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Full tutorial aircrack-ng crack WEP, WPA-PSK encryption weapon

In fact, the content of the basic knowledge of wireless is still quite many, but because this book focuses on the use of BT4 own tools to explain, if you carefully talk about these peripheral knowledge, this is like to tell the DNS tool also to the

How to Use BackTrack to crack WEP keys in Wi-Fi networks

You may already know that if you want to lock your Wi-Fi network, you 'd better choose the WPA encryption method because WEP encryption is easily cracked. But do you know how easy it is? Let's take a look. Note: This post verifies how to crack the

Password Crack Full Tutorial _ security related

In the day-to-day operation of the computer, we can not be separated from the password---power-on to use the CMOS password, into Windows 98 to use the user password, edit the Word document to set the document password ..., all of which provide users

Software protection kills crack related processes

Process software protection kills crack related processes       Banhai (Sunhai) Development tools: Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2003 Operating system: Windows XP The three timeless themes of program development are: I. The function and

Install and use John to crack the Linux Password

1. # cd/tmp # Wget # Tar-zxvf john- Cd johns- # cd SRC # Make linux-x86-any-a.out Or use sudo apt-Get install John2: unshadow/etc/passwd/etc/shadow> passwd.txt (note that only

How to use a notebook to crack a Wireless Router password

Recently, many people have asked me how to crack the Wi-Fi password... It seems that everyone is interested in free things. Or, maybe I'm too swaying... Else... Well, I will write a small tutorial. After reading this article, you should be able to

Use the John Ripper tool to try to crack a Linux password

John differs from tools such as Hdra. Hydra a blind brute force attack by attempting a username/password combination on a service daemon on an FTP server or Telnet server. However, John first needs to hash it out. So the bigger challenge for hackers

IOS7 How to crack mobile 3G network (IPHONE5S/5C)

Small white also understand iphone5s/5c crack mobile 3G Experience Although due to the limitations of the software system, the temporary port version of the iphone5s/5c can not use China Mobile's 4G and 3G network, but recently there is a private

Use Ubuntu to crack Windows (and defense measures)

How to crack Windows (and defense measures) Whether you forget the password or are not good at it, it is very easy to crack a Windows that you do not know the password. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to avoid such things on your computer. There

Use Ubuntu to crack wep wireless encryption

Use Ubuntu to crack wep wireless encryption I. Install ubuntu and aircrack-ngFirst install the latest Ubuntu version and update the system to the latest version.Enter sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng in the terminal to install aircrack-ng.If you are

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