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Use. NET Memory Profiler to diagnose. NET application memory leaks (methods and practices)

-step positioning, iterative process, in understanding the meaning of the premise, flexible use. After locating the leaked objects through a series of analysis and diagnostics above, find out which objects they are referenced by, that is, which objects in Root Path, by modifying the code to cut off references that should not exist, so that the leaking object can be unreachable in a normal state, GC Threads will also handle them correctly. In fact, the

Use. NET Memory Profiler to track Memory usage of. net Applications-Basic Applications

Use. NET Memory Profiler to track Memory usage of. net Applications-Basic Applications Author: Xiao BoThe. net Framework claims that memory

Use. Net Memory Profiler analy.netprogram Memory to debug the. net program using mdbg.exe

. Net Memory leakage:Reference not eliminated, event not deleted If it is a WPF application, there are common problems with the release of Image objects. The attributes of objects bound to non-dependent attributes or that do not implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface are not described here. This article describes how to use the powerful.

[. Net Program Performance Analysis-Part 2] Use CLR profiler to analyze. net programs

It's like stripping. net syntax sugar tool (reflector and so on) a lot of the same, we can be used for analysis. there are many tools for net program performance, such as the performance analysis tool provided by vs introduced in the previous blog debuglzq. In addition, common tools include CLR profiler and windbg.   Vs built-in Performance AnalysisYou can quickl

. NET Performance Tuning: Introduction to the use of ANTS Performance Profiler _ Practical skills

simple test. This is a console application, the program is very simple, first 10,000 cycles, output and, and then use LINQ in the list to find 1000 of the value output. Copy Code code as follows: static void Main () { var list = new list var sum = 0; for (var i = 0; i { sum + = i; List. ADD (i); } Console.WriteLine (sum); Find the value use linq:1000 var result = li

Use Chrome's profiler to find JS memory leak

1. First, a test environment must be fixed. Specifically, select one of the actions that can be repeated as a standard test action.2. After refreshing the browser, use Profiler to grasp the heap snapshot.3. Perform the operation, and once again grasp the snapshot and repeat the comparison several times.As seen in the comparison page, these objects are growing between multiple snapshot. Investigate this obje

IOS Performance Tuning series: Use Time Profiler to discover performance bottlenecks and tune profiler

IOS Performance Tuning series: Use Time Profiler to discover performance bottlenecks and tune profiler Hardware wide: The fifth article in the IOS Performance Tuning series, which is expected to be updated continuously over 20 articles. The last four articles focus on memory and Analyze

Using the ANTS Performance profiler&ants memory Profiler tool to analyze the IIS process with high CPU consumption

First, prefaceIn recent times, there have been two problems with websites:1. Memory usage increases slightly until the server memory fills up.2. When you visit a page, the page responds too slowly and the CPU stays high.An initial estimate of memory growth may be due to the fact that there are unsaved resources that are taking up

"Experience" using profiler tools to analyze memory usage

Unity3d provides us with a powerful profiler for profiling tools. Today we use Profiler to analyze in detail the official example Angrybots memory usage information data.First Open Profiler Select memory option, in the game run a

Super simple and practical. NET Performance Tuning Tool-----ANTS Performance Profiler

Art Word to achieve later, performance has become a relatively large bottleneck, optimizing the performance of the process of exposure to some. NET Performance debugging tool, the favorite is the ants performance Profiler, simple operation, the function is similar to what I expected.ANTS Performance Profiler is from the famous red Gate, many people used the.

ANTS Performance Profiler (. NET Performance Tuning tutorial)

. Basic use of ANTS performance Profiler ANTS Performance Profiler is Redgate's powerful performance tuning product, the official product page here. First look at the basic use of software. Use the following code for a simple test. This is a console application, the program

Ants profiler (for. Net) analysis, debugging, and cracking)

Question: [original] analysis, debugging, and cracking of ants profiler (for. Net)Author: tankaihaTime: 2006-08-24, 11: 33: 35Chain: T = 30953[Article Title]: analysis, debugging, and cracking of ants profiler (for. Net)[Author]: tankaiha[Author's homepage]:[Software name]:

Memory allocation of stacks and heaps in the profiler

: Allocated by the system, fast speedheap: Is allocated by alloc memory, slow and prone to memory fragmentation, but the most convenient to usev. Contents of storagestack: variable name (without *) is equivalent to a pointer alias that points to the stack dataHeap: To access the data in the heap, it must be done by pointers, and the type of the pointer is how to access the data in the heap(1), the operating

. NET Program Memory analysis tool Clrprofiler use (performance test)

required by IIS, and the CLR Profiler then prompts you to load the ASP. NET application and wait for the ASP process to start.In the File menu, click Profile ASP.Stopping the IIS service can take a long time, and you need to wait patiently. The last hint is to test the page."Waiting for ASP. NET to start common language runtime-this are thetime to load your test

Use profiler to optimize the SQL Server database system

Application profiler optimization SQL Server database system released on: 6/28/2005 | Updated on: 6/28/2005 Author: su youquan Content on this page Overview Traditional methods and limitations of Profiler trace file Performance Analysis Read80trace tool introduction and its normalization Function Analyze data after Normalize

Use SQL Server Profiler

use SQL Server Profiler to create a trail, or use the trail creation wizard or extend the stored procedure. Here we will introduce how to use SQL Server Profiler to create a trail.(1) start SQL Server Profiler (same as starting S

Microsoft. NET technical practices ORM Development Series articles summary template studio template editor for Smart Tips and query tracker llbl Gen profiler

of ORM tracing is that the orm framework generates dynamic SQL statements and can run them directly, but it is very troublesome to modify them.See the following dynamic SQL statement example. Execute (n' select * from groups ')Sp_executesql n 'select * From groups'When it comes to dynamic SQL statements, this sentence may be very important: Execute brackets can only contain string variables, string constants, or their concatenation, and cannot call other functions or stored procedures. If you

Use SQL Server Profiler to view exception information

DebuggingProgramSometimes or some ides may not provide detailed database exception information. SQL Server Profiler is a graphical user interface for SQL tracking. It can monitor database engines and analysis services. When using LINQ to SQL or ADO. NET Entity Framework, you can use it to clearly understand the statements they have executed on the database. We ca

Check the high memory usage in. net code)

Haha, I did nothing yesterday. I went around in codeproject and saw this article by chance. I understood it, So I translated it. When I practiced English, I also enhanced my understanding of the article, I found that the re-translation has a better understanding of some details of the article. The following is the translation content. Although the translation is very similar to a primary school student's composition, it is very easy to read. I hope you will give more valuable comments. Thank you

C #. Net x86 use of large memory processing

The/LARGEADDRESSAWARE option notifies the linker application to handle addresses larger than 2 the 64-bit compiler, this option is enabled by default. In a 32-bit compiler,/largeaddressaware:no is enabled if/largeaddressaware is not specified on the linker line. /HEADERS will display information to that effect. ">If you use/largeaddressaware to link an application, Dumpbin/headers displays information about the effect.Set this linker option in t

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