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Use PHP to automatically deploy GIT code, and use php to deploy git_PHP

Use PHP to automatically deploy GIT code and php to deploy git. Using PHP to automatically deploy GIT code, php to deploy git is using Coding code hosting recently, and WebHook automatic deployment is set by the way, the process is still quite difficult, I still don't unders

Use auto deploy to deploy esxi 5

Auto deploy is a convenient feature provided by vsphere 5.0, which means that you do not need to install the esxi file on the server. When an esxi host is started, the image file of the esxi host is directly loaded from the vcenter server to the host memory through the network. To use auto deploy to install esxi 5.0, you must install many components on the serve

Use Docker to deploy Gitlab and docker to deploy gitlab

Use Docker to deploy Gitlab and docker to deploy gitlab The company's code server has been built using Gitosis, but it is too troublesome to manage users and permissions,Now we want to build Gitlab on the original server and install it directly using the official Gitlab method,This will cause a conflict with Gitosis, making Gitosis unavailable,To keep the two se

How to use scripts to quickly deploy MySQL and deploy one machine and multiple instances

How to use scripts to quickly deploy MySQL and deploy one machine and multiple instances MySQL has three versions: binary, source code package, and RPM. The following describes how to install a binary package. : Http:// Select Linux-Generic Here I choose mysql-5.6.28-linux-glibc2.5-x86_64.tar.gz. After decompression, there is an INS

Use the truffle framework to deploy the private chain __ block chains that you have built

This experiment is a private chain of Ubuntu 14.04, truffle 3.2.4, node 6.9.1, NPM 3.10.8 and Geth 1.4.5. Truffle official Documentation: Http:// several truffle commands: Truffle init Create project truffle compile compile truffle migrate deploy First, in order to have a node environment, and then use NPM Global installation truffle, with NPM install-f truffle can be. Second,

Use idea to create a Java Web project and deploy

Before you go to sleep, Alan will share with you the idea's installation and basic configuration. Use idea to create a Java Web and deploy access.Open Idea,file>new>project, enter Java Enterprise to create a Web application project, select the JDK to useClick NextModify the name of the project click Finish, open the project you just created, modify the JSP fileAfter modifying to Hello World, let's

Use Openshit to deploy OpenStack (Juno version) in ubuntu14.04 next key

Tags: technology sharing deploy other chmod his ace dashboard edit imgFirst, the basic introductionThis experiment was to deploy OpenStack (Juno version) on virtual machine ubuntu14.04 (64bit,desktop) on VMware Workstation. The tool used is openshit.Openshit is a project on GitHub, see website:Https:// The environment is best for the new Ubuntu system, which may n

Use. NET Framework 2.0 and use C # To compile ActiveX Controls (write, deploy, upgrade, and update)

Turn: About a half-month ago, I explored how to use C # To compile ActiveX in. NET 2.0 Framework. I found that there are not many Chinese documents and the Chinese documents widely reprinted are still incorrect (I wonder if it is because of the discrepancy between net 2.0 and 1.0 ). Lori has to do related work recently. Therefore, even if you write a written article for his reference, it is

Use Eclipse to publish a Web project and deploy it on the Tomcat server, and use javassetomcat

Use Eclipse to publish a Web project and deploy it on the Tomcat server, and use javassetomcat Use Eclipse to publish a Web project and deploy it on the Tomcat server: 1. Create two Java Web projects: JavaWeb_TestRelease01 JavaWeb_TestRelease02, and create two index. jsp pag

Use arm templates to deploy DC/OS clusters on a large scale in azure China

Container technology is currently a very popular technology, especially driven by the use of docker as a container engine, so that containers are lightweight, portable, and self-contained, isolation has taken a new step. Currently, when talking about Dev/OPS, Ci/CD rarely bypasses docker. Azure launched the container service ACS last year. It is well received for its comprehensive compatibility, openness, and comprehensive orchestration tool (DC/OS, k

[Go] Five Steps teach you how to use nginx + uwsgi + Django to deploy the Django Program (below)

Tags: HTTP Io OS ar use strong SP file DivFive steps teach you how to deploy the Django program using nginx + uwsgi + Django (below) by Django Chinese community In the previous article "five steps teach you how to use nginx + uwsgi + Django to deploy Django programs (I)", I explained how to

Use Web deploy to quickly publish Web site programs

Goxia recently found a. NET Open source website program, change bar to use as Enterprise website, the website program needs SQL Server, because the change is simpler so did not intend to use the complex development environment, WebMatrix became the choice! With Web Deploy technology, publishing a Web site together with a database is simple and quick and eliminate

Develop Web services through AXIS2, part 1th: Deploy and use simple Web services through AXIS2 runtime

Develop Web services through AXIS2, part 1th: Deploy and use simple Web services through AXIS2 runtime Document Options

Use group policies to deploy Windows XP SP2

Source: MSDNIntroductionIf you manage your computer in the Active Directory service environment, you can use the "software installation and maintenance" feature of "Group Policy" to deploy Microsoft? Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2 ). This article describes how to use "Windows Installer" and "Group Policy" on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows Serv

WebLogic Use Summary (vii)--weblogic deploy Web apps and bind domain names

registered domain name is all done.Iv. the IP address corresponding to the mapped domain nameWe are in the creation of the virtual host This domain name, this domain is my own random input, and does not really register on the Internet domain name, so in order to access the Web application through the domain name in the local computer, then you need to add to the host file in this machine this domain name IP Mapping.Locate the Hosts file for this machine, as shown in:  Op

Use SCCM2012 R2 to deploy software packages in batches

/attachment/201411/6/639838_1415278222Pn04.png "Height =" 401 "/> Installation is complete. 650) This. width = 650; "style =" border-bottom: 0px; border-left: 0px; border-top: 0px; border-Right: 0px; "Title =" Clipboard [28] "border =" 0 "alt =" Clipboard [28] "src =" "Height =" 482 "/> After the software package is deployed, go back to the SCCM console and check the deployment status of the software package ,. 650) This. width

Use gunicorn to deploy the web. py Application

I often see people asking how to deploy python web applications. A common solution is to use apache mod_wsgi or uWsgi at a higher level. However, I personally think this is too complicated and inconvenient to use and maintain. I generally recommend using gunicorn with Apache or Nginx for simple and efficient application deployment and maintenance. For this reason

Use fabric to deploy Baidu BMR spark cluster nodes

Use fabric to deploy Baidu BMR spark cluster nodesPreface The AI competition that I attended with my friends entered the finals for a while, and I have been imagining to combine the data preprocessing process with the deep learning phase. However, when merging the two parts of the Code, some problems were encountered, so the script file was specially written for processing. Now that the competition is over,

SharePoint Study Notes-use powershell to add and deploy solution

We usually use Visual Studio 2010 to quickly develop and deploy our SharePoint solution. but sometimes we have to deploy the solution packages we developed to other physical locations (production machines), rather than the servers (Test Machines) that our development environment directs ). Previously we used stsadm to do this, but now we recommend using powershel

Use PowerShell to automatically deploy ASP. NetCore to IIS,

Use PowerShell to automatically deploy ASP. NetCore to IIS, Windows PowerShell is a command line shell program and script environment that allows command line users and script writers to take advantage of the powerful functions of. NET Framework. For more information about PowerShell, refer to Baidu entry Next, we will use PowerShell to automatically

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