how to use mysqldump command in linux

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Mysqldump usage database export _ MySQL

Mysqldump usage database export mysqldump Mysqldump usage database export The mysqldump client can be used to dump databases or collect databases for backup or transfer data to another SQL Server (not necessarily a MySQL server ). Dump

Use of Linux shell scripts mysqldump backup MySQL database (detailed annotations)

Design and write some design considerations for this script: This script is suitable for compiling and installing MySQL and installing via yum or Apt-get The script can be executed repeatedly without overwriting the data repeatedly

Use mysqldump to import data and mysqldump incremental backups (mysqldump use method) _mysql

1. Various usage instructions A. The simplest use: Copy Code code as follows: Mysqldump-uroot-ppassword [Database name] > [Dump file] The above command backs up the specified database to a dump file (dump file), for

Logical Backup, Mysqldump,select ... Into OUTFILE, recovering

Logical Backup MysqldumpThe Mysqldump Backup tool was originally written by Igor Romanenko and is typically used to complete a backup of the dump database and porting between different databases, such as upgrading from a low-version MySQL database

Export MySQL database using mysqldump import

Basic import of the database \ Export command is mysqldump and source under Linux directly with the command line operation can be under windows under normal circumstances there are two ways one is to use the command line and the other is to use

Detailed introduction to mysqldump

Detailed introduction to mysqldump Note: mysqldump is a tool used by the database for backup and data transfer. It can be used for backup when the data volume is small (several GB. When the data volume is large, mysqldump is not recommended for

Mysqldump: Got error: 1556: You can & #39; t use locks

Mysql master-slave synchronization error solution: This article is fromLinux O & M training for Old BoysSummary of internal teaching plan contentFAQ: Question 1: mysqldump: Got error: 1556: You can't use locks with log tables. When the old boy took

Use mysqldump to export a database

Mysqldump is a client program used by mysql to store databases. It mainly produces a series of SQL statements that can be encapsulated into a file. This package contains all Mysqldump is a client program used by mysql to store databases. It mainly

Detailed explanation of mysqldump

Http:// Note: If you use mysqldump, you must have at least select and lock tables permissions. Database or table. If you want to use the -- tab switch, you must have the file permission.

[MySQL] Using mysqldump for text backup

When using mysqldump to back up MySQL, the backup file is a text file in SQL format, which consists of a series of createtable and insert statements. To restore the SQL file When using mysqldump to back up MySQL, the backup file is a text file in

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