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[Phonegap+sencha Touch] Mobile Development 35 Let Phonegap's WebView (Android) use chromium kernel

introduction.Steps:1. Download Crosswalk Cordova for AndroidChoose Cordova android (ARM) This can, x86 Android devices are not many. Select Stable stable version of the download, beta and canary version may have some bugs.2, the download down the zip decompression, such as decompression to D:\crosswalk-cordova-, create a PhoneGap project, under E:\hello.CD e:d:\crosswalk-cordova-\bin\create Hello Com.pushsoft.hello Hell

How to Use phonegap to operate databases: phonegap Database

How to Use phonegap to operate databases: phonegap Database Example: The above Implementation Method of Using phonegap to operate databases is all the content that I have shared with you. I hope you can give us a reference and support for more.

Build a phonegap environment and use eclipse + phonegap

Today, I want to build a new phonegap environment, using eclipse + phonegap, using corvada1.7.0 and ADT 17. The first build based on android2.2 failed. It's strange that I don't know where the error occurred, it always fails to run normally. The official documents cannot be fully written. It's in a hurry. I just finished it. It may be because I didn't strictly follow the official requirements in the past. I

How to Use eclipse phonegap to build Android applications

Eclipse is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) that supports multiple technologies. However, this article focuses on Java support, which is also the "mother tongue" of Android applications ". Android is an open-source mobile operating system released by Google. Android has become an operating system for many smartphones and tablets, including Samsung Galaxy series phones and tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, Barnes and Noble Nook tablets, and many other devices produced by

Install, configure, and use phonegap 3 + [Figure]

" folder. Here is the downloaded phonegap file.Configuration To use phonegap to create and run Android programs, some configuration is required. Install and configure jdk1.6 +. Install the android environment of eclipse and eclipse. Upgrade Android SDK to the latest version. Add the andropid SDK information for the system path environment variable. Assume th

How to use PhoneGap to package a Web App

Recently made a small game, positioning is mobile access, reasoning finally chose the most framework of jquery mobile, making almost later, whether it can be packaged into an app, just before the PhoneGap have heard, then want to use this to do packaging, which can be difficult twists and turns I want to give up the mood, The official offer, for those of me who have not used it, is very silent, and has writ

How to Use PhoneGap to package Web apps

Recently I made a small game targeting mobile access. I finally decided to use the jQuery mobile framework. After making the game, I thought about whether it can be packaged into an App. I heard about PhoneGap in the past, I want to use this package for packaging, but it can be difficult and difficult to give up for many times. The official example is really spee

Use javascript and PhoneGap 3.0.0 to create a mobile app

WhenAndroidAndIOSWhen the Platform continues to compete, developers are allowed to buildCross-platformApplication libraries become more attractive, the most prominent of which isPhoneGapLibrary. In this tutorial, we will create a hardware-Aware ApplicationJavaScriptTo process the device accelerator. If you haven't downloaded the latest version of PhoneGap framework, it's easy. Suppose you have installed NodeJS. Once you install

Use the PhoneGap Developer app for quick commissioning projects

today, PHONEGAP-based hybrid APP development technology is more mature and more prominent. The rapid development of mobile Internet, Android and IOS version of fast iteration, so that HTML5 performance problems gradually resolved. just on the PHONEGAP website, there are hundreds of plugins from third-party developers, covering all aspects of APP development and greatly expanding the PHONEGAP's functional s

New things 002--android Use PhoneGap

Recent project progress is not very tense, the manager told us to see if you can use PhoneGap in the project, he wants to introduce phonegap to solve the problem of screen adaptation and reduce the difficulty of android,ios development. So, it took a week to get a glimpse of PhoneGap, But we're not sure how it's going

Baidu Advertising Cordova/phonegap Plugin use tutorial

Baidu Alliance Cordova/phonegap Plug-in, is a convenient HTML5 development of the use of Baidu advertising plug-ins, can be very convenient in HTML5 mixed applications such as Cordova,xdk,appcan,webx5,jqmobile, Sencha touch, Ionic in the Baidu SSP Alliance ads, iOS and Android apps are supported, the code is exactly the same without modification.Use the following procedureinstallation Cordova/

Use Dreamweaver 5.5 + jquery + phonegap + ArcGIS javascript API to develop cross-platform mobile apps

ESRI provides APIs for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. GIS developers need to use different ArcGIS mobile APIs to develop the same Mobile GIS application for different platforms, this not only increases development costs, increases development difficulty, but also wastes resources and manpower. So can applications be applied to various mobile terminals at one time? Although mobile Web applications have not yet emerged, the answer is yes:HTML5 + jq

Use PhoneGap for Android app development to implement location escalation capabilities

See here: Android App development using PhoneGap for location escalation The previous article, using IntelliJ idea to build phonegap Android development environment, simply introduced the PhoneGap Android development environment, and developed the Hello World application, this article, We continue to study the use of

How to use the PhoneGap build

The plugin can be used to configure the plug-in in config. phonegap build service for each application, you need to have a config. ins file in your root folder.According to Cordova, the Cordova registry is obsolete and all plugins have been moved to NPM and renamed "Cordova-plugin-xxx".In your CONFIG. config file:Use that plugin logo?Please note that there are some subtle differences between the two plugins:Cordova-plugin-admobpro, it uses the default

PhoneGap plugin Loading and use

A friend asked can be in CANTK and Appbuilder development of the app to send UDP data, HTML5 can only use Https/http/websocket several communication methods, to use the UDP need to be packaged into an APK and other specific platform installation package. For this I wrote a UDP example, but the runtime encountered the problem, so it took some time to study the PHONEGAP

Basic use of PhoneGap in Android development

"Android:xlargescreens= "true"Android:resizeable= "true"Android:anydensity= "true"/> 6. Create a file in the/assets/www directory index.html 7. In the project res directory download, create a new folder named XML, the downloaded Zip package/lib/android/xml in the Phonegap.xml and plugins.xml add in. 8. to inherit droidgap and modify protected void OnCreate (bundle savedinstancestate) to public void onCreate (bundle Savedinstancestate). and load the index.html t

How to Use weinre to remotely debug the phonegap Application

The display effects and browser rendering methods of applications developed using phonegap on the real machine and PC are still somewhat different. Debugging on the PC is very good, and various browsers come with debugging tools, which is very convenient to use, but once installed on the mobile phone, at this time, we need to use weinre, an excellent remote debug

Cordova (PHONEGAP) use (IOS)

personally test the call Device album Dynamic Web page is no problem.Implementation code: In the inheritance of the CDVViewController ViewControllerViewDidLoad- (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; NSURLRequest *rq = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"dynamic_camera_url"]]; [self.webView loadRequest:rq];}5. Implant Cordova to an existing iOS project1. Create a CordovaDemo new Xcode project named2. Enter hello/platforms/ios/ :CordovaLibto drag a folder into the Cord

PhoneGap QR code scanning plug-in use

PhoneGap QR code scanning plug-in useDocument Address: Http://下载插件cordova plugin add phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner例子:successand is fail callback functions. Success is passed a object with data, type and cancelled properties. Data is the text representation of the barcode data, type is the type of barcode detected and cancelled are whether or n

PhoneGap simple use on iOS: Pop-up dialogs and call camera

= Camera.PictureSourceType.SAVEDPHOTOALBUM; (onsuccess, Onfail, {quality:50, DestinationType:destinationType.FILE_URI, Sourcetype:pi Cturesource.savedphotoalbum}); The successful callback function onsuccess (Imageuri) {console.log (Imageuri); }//Failed callback function onfail (message) {alert (' Failed becaus E: ' + message '); }}//if statement en

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