how to use ord in python

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What is Python ord ()? What's the use of Ord ()?

This chapter describes the ord in Python ()The meaning and function of functions, in general, ord () functionMainly used to return the corresponding characters of the ASCII code, CHR () is mainly used to denote the ASCII code corresponding to the

Python ord () and Chr () usage and differences

The Ord () function is mainly used to return the ASCII code of the corresponding character, and Chr () is used mainly to denote the ASCII code corresponding to the character of his input when the number, can be in decimal or hexadecimal.Example:

Python chr (), unichr (), and ord ()

Chr (), unichr (), and ord () The chr () function uses a range (0 to 256 ~ 255) an integer is used as a parameter and a corresponding character is returned. Unichr () is the same as it, but only returns Unicode characters. The parameter range of

Summary of functions and methods for sharing common operation strings in Python

This article mainly shares Python common operation string function and method summary knot, including the string format output and splicing and other basic knowledge, need friends can refer to the next For example, a string Python, which is just a

Python-1 python basics, python-1python

Python-1 python basics, python-1python  Python Lesson 1 code note hello world [Root @ heartbeat-data-1 python] # vim #! /Usr/bin/env pythonprint ('Hello world! ') [Root @ heartbeat-data-1 python] # python hello1.pyhello world!Note: #! /Usr/

Sixth: Python Foundation _6 built-in functions and common modules (i)

The content of this article Built-in functions anonymous functions Re module Time Module Random module OS Module SYS module JSON and Pickle modules Shelve module First, built-in functions1.

Python related article index (4) __python

Basic Knowledge What does def init mean in the Python class, what does it do, what is the requirement? Application :Initializes the value of the instance. These values are typically called by other methodsRequirements :Initialize values only, do

Python BASICS (10)-numbers, python basics-Numbers

Python BASICS (10)-numbers, python basics-Numbers The topic of this article is numbers in Python. Describes each numeric type in detail, the various operators they apply, and the built-in functions used to process numbers. At the end of the article,

Python learning notes sorting (4) strings in Python..., python learning notes

Python learning notes sorting (4) strings in Python..., python learning notes A string is an ordered Character Set combination used to store and present text-based information.Common string constants and expressionsT1 = ''empty stringT2 = "diege's"

Summary of Python built-in string methods, python strings

Summary of Python built-in string methods, python strings String processing is a very common skill, but there are too many built-in string methods in Python that are often forgotten. For quick reference, I wrote examples for each built-in method

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