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Install the latest version of phpMyAdmin management tools on CentOS 5

1, I downloaded is phpmyadmin-3.2.3-all-languages version, this version requires PHP 5.2 or higher version, so you must find ways to upgrade the system with the PHP 5.1 version, the specific operation is to use the system Yum "Test Library" Update

How to upgrade phpMyAdmin

1. Download the latest version of phpmyadmin4.2.9wget Http://, decompression unzip Phpmyadmin-4.2.9-all-languages.zip3. Move

You should upgrade to MySQL 5.5.0 or later. phpMyAdmin

I've been tossing lamp lately. "You should upgrade to MySQL 5.5.0 or later" when deploying the phpMyAdmin from the official download.The reason is that I installed the MySQL database version too low. Solution Ideas: 1, upgrade the MySQL

LNMP 1.2/1.3+ upgrade Nginx, mysql/mariadb, PHP tutorials

In general, upgrading a production environment is not recommended and will stop LNMP related services after the upgrade begins.This article applies only to LNMP1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 later versions!In LNMP currently LNMP v1.2/1.3+ version has included

PhpMyAdmin remote PHP code injection vulnerability _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

PhpMyAdmin remote PHP code injection vulnerability. Involved program: phpMyAdmin description: phpMyAdmin remote PHP code injection vulnerability nbsp; details: phpMyAdmin is a free tool that provides a WWW management interface for MySQL management.

MySQL Management Section: phpMyAdmin 3.3.6 released

 Download phpMyAdmin 3.3.6The address is published. If you are interested in phpMyAdmin, you can go to phpMyAdmin to obtain the latest official address.Download phpMyAdmin 3.3.6Download and try it out. PhpMyAdmin 3.3.6 released this time is a

UBUNTU Lightweight One-click installation lamp and Configuration phpMyAdmin

UBUNTU Easy one-click installation lamp and Configuration phpMyAdmin Wangking wrote This article goes from Afar Blog: ? PHP Development and server

Modify the size limit of the SQL file imported by phpMyAdmin _ PHP Tutorial

Modify the size limit of the SQL file imported by phpMyAdmin. When using phpMyAdmin to import a mysql database, My MB database cannot be imported, prompting that the mysql database can only be imported at most 2 MB. An error occurred while importing

CentOS7 builds apache, mysql, php, and phpmyadmin Environments

CentOS7 builds apache, mysql, php, and phpmyadmin Environments I recently watched laruence's Private food Linux, so I was buying a foreign server to work hard. First, I set up a basic web server. I encountered various pitfalls in the process. I

Parsing Aliyun configuration apache+php+phpmyadmin+mysql in ubuntu12.04 environment

The relevant IP settings used in this tutorial should be modified in your environment.Update apt-get before using because the server is basically a bare systemApt-get Update;Apt-get upgrade; 1 We use the root account to install, first switch to the

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