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IPhone and iPad development practices-Apple should use this book as the official iPhone and iPad development book

New version of iPhone development practicesRich examples, close to practiceIn-depth analysis of iPhone and iPad core featuresIPhone and iPad development practices Basic InformationOriginal Title: iPhone and iPad in actionOriginal Publishing House: Manning publicationsAuthor: (US) Brandon trebitowski Christopher AllenTranslator: Zhang Bo, Chen Baoguo, Gao WeiSeri

Use Shark to tune your iphone app for performance (using Shark to performance Tune Your iphone app)

Use Shark to tune your iphone app for performance (using Shark to performance Tune Your iphone app)The beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint Please keep this sentence: Sun Vulcan's Beautiful Lif

How to use the iPhone 6 plus gesture screenshot? IPhone 6 gesture screenshot tutorial

The first step is to use the iPhone 6 plus gesture to take a screenshot. We must first open the "keep Ive Touch" operation method and go to the "general" option in the "Settings" application of the iPhone 6 plus gesture screenshot.Then, after the "general" feature is enabled, we can find the "auxiliary function" a

Iphone6 plus find out how to use my iphone? iphone6 Find My iphone tutorial

1 we need to open to find my iphone features, we "set" to find "Icioud" Enter the account password "login". (pictured below) 2 After we click "Merge" then in the pop-up prompts us to click "Good". (pictured below) 3 then in the Open interface we click "Find My iphone", and then we activate the "Send last position". (pictured below) Apple Iphone6 find out how to

[IPhone game development] iPhone game development 5: game scenario switching, dot matrix implementation, and use of Hiero tools

I. game scenario Switching In iPhone game development, there are many animations available in scenario development between games. The specific animations are as follows: Cctransitionrotozoom // Scale down the image from large to small and beat it Cctransitionjumpzoom // The three-dimensional jump from the Left Cctransitionmoveinl // Move from left to right Cctransitionmoveinr // Move from right to left Cctransitionmoveint // Move fro

How to use itunes to back up your iphone on itunes backup iphone data tutorials

We first put the iphone device on the phone to the computer on itunes to identify the iphone icon as shown below. Then click "Backup" in the interface and click "Back Up Now". ITunes asks "Do you want to back up the Application" window after clicking "Back up Now". Finally, just wait for the backup to complete. If your iOS device is the first time you connect to a computer an

iphone micro-Letter how to use the iphone micro-letter Tutorial

Micro-letters can be said to be now almost everyone to use an instant messaging software, then some of the use of micro-letter techniques you know? Take a look at these tips to make it easier and smoother to use micro-letters to communicate with others. Voice input You do not want to type, but the other side is not convenient voice chat, then

Why cannot I use this iPhone when my iPhone is connected to my computer?

1. First try to find the Apple mobile device service in Computer Management and start it manually. Right-click "computer"> "manage"> "services" and "Applications ". Program -Service: Find the Apple mobile device in the service item and start it manually. 2. If the above method does not work, or the Apple mobile device Support Program is not installed on your computer, you can download and install it online. After installation, restart your computer. 3. If the first two methods do not work, you m

Use multiple threads of the iphone to implement the "ticket sales system" (hands-on Guide to iphone development-basics)

Author: Sun Dongfeng) Java provides a lot of convenience for programmers because it supports multiple threads. In fact, it also supports multi-thread programming in iphone development, and it is no more troublesome than java. In this article, I will take the classic "multi-thread Ticket System" in most Java tutorials as an example to implement the same in the iphone. The following is the java version of t

IPhone: Use uiimagepickercontroller to retrieve images from the iPhone photo library or camera

From:Use uiimagepickercontroller to retrieve images from the iPhone photo library or camera Using uiimagepickercontroller to select a photo library is very simple: In the corresponding response: Uiimagepickercontroller * picker = [[uiimagepickercontroller alloc] init]; Picker. Delegate = self; // The controller must follow the response's delegate protocol of course. Picker.Sourcetype=Uiimagepickercontrollersourcetypephotolibrary;// Specify p

IPhone target analysis and use UDID for Intrusion

IPhone target analysis and use UDID for Intrusion The iPhone has some powerful and practical functions, such as location tracking and Remote Data erasure. This actually benefits from its Unique Device Identifier UDID (Unique Device Identifier ). This article describes the standard analysis technology used to discover the target Device of the

Everything starts with clicking-how do we use the iPhone app?

