how to unpack rar archive

Want to know how to unpack rar archive? we have a huge selection of how to unpack rar archive information on

Linux compression decompression software 7zip (will not extract RAR to see) __linux

Original: Note: Just want to know how to extract the RAR format friends can jump directly to the back, but note to install the 7zip rar module another: Linux can also be installed Unrar to extract

Zip rar shell command

1. Compress the MyData directory below the/home directory to Mydata.zipZip-r MyData #压缩mydata目录2. Unzip the under the/home directory into the Mydatabak directoryUnzip Mydatabak3, the home/home directory below the

How to decompress various compressed files under Linux __linux

For those who have just come in contact with Linux, it will certainly give Linux a lot of different file names to get dizzy. Let's just say, in the case of compressed files, we know that there are only two types of compressed files that are most

Various decompression commands under Linux

This article describes the programs that are compressed under Linux, such as tar, gzip, gunzip, bzip2, bunzip2, compress, uncompress, zip, unzip, RAR, Unrar, and how to use them for. Tar,. GZ,. tar.gz,. tgz,. bz2,. tar.bz2,. Z. Tar. Z,. zip,. rar 10

The ultimate killer of rogue software, universal extractor [a rogue software guest star is recommended]

Isn't it annoying to install software now? If it doesn't work all the way down, it will be loaded with hooligans such as 3721, zhongsuo, Internet pig, word search, Baidu souba, etc. Software Group, Hoho, so software is green! But now programmers are

"Quest for Linux" Part IV first lesson: compressing files, decompression without pressure

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Linux compression commands

TarThis is a very popular and powerful command under Linux, which retains the original file by default during compression.Format: tar [main option + secondary option] File_or_dir• Main option, only one of the following can occur-C Create a new

Compression and decompression commands under Unix

Example:. tarUnpacking: TAR-XVF Filename.tarPackage: TAR-CVF Filename.tar DirName(Note: Tar is packaged, not compressed!) )---------------------------------------------. gzDecompression 1:gunzip filename.gzDecompression 2:gzip-d

Ubuntu12.04 Software Installation Manual

Update upgrade sourceFirst, edit the software source and enter the following command on the terminal:Sudo gedit/etc/apt/sources. listThe rapid upgrade sources include 163, Taiwan, Keda yuan, and Sohu Source. All the new upgrade sources will

Linux compression and decompression command detailed resolution _unix Linux

Linux zip command Zip-r*Compresses all files and folders in the current directory into files, and-R represents all files under a recursive compression subdirectory. 2.unzipUnzip-o-d/home/sunny Myfile.zipExtract the

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