how to use linksys router as access point

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Exploring how a wireless router converts a Wi-Fi Access Point

China's wireless routers have developed rapidly, and technologies are constantly being updated. So I studied how to convert a wireless router into a Wi-Fi access point. Here I will share with you, I hope it will be useful to you. Do not discard the old 802.11g device. Although the latest 802.11n annotation can provide faster speed and wider coverage, the legacy 8

Application point of view: view the actual application of Huawei Router Access

Huawei Router Access is still one of the access technologies worth learning. Here we mainly analyze the practical application of Huawei Router Access. With the rapid development of IP technology in recent years, financial IP networks have been spread all over the world, esta

Use the home ADSL line and use the CISCO router to build a PPPoe Server to enable the PC to access the Internet

Use the home ADSL line and use the CISCO router to build the PPPoe Server so that the PC can access R1 (config-if) # do sh runBuilding configuration... Current configuration: 1470 bytes! Version 12.4 service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno service password-encryption! H

Use tor (The Onion Router, onion route) to access SourceForge

See today EagletOfSourceForge Alternative Chinese websiteCannot access nowThere are not a few friends in SourceForge, and it is very difficult to maintain such an image site, and the meaning is not very great. I would like to share my own proxy solution here. In the reply, someone suggested using WJ. It is true that Wj is a good tool, but there are many drawbacks.: Wj itself is a blocked site and software, XX has too much information, and

Use of ruijie in Wireless AP (Wireless Router ruijie wireless Internet access cannot authenticate AP)

Use of ruijie in Wireless AP (Wireless Router ruijie wireless Internet access cannot authenticate AP) [tested: win7, xp, ubuntu 12.04 LTS are OK]Many campus networks or enterprise networks require ruijie verification. Although ruijie tries to control the use of wireless routers to prevent a single account from being sh

How to use the wireless router for Printer Sharing access operation

with the rapid development of wireless network, the scope of its application is more extensive. Now many units have started to use wireless network, in this wireless network environment although we can also be very easy to do folder sharing access operations, but to do the printer Sharing access operation is not so convenient. So is it possible to find an effec

Use the home ADSL line and build PPPoeServer with the CISCO router to enable the PC to access the Internet

Build PPPoeServer with the home ADSL line and use the CISCO router to enable the PC to access the Internet www.2cto. comR1 (config-if) # doshrunBuildingconfiguration... Currentconfiguration: 1470 bytes! Version12.4servicetimestampsdebugdatetimemsecservicetimestampslog Use the home ADSL line and

Use wireless Internet access to create a router

You may also encounter this situation when using wireless Internet functions to create Routers: Only Network cables and laptops, no wireless routers, but your mobile devices need to access the Internet, will this happen to you? In fact, the solution is really very simple. As long as your laptop is pre-installed with the Win7 system, you can create a wireless router by using the shared wireless Internet

How to use a WLAN vswitch to control a Wireless Network Access Point

Do you want to achieve a signal without interference and a stable wireless network connection? WLAN wireless LAN switches can be configured to fully control wireless access points. How can this problem be achieved? The following articles will give you a detailed introduction. There is no interference in the signal and seamless network switching, so there is a wireless network connection method that can achieve this effect. It is also a pure wireless c

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