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Use Sublime Text 3 as a Python editor for Chinese issues

Sublime Text 3 is a very useful editor, use it as a Python editor, need to solve the Chinese support problem, there are two common problems, one is the Chinese garbled problem, the second is the runtime Python console can not outp

Use Sublime Text 3 to write Python gracefully under Ubuntu

This article is a non-technical text, is some of the methods used before Sublime (shortcut keys) and toolsThere are some tools I have used, but the effect is not very good, you can say with Shi, maybe everyone's use is not the same, we do not mention, lest provoke the quarrel of the tongue, here only say some I like, use

Configure the Python runtime environment for Sublime TEXT2 (Sublime Text 3 is similar)

1. PrefaceUsing the sublime Text 2 configuration Python environment, there are simple configuration and like idle configuration, this article is divided into the first part and the second part.2. ConfigurationThe first part (simple configuration) 1. Just open Preferences Browse packages to find the Python.sublime-build file in the

Translation: Build an all-purpose python development environment based on sublime Text 3

Original address: title: Setting up Sublime Text

Sublime Text 3 full detailed graphics and text use tutorial _h5

First, the preface Use sublime Text also have a few years, version also from 2 to 3, but as if cold days drink ice water, warm and cool do self-knowledge. At first also do not know where to start, the whole of the earth to find information, but can be found in the information, suffer from their fragmented, o

Sublime Text 3 Installation and use

Sublime Text 3 Installation and useThis article is sublime Text full guide by Lucida ( notes, and added some of their o

Python Development using Sublime Text 3

IntroductionWhen I first went to the OS X platform and looked for tools to write files such as Python,javascript,markdown, I compared a lot of tools and finally chose Sublime Text 2, mainly because of its cross-platform, and the thought of going back to Windows under development. There is no need to re-adapt to other tools. S

Configuring Vex and Python locales for Houdini 13 under sublime Text 3

, the art is that there is so little hobby can not be ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Source file address and method in this link: 1: Open the Add repository the same way you open the package control, and then enter the word in the command line: HTTPS:// 2: Re-open Package Control:install, enter: Sublimehighlight Enter this plugin even if installed. The

Sublime Text 3 Some personal settings for configuring the Python development environment

As we all know, ST3 (Sublime Text 3) comes with a build python that can run the. py file directly, but it cannot be used if the input () function is involved.Here are some of my personal things for me to be enough of the configuration, because I am still in the beginning of the Pyt

Python first day (bottom): sublime text 3 shortcut keys Daquan and configuring the compilation environment

C + + with a connection.)Build myjrun.bat where the command line can be accessed directly (i put it directly under Jdk/bin)@ECHO OFFCd%~dp1ECHO compiling%~nx1 ...IF EXIST%~n1.class (DEL%~n1.class)Javac%~nx1IF EXIST%~n1.class (ECHO Running ...ECHO----------------------OUTPUT----------------------Java%~n1)Note You cannot use the Cls.Modify the Java compilation Options (back up the original).Catalog: Packages/java.sublime-package/javac.sublime-build{"s

Sublime Text 3 Build the Python development environment __python

Predecessors have said a lot, but they will still have a variety of problems, write a log record of this building experience. 1. Install Python, I use is python3.5, can be an officer net download 2. Install Sublime text 3, you can download the officer net

Sublime Text 3 Python and package control configuration methods

= Sublime.installed_packages_path (); Urllib.request.install_opener (Urllib.request.build_opener (Urllib.request.ProxyHandler ())); Open (Os.path.join (IPP, PF), ' WB '). Write (Urllib.request.urlopen ('' + pf.replace (', '%20 ')) . Read ())3. Restart Sublime Text 3;4. If you see the package control item in Perferences->package settings

How to install and use Package Control in Sublime text 2/3, sublimepackage

How to install and use Package Control in Sublime text 2/3, sublimepackage The Package Control plug-in is a plug-in that facilitates Sublime text management. However, because Sublime

Sublime Text 3 python configuration

Sublime Text 3 python configurationPackage Control Installation Method1. Open the console by pressing CTRL + ' or View > Show console, then paste the appropriate Python installation code;2.Sublime

Sublime Text 3 configuration python IDE

Python is increasingly favored by "procedural apes". The rapid development model, the Concise code format, the massive expansion, this undoubtedly has laid the foundation for the Python fiery."Ax", a powerful IDE to help developers effectively manage, edit, run engineering code. Python's development IDE compares common Eclipse + Pydev, jetbrains pycharm[charges], and so on, the divine Code editing software

Sublime How to install and use the package Control in text 2/3, sublimepackage_php tutorial

Sublime the installation and use of the package Control in text 2/3, sublimepackage The package Control plug-in is a handy plugin for Sublime text management plug-ins, but because Sublime

Mac Sublime Text 3 configuration python environment and installation plugin

First, download the installation sublime Text 3Official website: HTTP://WWW.SUBLIMETEXT.COM/3Ii. Configuring the Python Development environment 1. Click on the lower right corner and select Python2. Add a compilation environment python3.6My Mac default is python2.7 version, install python3.6, now to configure sublime

Sublime Text 3 builds a python development environment

The predecessors have said a lot, but they will still appear a variety of problems, write a log record of the building experience.1. Install python, I use python3.5, can download2. Install Sublime Text 3, you can download the website3. Install the plugin:Package Control: Fir

Sublime Text 3 Build Python-anaconda development environment

The tutorials on the web are varied and similar. I had some problems with my installation, so I summed up a blog post.Sublime text is a lightweight, cross-platform, textual editor that expands its capabilities through the package.There are a lot of packages that build the Python environment, where I install the Anaconda package.1. Sublime

Sublime Text 3 builds a python development environment

I. Preparatory work1.python python , and install, configure environment variables (computer-Properties-Advanced system settings-add Python installation path in environment variable-path)2.sublime Text 3 sublimetext3 , and installT

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