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Win2008 R2 WEB Server Security Settings Guide modification 3389 port with update patch _win server

are correct and reboot the server before each step. Restart Remote Desktop Connection, with the new port number set after the IP address, As long as the previous settings are correct, you should be able to connect to the server properly. After you log on to the server, disable or remove the remote connection rules that come with your system because it is no longer working. Locate Remote Desktop (tcp-in) and right-click Disable. The final step is to further improve the

Install Windows Security Update/patch

Keywords:windows, security update, Patch, KB2532531If failed to install a update, follow steps below:1. Download the patch manually from Microsoft Update Catalog. Notes:only IE is supported by the site.2. Install the download

The method of Centos/rhel system update security patch

Configuring automatic security updates on CENTOS/RHEL7 systems On the Centos/rhel 7/6 system, you need to install the following installation package: # yum Update-y; Yum Install Yum-cron-y After the installation is complete, open/etc/yum/yum-cron.conf, and then find the following lines, and you must make sure that their values are the same as those shown below Update_messages = yes download_updates = yes a

Android App Patch Update

generated the diff package. Also provides a bspatch, this is to help us carry out the document peace.Suppose you want to do this in Android. It is necessary to configure the NDK development environment, assuming that the students do not want to be able to directly use the. so file in the demo.It is possible to merge files by calling this method:The combined APK file is no different from the latest installation package and has the same eigenvalues.Fin

Android App Patch Update

you want to implement this step in Android, you need to configure the NDK development environment, if you do not want the students can directly put in the demo file. The following method is called to merge the filesThe combined APK file is no different from the latest installation package and has the same characteristic value. Finally, the installation is done via intent.Written in the end: it is possible that some users are using the version of the

Android solution after the mobile end of the patch pack why not upgrade, after the upgrade "app not Installed", and the update after the success of the issue repeatedly

command to install 2 times the app test, and then connect the VPN, enter the user name and password, to see if other apps are normal login, I use their own mobile phone testing, found that the latest app login, other apps still can't login, the dog, special is not just changed good? Heart tired, do not know what reason, I will restart the phone, and then re-login to the latest app, and then test other apps, you can log in normally. Well, at least in the comfort of the heart, after a while my te

[Learn Android while working on a project] mobile security guard 03: gets the updated server configuration, displays the update dialog box, and learns android

[Learn Android while working on a project] mobile security guard 03: gets the updated server configuration, displays the update dialog box, and learns androidConfigure the name and icon of the application displayed on the mobile desktop-AndroidManifest. xml: After configuration ① ②Obtain the updated server configuration process: Server Configuration: Use tomcat a

"Side do project side learn Android" mobile Security Defender 03: Get updated server configuration, Show update dialog box

() method, in this method, the setting interface pops up a message box, which has two buttons: "OK" "Cancel", the user clicks the different buttons corresponding to different actions. Exception Handling android.os.networkonmainthreadexception--Multithreading problemsEverything settled, thought peace of mind, the result is still a problem!Log start error, get update information exception!!! Debug, Find Exception:android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadExce

Some security related articles collection of linux/android (time-lapse update)

Direct reprint too Occupy place, simply find a place to put the address to collect, also share with you, do a good knowledge porter.Pwntools's documentation, intended to be available for translation. good place to practice Linux rootkit authoring

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