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Secondary packaging of Android apps (APK files), Android apk

Android apk from being decompiled and use any encryption method to protect dex source files from being injected with malicious code to prevent secondary packaging? 1. obfuscation of java code. Add useless code or rename it to make the decompiled source code difficult to understand.2. The key code uses jni to call local code and is written in c or c ++. Compared

PHP upload apk After the use of automatic extraction APK packet information (sample download) _php instance

, size and other information. So if someone else can do it, I think there is a way to solve it. So after the study, the expected results were obtained. Here is a record of the method, welcome to Exchange. Core extraction APK Information code Copy Code code as follows: /*** * Analysis of uploaded apk files, extract the required data */ function upapk

"Java" Project reads version information for apk files and IPA files

In a company project, when versioning is done, you encounter situations where you need to identify the managed apk (Android application package) and IPA (Apple application package), and you need to identify and import some of the package's information into the database and manage it when uploading. first, how to identify information When I started working on this solution, my colleague told me that there was a ready-made tool class on the web that co

Start Bluestacks two ways to install apk files

Bluestacks is a very powerful Android simulator, it mainly helps users let apk format files in the computer, the recent small series found that many networks are asking how to use Bluestacks installation apk, in fact, the installation of APK

Anti-compile APK files during Android development

Sometimes we want to learn from others ' good works, or we want to study and learn. How to achieve it in the case of only apk. In fact, there is a way, that is, decompile apk. If the content is also i from other friends there to find, does not belong to my original, but still sent up for your friends for reference, I hope you can learn to bring convenience. A. decompile

Android cracking APK files

friend of the Chinese version of Android APK, you should be familiar with these tools: The first tool is Android-apktool, a tool for reengineering Android APK files. This tool is the core of APK crack. It is used to decompile and repackage APK

[Go] To use the APK signature to give the application system privileges

[to] use the APK signature to give the application system privileges (2013-01-08 13:40:50)Reproduced ItCategory: AndroidSource: Issue: system preinstalled software, need to access some configuration files, configuration file owner is set to system. So the application needs to be authorized to read and writ

Feasibility Analysis of Android SDK tampering with APK files

obtaining an APK package, if you want to replace an image, a piece of code, or a piece of copyright information, it is basically impossible to directly decompress, replace, and re-package the package. This increases the difficulty of virus infection and malicious modification, and helps protect the security of the system. Classes. Dex File Classes. Dex is a Java bytecode file generated after Java source code compilation. However, because the Dalvik V

Android How to build/Pre/pre-compile files (run programs, applications, APK, Jar, Lib and other random files) into the system

Method One:If you want to build a software name of Iperf.exe1. Place the Iperf.exe under a random folder in codebase (the folder must be searchable when searching for, for example System/iperf/iperf.exe2. Add a file under the System/iperf folder, such as the following:Local_path:= $ (call My-dir)Product_copy_files + = $ (local_path)/iperf.exe:system/iperf/iperf.exeCompile codebase again and the file will be built into the System/iperf folder of your phoneThis method preven

Use APK signature to make the application have system Permissions

Problem:Pre-installed software in the system. You need to access some configuration files. The owner of the configuration file is set to system. Therefore, the application must be authorized to read and write data.Google search found the following article to solve this problem. The following content explains:Permission rules for the Android system?How can an application obtain system permissions?What is the APK

Decompilation of Android APK files

code) Procedure: Download the decompilation toolkit and open the apktool1.4.1 folder under the apk2java directory, which contains three files: aapt.exe, apktool. bat, and apktool. jar. Note: apktool_bk.jar is the old backup version. It is best to use the latest apktool. jar Go to the apktool. bat folder under the command line and enter the following command:Apktool. bat d-f abc123.

How to install local APK files

Tutorial Navigation: First, a reliable assistant installation tutorial Second, a reliable assistant installation and operation of local Android APK files First, the Reliable assistant installation steps: 1, on your computer download the latest version of the assistant, double-click Run KaoPuSetup.exe file, into the installation. 2, into the installation interface, click on the custom instal

Decompile Android APK to obtain Java source code and resource files

directory where dex2jar. bat is located. Locate the directory of dex2jar. bat in the command line and rundex2jar.bat classes.dexGenerate classes. Dex. dex2jar. Jar Run the JD-GUI, open the jar package generated above, you can see the source code. Ii. decompile the source code and images, xml configuration, language resources, and other files of the APK Generation Program This is especially useful if it is

APK installation to copy the program files attached to the mobile phone specified directory

The project has been completed, today to get the. apk file to another non-debug phone to use, found a problem. Because to draw, So the point of the plot of data saved in a. txt text file, the last time directly to the USB to the specified folder, but obviously unscientific, because the user downloaded your. apk file, you tell him, but also to copy the text file t

APK when Setup copies files to the specified folder that comes with your phone

Project has been obtained, today. apk file to get another non-debug phone, to find a problem.Because of the paint. So the points of the drawing data are stored in a. txt text file. Use USB to upload to the specified directory, but obviously unscientific, because the user downloaded your. apk file, you tell him, but also to copy the text file to the specified dire

Android APK decompilation to view source code and resource files

This topic describes howDecompile the Android Application to view the source code, resource files, and XML files, modify the files, and package them into an APK.. We encourage people to decompile to learn others' designs, rather than confusing the market after changing the app shell. You can also directly

Quickly install apk files into your Android phone

In a PC, how can an Android programmer quickly install the APK file to an Android phone without having to install a variety of phone assistants (double-click on the apk file to install it automatically without a manual command)?You can use the following methods: Using batch files + Quick batch file (De) CompilerSteps:1

Decompile Android APK to obtain Java source code and resource files

. decompile the source code and images, XML configuration, language resources, and other files of the apk Generation Program This is especially useful if it is just a Chinese software. First, download the tool. This time we use apktool ,: Bytes. Procedure: Decompress the downloaded two packages to the same folder. There should be three

How to dynamically load Android so files, how to compress apk size

tool set compositionToolset is a setup program, it is recommended to install under the default path, installed under Program files in the Win7 may have read and write permissions problems caused some exceptionsAfter installation, you can see 4 directories, this directory contains the source code.The following four directories are installed:Where APKLIBCOMREPSS is the source of the Java command-line program, in this directory of the bin subdirectory,

About two packs of Android apps (apk files)

also includes the interests of users, to their own reputation will also cause a certain harm! Looking back, let's guess how my app was planted with malicious ads at the beginning of the paragraph. Personally, it is to use the above method to decompile, the already written and generated Smali file into my package, and then in the manifest file configuration, and modify the package name, and finally RePack (to get this result is based on, I have two ti

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