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To build a CentOS online yum source mirror server

Description Operating system: CentOS 6.x IP Address: Implementation Purpose: Synchronize the contents of the CentOS mirrored site to this server, and by configuring the HTTP server, can provide Yum

CentOS uses yum to update the software package and system, centosyum

CentOS uses yum to update the software package and system, centosyum 1. CentOS update source configuration file descriptionCentOS 6.5 update source profile/etc/yum. repos. d/CentOS-Base.repo Fragment[Base]Name = CentOS-$ releasever-BaseUsing list =

Quick upgrade of RedhatAS4 and AS5 to CentOS

Many servers in the Organization are RedHatAS4 and AS5 machines. You often need to install and compile software packages. upgrading to the CentOS system is much more convenient! I checked the relevant materials online, but they were not satisfactory.

How to modify the update source of Yum in CentOS

The default yum update source of CentOS is obtained from the image list. The system automatically detects a fast update source based on your speed and region and uses this update source. If CentOS is in China but foreign sources are used, or the

RedHat 6.0 how to use centos Yum source update

6.0 5.4   Address: October 31, 2011 by Tian Ming | 2 comments | 1,267 viewsBecause RedHat Yum online updates are charged, you cannot use them if you have not registered them, that is, you

How to install yum in centos

Centos 5 i386: Wget OS /i386/CentOS/elfutils-libs-0.137-3.el5.i386.rpmWget OS /i386/CentOS/gmp-4.1.4-10.el5.i386.rpmWget OS

Redhat 7.1 Enterprise Edition uses the Yum source of CentOS 7

It is well known that the Red Hat Enterprise Server is not able to update the software if it is not registered. Due to the Redhat Yum online update is charged, if not registered words are not available, that is, can not install the software online.

CentOS update system

After CentOS is installed, you must first modify the update source and upgrade it to the latest system. Domestic faster update source, I recommend: NetEase update source, just found, the speed is OK. First we have to back up

CentOS modify yum update source

CentOS modify yum update source When CentOS software is installed or updated, the yum method is the easiest and most convenient. By default, the yum update source address is unstable. Therefore, you need to modify the update source address,

Several of the fastest CentOS yum in the country (update source), Shanghai Jiaotong University, but the server is located in Beijing, China Education Network Network Center, I look like the Chaoyang district over the IP, previously over there, download speed of up to 10 m. North

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