Everything starts with clicking-how do we use the iPhone app? Ah! Beautiful dream! Sweet iPhone App designer dream! When a user is immersed in the applications he designed, the designer is dreaming that he is walking in the sunshine. Our fingertips slide, click, zoom, rotate, and fl on the screen, just like the beautiful step of the ballet girl. We quickly unders

[Reprinted] How to Use the 40 best features of iPhone OS 3.0 (on)

Original article address:How to Use the 40 best features of iPhone OS 3.0 (on) Author:Kungfupanda Apple has released iPhone OS 3.0. iPhone and iPod Touch users can use iTunesUpgrade. The iPhone OS 3.0 contains many new feat

How to use the WIFI synchronization function of iPhone 6 iTunes? How to use the WIFI synchronization function of iTunes

Step 1: We first open the computer and then we'll "sync with this iphone via Wi-Fi" under "Summary" as shown in the following image. Step 2: Now back to the Iphone6 phone we found the desktop "Settings-General" interface to find and click "ITunes Wi-Fi sync" one. Step 3: After the successful setting, you can click the "Sync Now" button to sync. Friendly tips, so you can use itunes to

How to use Capture software Wireshark on Windows systems to intercept network communication data such as the iphone

Http:// we will introduce a method of how to use the famous grab kit software Wireshark on Windows operating system to intercept the network communication data of iphone, ipad and other iOS devices or Android devices.App apps that are developed on iphone iOS or Android will basically need to

Why iPhone 5 does not use a large screen

According to an analysis published by the eWeek website, Apple is said to soon decide to configure a larger display for the iPhone 5. Just as iPhone fans welcome larger display screens, there are some reasons why Apple decides not to use larger display screens. The following are 10 reasons why iPhone 5 does not

Sunflower Remote control teach you to use the iphone to remotely control your computer

September 12, Apple launched the world's thinnest, the lightest smartphone iPhone5, and "predecessors" different, although the new machine released the idea of fruit powder, but still difficult to stop the market to buy enthusiasm, the first day of bookings reached 200多万部. The iphone gives fruit powder not only the appearance of beauty, but also its powerful function. Some netizens use the face of the

Use a vector graph (UI for iPhone 6) in xcode6 and xcode6iphone6

Use a vector graph (UI for iPhone 6) in xcode6 and xcode6iphone6 Ios applications are image-dominated products. When developing an application, you need icons of various sizes. You need to create a @ 1x size and a @ 2x size for each image file. In this way, your application looks beautiful enough. However, you must generate these files separately. With the advent of iPh

Use the micro-letter built-in browser click the dropdown box to appear page disorderly jump phenomenon (iphone), what to do _jquery

Related reading: Micro-credit payment how to implement the H5 page of the built-in browser payment Scene Reappearance: Just happy to pack things ready to work, the test department girl ran up to mention a bug: "Under the iphone, click the dropdown box appears page disorderly jump phenomenon, Andro does not have this problem." And the jump page is just the bottom of a few pages of the menu. "Because the project is more urgent, small knitting only obe

How can I use a castrated iPhone?

How can I use a castrated iPhone? The message sent from the iPhone to China for a long time. This time, we finally got a reliable message. Foxconn has already created an iPhone without wi-fi. These castrated, beautiful, and gorgeous iPhones are being manufactured by Foxconn's sweatshops. Maybe the

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