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Processing of the loss of files corresponding to the temporary tablespace and the Undo tablespace in Oracle

The temporary and undo files of the database do not need to be backed up. They can be restored after they are lost, and data will not be lost. 1. After files in the temporary tablespace are lost, they are automatically created after the database is started. No intervention is required. Simulation: After the database is shut down, the temporary

Git (workspace, staging area, manage changes, undo changes, delete files)

(+) create mode 100644 test.txtIn general, you usually delete the useless files directly in the File Manager, or rm delete them by command:$ rm test.txtAt this point, git knows that you deleted the file, so the workspace and repository are inconsistent, and the git status command will immediately tell you which files were del

How to recover the mistakenly deleted data files and control files by non-Rman method

using the close function to turn off these descriptors. The file is actually deleted when all the open files managed by the file are closed. Note:--system cannot be recover online and needs to restart the database. Undo can be recover online, but the undo file offline can not be manipulated--not DML, queries can--do

How to recover files deleted by mistake

folder, put it in a file.?2. Then open the folder, find the file just put in, right-click Delete the file, and refresh to ensure that it has been deleted.?3. After deletion, find the Recycle Bin on our computer desktop, find the Recycle Bin to open, you will see the deleted files are lying inside.?4. Finally use the mouse to select the

Workaround for the Oracle Database runtime RM mistakenly deleted files (2)--Recovery by script

Tags: file_dump restore relink FD RecoveryAccording to the previous article, the entire recovery process can be done using scripting, saving time and increasing the success rate of recovery.This method is valid for data files that are mistakenly deleted, including online Redo,undo,control file, system, or normal data files.The whole process is divided into two pa

MyEclipse recover deleted files by mistake

[Recover mistakenly deleted files]Today in writing code, accidentally put a package to delete, and then this package all the files are gone, I believe many people have similar experience,Fortunately, MyEclipse provides us with a very useful function:Select Project, Restore from Local history. -Tick the file you want to restore, click on Restore to do it, even if

Incomplete restoration of accidentally deleted Oracle data files

Application Environment: A table is accidentally deleted. At this time, I cannot restore the entire database, which is too troublesome. So now I will copy the data file from the new database to restore it. Therefore, Oracle cannot only restore a part of the data file when restoring the file, because oracle must ensure that the data file Application Environment: A table is accidentally deleted. At this time,

SVN: Find and recover the directories/files that were mistakenly deleted

This Monday found a very important library inside the Rel_tags directory is gone, quickly check the log. Find the following article, using the following methods: 1. In the local workingcopy, use Tortoisesvn->showlog to view the history of the repository. You can use search.2. Find the deletion of the file or folder version, in LogMessage right-click Revertthechangesfromthisrevision.3. The file or folder is restored to the local workingcopy. If it is deleted

MyEclipse deleted files and code

MyEclipse deleted files and code [restoration of false deletion of documents] Today in writing code, accidentally deleted a package, and then all the files under this package are gone, I believe many people have similar experience, Luckily MyEclipse provides us with a very useful function: Select the item-> Restore

Android recursively deletes all files (. mp3 files, etc.) under a folder _android

1. Because you need to delete files, you need the following permissions: 2. Core Code Copy Code code as follows: Package Com.example.deleteyoumi; Import; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import Android.os.Handler; Import Android.os.Message; Import; Import Android.view.Menu; Import Android.view.View; Import Android.view.View.OnClickListener; Import Android.widget.Button; Import Android.widget.Toast;

How to clean up redundant class files and resource files and redundant images in Android projects with Eclipse

As we iterate through the project, we often enable certain features or modify some of the interface's problems, so the problem is that there is a lot of redundancy. java files, redundant resource files, some redundant interface files, etc. So if the problem arises, then how to solve it, this is the focus of today to solve the problem?FirstEclipse has a plugin to

"Go" Android essential Knowledge Point-Android files (file) action

Android uses a file system similar to disk-based file systems on other platforms. This article describes how to use the Android file system to read and write files through the file API.The File object is suitable for reading or writing large amounts of data in the order from start to finish without skipping. For example, it is suitable for picture

Android deletes all files under a folder (folder files, etc)

1. Because you need to delete files, you need the following permissions:: 2. Core code Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package com. example. deleteyoumi; Import java. io. File; Import android. OS. Bundle; Import android. OS. Handler; Import android. OS. Message; Import android

Android uses the AsyncHttpClient framework to upload files and uses HttpURLConnection to download files.

Android uses the AsyncHttpClient framework to upload files and uses HttpURLConnection to download files. The android-async-http open-source framework of AsyncHttpClient is very convenient. The AsyncHttpClient class is usually used in android applications to create asynchrono

Android uses asynchttpclient framework to upload files and download files using HttpURLConnection

);} Fis.close (); return tohexstring (Md5.digest ());} catch (Exception e) {System.out.println ("error"); return null;}} 16 binary converted to string public static string tohexstring (byte[] b) {char hex_digits[] = {' 0 ', ' 1 ', ' 2 ', ' 3 ', ' 4 ', ' 5 ', ' 6 ', ' 7 ', ' 8 ', ' 9 ', ' A ', ' B ', ' C ', ' D ', ' E ', ' F '}; StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder (B.length * 2); for (int i = 0; i The use of asynchttpclient can also be uploaded, downloaded,

Detailed information about music files in Android [Android source code analysis 2]

Some time ago, I processed Android music file information. I checked online and found that the Android system provided mediascanner, mediaprovider, mediastore, and other interfaces and provided a set of database tables, share content to users through content provider. Description: [Android data is private] data can be shared through the content provider method. I

Secondary packaging of Android apps (APK files), Android apk

Secondary packaging of Android apps (APK files), Android apk Many developers, whether individual or company, do not pay much attention to the security of their own applications, that is, whether the code will be tampered with by criminals, malicious code insertion, spam ads, or even theft of user information. I did not care too much, but I did not find the severi

How to filter redundant resource files in Android project _android

This article is an example of the filtering of the Android project redundant resources file solution, very practical value! The detailed description is as follows: Many developers often experience this in the development process of Android projects: interface developers released a new version of the resource bundle, but some of the image name changed, and some pictures were

Perfect solution to Android JNI project will delete other so files problem _android

In the development of Android project, the project uses to JNI development, use C + + to write own so library, debug and run all normal, file code is as follows: Local_path: = $ (call My-dir) include $ (clear_vars) local_module:=observer local_src_files:=observer.c local_c_includes:= $ (local_path)/include Local_ldlibs + +-l$ (sysroot)/usr/lib-llog include $ (build_shared_library) If we need to introduce other third-party so l

Save files for Android data

Preface: The previous article wrote the use of Sharedpreferences in Android to save data, sharedpreferences when saving data is mainly to save some application settings information or a small amount of user information, And it is the information of the string class saved in the form of Key-value, which is more limited. For example, you need to save the image from the network to local as the cache data, and the number is large, sharedpreferences can no

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