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How to use BZIP2 to compress files in Linux systems

Install BZIP2The order is as follows: The code is as follows: Make-f Makefile-libbz2_so && Make && Make install && CP Bzip2-shared/bin/bzip2 && Ln-s && Cp-a*/lib && Rm/lib/ &&

Linux Compression Packaging Introduction, gzip compression tool, bzip2 compression tool, XZ compression tool

Note content:L 6.1 Compression Packaging Introduction L 6.2 gzip compression tool L 6.3 bzip2 compression tool L 6.4 xz compression tool Note Date:2017.8.56.1 Compression Packaging Introduction 650) this.width=650; "src=" Https://

Linux compression helper bzip2

Linux compression helper bzip2GuideTo compress a file, you can use a small number of bytes to encode the data in the file to significantly reduce the file size, and it is useful for cross-network file backup and transfer. On the other hand,

Linux bzip2 command details how to use Linux bzip2 command

Bzip2 adopts the new compression algorithm, which is better than the traditional LZ77/LZ78 compression algorithm. If no compression file is added, the compressed file .bz2 will be uploaded and the original file will be deleted.SyntaxBzip2

Linux file Packaging, decompression instructions--TAR,BZIP2

This article is to Uncle Bird's Linux private cuisine (basic study) of the third edition of the study notes, the original text can refer to the original book Chinese website Bird uncle's Linux private dishes.In the Linux environment, the operation

Linux gzip, bzip2, XZ three ways to compress usage tool introduction

Compression Packaging Introduction:Commonly used compressed file types:1, windows:.rar/.zip/.7z2, Compression Tool:1, experiment, CD to/tmp directory, use MKDI to create a directory d6z, in the

GZIP,ZIP,BZIP2 file compression and archiving

14.3. File compression and archiving Sometimes we need to store a set of files in a single file for backup or transfer to another directory or even another computer. Sometimes we also need to compress files into one file, so they use only a small

Day18--linux gzip, bzip2, XZ three compression tools introduction

6.1: Compression Packaging Introduction:Compression: Saves space, facilitates transport, and consumes less bandwidth resources:Common types of compressed files:Windows: . rar. zip. 7zLinux: . zip. gz. bz2. xz. tar.gz. tar.bz2. Tar.xz1. Compression

Linux gzip, bzip2 Common compression, decompression instructions Summary __linux

Linux inside the compression decompression is very commonly used instructions, and Linux support compression instructions are more diverse, and different compression using different technologies, is currently commonly used mainly gzip and bzip2

File compression and packaging in linux --- compress, gzip, zcat, bzip2, bzcat, tar, find, tarfile, tarball, --- compresszcat

File compression and packaging in linux --- compress, gzip, zcat, bzip2, bzcat, tar, find, tarfile, tarball, --- compresszcatCommon Linux compressed file extensions *. Z compress compressed files (replaced by gzip) *. Gz gzip compressed files *. Bz2

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