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How to uninstall Hangouts ring chat?

How to uninstall? The following will demonstrate the Hangouts loop chat Uninstall tutorial, some friends do not like the ring chat software, how to uninstall it? If you want to uninstall, please refer to the following steps to do the operation. First, download and install t

We recommend a chrome extension to help you find Google + Hangouts video group chat.

If you like to use hangouts in Google + to chat with people from all over the world, do not miss my hangouts for Google + chrome extension. It can do the following: Show all public hangouts in Google + Show hangouts in your circle Quick one-click hangouts chat Vi

Full Uninstall Oracle|oracle Uninstall | completely uninstall Oracle

Because of the installation of Oracle 10G when there was a problem, and then asked roommates to send a copy of the Oralce 10g client installation package came up. It was possible to use Pl/sql, and then, in the case of a job need, to import an Oracle database backup from a colleague at a time, making IMP statement to import a 6550 error, the internet to check the reason is because the server and the client use version mismatch. So The last decision to reload Oracle, found that uninstalling th

How do I uninstall software with a perfect uninstall?

 Software Uninstall: Use the perfect uninstall to uninstall other software is very convenient, just want to the desktop icon to the software's trash can unload, even if you mistakenly dragged into the normal folder does not appear any problems. We recommend that the user point "Help"-> "set" to turn on uninstall beha

WIN10 Please wait for the current program to complete uninstall or change cannot uninstall the program what should I do?

in the WIN10 operating system, a user encountered the inability to uninstall the program, click on the uninstall prompt: Please wait for the current program to complete the uninstall or change what to do? In this case we can solve the problem by the following methods. method One:1, right click on the Start menu, will pop up a shortcut menu bar;650) this.width=650

How to Use yum to install and uninstall jdk and use yum to uninstall jdk

How to Use yum to install and uninstall jdk and use yum to uninstall jdk The installed CentOS comes with OpenJdk and uses the java-version command. The following information is displayed: Java version "1.6.0"OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0-b09)OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 1.6.0-b09, mixed mode) It is best to uninstall openjdk first and install the jdk

Completely uninstall MySQL stop service, uninstall related programs, delete registry

This section focuses on the steps to completely uninstall MySQL, including stopping services, uninstalling related programs, deleting the registry, and more1. Stop service MySQL2. Uninstall MySQL-related programs3. Delete the registry (run->regedit),machine->system->controlset001/controlset002/currentcontrolset->services-> Eventlog->applications->mysql related files4. Delete the MySQL installation directory

Fully uninstall mysql (stop services, uninstall related programs, delete registries)

1. Stop Service MySQL2. uninstall mysql-related programs 3. Delete the Registry (run-regedit), machine-system-controlset001controlset002currentcontrolset-services-eventlog-applications-MySQL-related files 4. Delete the MySQL installation directory and save the database data directory (C: Documentsand 1. stop Service MySQL 2. uninstall mysql-related programs 3. delete Registry (run-regedit), machine-system-c

Win10 can uninstall, Win10 uninstall self-tape application tutorial

1. Start PowerShell: Enter "PowerShell" in the search box, right-click on "Windows PowerShell" labeled "Desktop Application", select "Run as Administrator" command; Run as Administrator PowerShell 2. In the Open PowerShell window, enter the "Get-appxpackage | Select Name, Packagefullname "(note spaces and English punctuation) to view the list of installed applications; Application List installed 3, input "Get-appxpackage-allusers Packagefullname | Re

Computer Sogou Phone Helper How to uninstall and uninstall Sogou Mobile Phone helper method

1, we open 360 browser, and then we click on the "Software Butler" = = Software Uninstall = = "One-click Uninstall" effect as shown below 2, then we in the interface, we click "Open File Location" = = then click "Uninstall" effect as shown below. 3, and then we can see that it will pop up the dialog box, and then we can follow the steps to

How does win10 uninstall its own game software? How does win10 uninstall its own software?

