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Installing Oracle 10g R2 under CentOS 6.3 (x86_64)

Tags: blog class code java TAR extDirectoryFirst, hardware requirementsSecond, the softwareThird, System installation noteIv. System Readiness prior to Oracle installationV. Install Oracle and set up the settingsSix, upgrade Oracle to Patchset 10.2.0

Installing Oracle 10g on RHEL as 3 step-by-step

Oracle Installing Oracle 10g on RHEL as 3 step-by-step--Reprint Author: fenng Installing Oracle 10g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3 (RHEL 3) V 0.21 Oracle's 10g database and Oracle RAC have created a new world in the Tpc-h benchmark

Installing Oracle 10g R2 under CentOS 6.3 (X86_32)

Label:First, hardware requirements1. Memory & SwapMinimum:1 GB of RAMRecommended:2 GB of RAM or moreCheck memory condition # grep memtotal/proc/meminfo# grep swaptotal/proc/meminfo2. HDDSince the CentOS installation is almost 4~5g, plus Oracle

Install Oracle 9i/10g on RHEL as 3

Oracle Install Oracle 9i/10g on RHEL as 3 Author: ern ( This article describes the steps and knowledge necessary to install Oracle 9i/10g on red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3 (RHEL as 3). A lot of related articles, th

Go Oracle 10g/11g Password Policy user password is case sensitive

Tags: des style blog http tar comA. Oracle 10g1.1DescriptionUnder Oracle 10g, by default, passwords are case-insensitive. This is due to the default parameters for the password file.C:\users\administrator.daviddai>orapwdUsage:orapwd

Security and Identity Management for Oracle database 10g

Security and Identity Management for Oracle database 10g Author: Michael Miley Oracle Database 10g provides a secure, scalable foundation for Oracle Identity Management. The Oracle Internet directory (OID) is implemented as an application running on

ORACLE 10g Download | ORACLE 10g Download Address | ORACLE 10g website Download Address

ORACLE 10g Download Address Oracle download also requires user name I registered a convenient download for everyone to use pass:qwe123qweThe code is this, it's not going to move, and people don't have to help me get my pa

Oracle 10G installation for Linux86

Oracle Configuring Linux for the installation Oracle Database 10gPurpose In this lesson, your learn to configure Linux and prepare for the installation of Oracle Database 10g. Topics This lesson covers the following topics: Overviewprerequisiteschec

Oralcle 10g Fedora Core x Quick Installation Guide

Core Home-> Oracle-> Oracle 10g Release 1 ( on Fedora core 1 Oracle Database 10g Release 1 ( installation on Fedora core 1 Please note that Oracle Database 10g are not certified to run on Fedora Linux, therefore your should no

How to upgrade to Oracle 10g with the shortest downtime

Upgrading your hardware is usually easy, but upgrading your database ... There is no doubt that everyone has a painful experience. An experienced Oracle DBA is primarily concerned with the successful

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