop and se

Conditional call forwarding for iphone Apple phone set

The iphone can only set up an unconditional transfer answer, so there are some hidden commands to set up a transfer answer.The following methods have been validated to be available. Specifically as followsAll callsQuery Status: * #21 #Set transfer: **21* transferred to the phone number #Cancel Transfer: # #21 #No answer calls:Query Status: * #61 #Set transfer: **61* transferred to number * seconds (minimum 5 seconds, up to 30 seconds) # (for example: **61*13809812345*11*30#)Cancel Transfer: # #

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