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Scanf ("% C", & Ch) directly skipped

Sometimes scanf ("% C", & Ch) should have blocked waiting for the user to enter a char type data, but why should it be skipped? For example, in this section, int year; Printf ("enter a year: \ n "); Scanf ("% d", & year ); // Setbuf (stdin, null); //

How do I remove the ch Word in the input icon in the Win7 system?

The use of computer users know that the input method is a prerequisite for the use of computer programs, if you want to type, input method is essential, so there are a variety of input method software, can be said to blossom Ah! But I do not know if

CSS Unit introduction em ex ch REM VW VH vm cm mm in pt pc px

The length unit mainly has the following kinds of EM ex ch REM VW VH vm cm mm in pt pc px%, presumably can be divided into several "absolute units" and "relative units" and "percent units". Absolute unit: px in cm mm Relative unit: EM rem pt PC EX

Linuxphpcurl_errno ($ ch)

Linuxphpcurl_errno ($ ch) is running on windows. running curl_errno ($ ch) on linux returns 1. what is the problem? Curl_errno ($ ch) CURLE_UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL (1 )? The URL you sent to libcurl uses a protocol not supported by this libcurl. The

What to do with Linux PHP Curl_errno ($ch)

Linux php Curl_errno ($ch) Running on Windows no problem, running Curl_errno ($ch) on Linux Returns a value of 1, ask this question what condition Curl_errno ($ch) Curle_unsupported_protocol (1) – The URL you send to Libcurl uses a protocol that

History of the most comprehensive Buffalo whr-g300n CH v2 Brush OpenWrt Tutorial

Buffalo whr-g300n CH v2 Brush OpenWrt, there are two ways, one is windows under the brush, one is to use the TFTP brush under Linux,Buffalo Whr-g300n-ch V2 's OpenWrt firmware at this address download:

Win7 system How to remove IME ch icon

Operation Steps: 1, right click on the input Method switch icon, and then select "Settings"; 2, open the "Text service and input language" option, we can see that there is an English (United States) after the deletion of the selection;

Code complete ch.16 control loop

What? Code snippets that are repeatedly executed (Are you learning programming on the first day)Why? Knowing how to use and when to use each cycle is a decisive factor in creating high-quality software.How? Checks whether an exit loop at the

Introduces a set of Chinese processing tool functions _php

/* Chinese processing tool functions ---space--- String Gbspace (String)---------spaces between each text String Gbunspace (String)-------white space between each text String Clear_space (String)-------used to clear extra

Learn Gradle-ch 3 Java QuickStart

Previous chapter ( links we mainly introduce the script of Gradle, this chapter we will continue to learn another feature of Gradle-plug-in (plugins). 1, plug-in introductionPlugins are extensions to the Gradle feature, and Gradle has a rich plugin

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