How does win10 uninstall its own game software? How does win10 uninstall its own software? After installing the win10 system, the system often has many game software that you do not need. However, these software comes with a computer. How can we uninstall the game and other software that comes with the computer, here I will share my experience with you. Click

Fully uninstall mysql (stop service, uninstall related programs, delete registry _ MySQL

This section describes how to completely uninstall mysql, including stopping the service, uninstalling related programs, and deleting the registry. 1. stop the service. 2. uninstall mysql-related programs 3. delete the registry (run-> regedit), machine-> system-> controlset001/controlset002/currentcontrolset-> services-> eventlog-> applications-> MySQL-related files 4. delete the MySQL installation directo

1. Install and uninstall MySQL. 1. Install and uninstall MySQL.

1. Install and uninstall MySQL. 1. Install and uninstall MySQL.1. What is a database? Commonly known as the data warehouse, convenient data management software (or programs) 2. MySQL entry 1. Download from the official website 2. Install MySql Double-click the installation button, but note that the installation directory cannot contain Chinese characters. 2.1 verify that the installation is successful Open

How do I uninstall software from my computer? Uninstall Software Tutorial

Method One, the computer with the function 1, in the computer "start"-"Settings"-"Control Panel"-"Add or Remove Programs", find you uninstall software click Uninstall can. Method Two, software with the deletion function 1, the use of software from the uninstall, generally in the "Start"-"" program "-" You want to remove the software in the inside will have a

How to uninstall oracle and uninstall oracle

How to uninstall oracle and uninstall oracle Oracle Database, also known as Oracle RDBMS, or Oracle for short. It is a relational database management system of oracle. It still occupies a major share in the database market. Lawrence herison and his friends, former colleagues Bob Miner and Ed Oates established the Software Development lab Consulting Company (SDL, Software Development Lab) in 1977.Tools/Raw M

Yum usage Summary-uninstall, yum summary uninstall

Yum usage Summary-uninstall, yum summary uninstall After yum installation and upgrade, write another article How to uninstall the rpm package installed by yum Recommended method: rpm-e [Root @ vsftpd] # rpm-qa | grep vsftpd Vsftpd-2.2.2-13.el6_6.1.x86_64 [Root @ vsftpd] # rpm-e vsftpd-2.2.2-13.el6_6.1.x86_64 Warning:/etc/vsftpd. conf saved as/etc/vsftpd. c

How can I uninstall an application in win8? Win8 uninstall installed applications

. Press the "WIN" + "X" key combination in desktop mode to open the Advanced management tool and select "Control Panel". 2. In the Control Panel, select Uninstall program. 3. You can now see the "Uninstall or Change programs" list, as shown in the following figure:4. Select the program you want to uninstall, take "Settings" software as an example, and click "

Fully uninstall oracle | uninstall oracle

The problem occurred when installing Oracle 10g. Later, I asked my roommates to re-send an Oralce 10g Client installation package and install it. It was possible to use PL/SQL at the beginning. Later, due to work needs, an Oracle database backup was sent from an import colleague at a time, which was run in the command line An error 6550 occurs when you use the IMP statement for import. The reason for online query is that the version used by the server and the client does not match. Therefore We

"Original" qt5-Uninstall Wizard v1.0-Uninstall Windows software-Easy version

Because of the project requirements, it is very simple to implement the small functionality of uninstalling the common software on Windows.Send a diagram First:Ideas:1. According to the information of the registry to open the application, uninstall is the same;2. Read the desktop shortcut, according to the shortcut to the path to open the program;Problem:1. This method can only read the information of some software, 32-bit program can not access the r

In WIN10, how does one uninstall ie ?, Win10 uninstall IE browser

In WIN10, how does one uninstall ie ?, Win10 uninstall IE browser IE sometimes feels a problem, or wants to use another core browser, and does not want to see IE, how to uninstall it? Right-click the WIN icon and choose control panel. Find "programs and functions" in the control panel" Open "programs and functions", find "enable and Disable Windo

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