how to use pg dump in postgresql

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PostgreSQL directory structure and modify data directory

Initdb will specify a PGDATA directory, which is where PostgresQL stores data, such as:/var/lib/pgsql/10/data.====== Display Data Catalog1. Enter PsqlSudo-u Postgres Psql2. Locate the Data directorypostgres=# SHOW data_directory;Data_directory-------

postgresql[9.4-9.6]--Server Management

first, compile and install: Environment Preparation: GNU make version >=3.8 (make--version) Iso/ansi C compiler, at least compatible with C89 standard, GCC or Intel translator, etc. can be gzip, bzip2, tar, source

PostgreSQL Management Tools Phppgadmin Introductory Guide _postgresql

I. Installation of PhppgadminUnzip the downloaded compressed package For tar.gz, execute the following command: Copy Code code as follows: Gunzip phppgadmin-*.tar.gz TAR-XVF Phppgadmin-*.tar For TAR.BZ2, execute the following

Ways to recompile Mamp PHP

The PHP version of Mamp is compiled without the--enable-debug option, so I'm going to recompile php myself so that I can use GDB to view the core dump file when I do my php extension research. First use the PHP version in Mamp to view Phpinfo ()Got

postgresql9.5 materialized View Test

A view is a database that stores only the query statements that define the view (the content is generated when the query is queried), and the materialized view is a view of the content after its query statement is queried and stored (the content is

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