how to upload doc file in php

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PHP reads Doc,docx,xls,pdf,txt content

One of my customers has the demand: Upload files, can be doc,docx,xls,pdf,txt format, now need to read the contents of these files in PHP, and then calculate the number of words in the file. 1.PHP read DOC-formatted files PHP does not have a class

PHP Upload Video

Https:// this downloadLupload has the following features and features:1, has a variety of upload methods: HTML5, Flash, Silverlight and the traditional . Plupload will automatically detect the current environment,

Convert PHP files in Linux, convert Doc to PDF to SwF, and implement Baidu's library preview function

From:     Last year, an OA system was developed, which requires one-click Document Upload and online preview, similar to the functions of Baidu Library. System Environment:

PHP file Upload class php file upload code _php tutorial

A simple php file upload class, in the collation of PHP class found in a picture processing class, PHP processing pictures of the class has been a lot of, there are separate processing pictures, there are watermarks, there are also generated

PHP File Upload Vulnerability Simple Analysis _php tutorial

File Upload Vulnerability This problem is not in PHP is only the user in the program development may not do well, the previous ASP also exists file upload vulnerability, I would like to introduce the PHP file Upload vulnerability simple analysis and

PHP implementation file upload and download examples and summary, _php Tutorial

PHP implementation of File upload and download examples and summary, First, the upload principle and configuration 1.1 Principle Upload the client files to the server side, and then move the server-side files (temporary files) to the specified

PHP implements file upload and download instances and summary. _ PHP Tutorial

PHP implements file upload and download instances and summary ,. PHP implements file upload and download instances and summary. I. Upload principles and configuration 1.1 principles Upload client files to the server, and then the files on the server

PHP implements file upload and ThinkPHP upload Extension

PHP implements the file upload function. The file upload function is a common feature in web development. aopli also encountered this problem during the internship, but it was previously developed using asp and jsp, it is troublesome to upload files

Linux PHP turn doc to PDF transfer swf to realize Baidu Library preview function

Last year, the development of an OA system, need to implement a key document upload and realize online preview, similar to the function of Baidu Library. System Environment: CentOs5.5Tools used: Openoffice 3, pdf2swf tool, Jodconverter, Flexpaper On

File Transfer tool php file upload suffix name and file type table almost covers all files

There are many php file upload class, File upload processing is a feature of PHP (at least the manual is to be shown as PHP features, the individual think PHP in the array of excellent features more features), learn PHP people know how to upload

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