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Enter an English sentence to flip the order of words in the sentence. The character sequence in the word remains unchanged.

Question: enter an English sentence to flip the order of words in the sentence, but the order of Characters in the word remains unchanged. Words in a sentence are separated by space characters. For simplicity, punctuation marks are processed like

Python experimental writing, Random sentence generator generation

Question 1-random sentence Generator-7 marksWrite a program This reads in files of words and produces random but structurally correct 中文版Sentences, according to the syntax (rules of grammar) specified on the next page.Here are the output of a demo

PHP contains file functions include, include

The  include (), require () statement contains and runs the specified file. The two structures are exactly the same on the containing file, and the only difference is the handling of the error. The require () statement stops when it encounters a

In C ++, whether the header file contains the pre-declaration of include or include classes

From: In some large projects, there may be dozens of basic classes, which are inevitably referenced by each other (not satisfying the inheritance relationship, but composite relationship ).

Include charm in SQL Server indexes (include index of included columns)

Http://   Before I start, I want to talk about several concepts. Overwrite Query] When an index contains all the columns referenced by a query, it is usually called "Overwrite query ". [Index

The difference between dynamic include and static include in JSP

Dynamic include uses Jsp:include action to implement It always checks for changes in the included files, is suitable for containing dynamic pages, and can take parameters.Static include is implemented with the include pseudo-code and will not check

Include and require in PHP

PHP include and require reprinted from: Include and require in different PHP versions of require (), include (), require_once () and include_once () Reprinted from:

Analysis on the principle and utilization of a Single-sentence Trojan (asp, aspx, php, jsp)

Applicable environment of one-sentence Trojan: 1. the Guest account on the server has the write permission 2. The database address is known and the database format is asa or asp 3. If the database format is not asp or asa, you can insert a sentence

Differences between require, require_once, include, and include_once in PHP (repost)

 One of the most common PHP problems mentioned during the interview, I would like to share with you the many similarities and differences between require () and include. Understanding their differences is very important, otherwise it is easy to make

Include and require in PHP

Include and require in PHP Reprinted from: ? Similarities and differences of require (), include (), require_once () and include_once () There are many similarities and differences between

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