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Use switch in OC for picture browsing

Image browsing, home and last page, need to disable the "Up and Down" button, the middle page and restore the button, feel switch more concise than if:1-(void) Turnpage: (BOOL) isup{2 if(isUp) {3self.currentnum++;4}Else{5self.currentnum--;6 }

java-use switch to judge the season

Import java.util.*;Class Demo3{public static void Main (string[] args){Requirements: Enter a month to determine which season the month belongs to: Spring: 3,4,5Summer: 6,7,8, Autumn: 9,10,11 Winter: 12,1,2System.out.println ("Please enter a month:");

Use switch in JS

GrammarSwitch (n) {Case 1: Execute code block 1 break;case 2: Execute code block 2 break;default: N code that executes when different from 1 and 2How it works: first set an expression n (usually a variable). The value of the subsequent

Use switch case to determine how many days it is today

static void Main (string[] args){while (true){int m1 = 31; int m2 = 28; int m3 = 31; int m4 = 30; int M5 = 31; int M6 = 30; int M7 = 31; int m8 = 31; int M9 = 30; int m10 = 31; int M11 = 30;Console.Write ("Please enter the month");int m =

Ui: uiswitch creation and use switch customization Switch

1. The uiswitch class provides an on/off user control. - (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; self.mySwitch = [[UISwitch alloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake(100, 100, 0, 0)]; [self.view addSubview:self.mySwitch];}The default status of

"Spring Boot && Spring Cloud Series" How to use switch libraries in Spring-data-redis

ObjectiveRedis has 16 libraries by default, and the default connection is the one of index=0. These 16 libraries are directly independent of one another.One, switch in the command lineSelect 1;Second, how to switch in spring1, the use of

C # can reduce or not use switch what method _ Practical Tips

The solution is to use factory methods to process, create a factory interface, and then each method is designed as a factory class and implements the factory interface. Factory Interface: Copy Code code as follows:

Parsing how to use switch statements for character statistics _c language

Copy Code code as follows: #include void Cottime (); Main () { Cottime (); } void Cottime () { int c, I, Nwhite, nother, ndigit[10]; Nwhite = nother = 0; for (i=0;i{ Ndigit[i] = 0; } while ((c = GetChar ())!= EOF) { Switch (c) {

How to use switch in PHP language _php tutorial

The use of switch in the PHP language Introduction to the use of switch in the PHP language:    $CZC = "Reg"; Switch ($CZC) { Case ' reg '://Register echo "Registered code"; break;//If this sentence is commented out, it will be executed under the

Parsing how to use switch statements for character statistics

# Include Void cotTime ();Main (){CotTime ();}Void cotTime (){Int c, I, nwhite, nother, ndigit [10];Nwhite = nother = 0;For (I = 0; I {Ndigit [I] = 0;}While (c = getchar ())! = EOF){Switch (c){Case '0': case '1': case '2': case '3': case '4 ':Case '5

How to Use switch in C ++ to select and Judge strings

In C ++, the switch can only be used to judge integers or characters. What if I need to switch the string? Switch on strings in C ++ on codeguru ArticleFor example, Source codeAs follows: # Include # include # include Using namespace STD; //

Parsing how to use switch statements for character statistics

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: # include Void cotTime (); Main () { CotTime (); } Void cotTime () { Int c, I, nwhite, nother, ndigit [10]; Nwhite = nother = 0; For (I = 0; I { Ndigit [I] = 0; } While (c = getchar ())! = EOF) { Switch (c) { Case '0

Parsing how to use switch statements for character statistics

#include void Cottime ();Main (){Cottime ();}void Cottime (){int c, I, Nwhite, nother, ndigit[10];Nwhite = nother = 0;for (i=0;i{Ndigit[i] = 0;}while ((c = GetChar ())!= EOF){Switch (c){Case ' 0 ': Case ' 1 ': Case ' 2 ': Case ' 3 ': Case ' 4 ':Case

Use switch to implement communication between two computers

The7Day: Basic commands for vswitch Configuration   Lab01: Implement switch command configuration Lab Objectives Communication between two computers Lab Environment Install a Cisco simulator computer 650) This. width = 650; "width =" 419 "Height =" 2

45 practical tips that JavaScript programmers should know

  In this article, I'll share a set of JavaScript tips, tricks, and best practices that JavaScript programmers should know whether they're in the browser/engine or server side (Ssjs--service Side JavaScript) on the JavaScript interpreter As you

45 Tips for JS

JavaScript is a world-leading programming language for Web development, mobile application development (PHONEGAP, Appcelerator), server-side development (node. js and Wakanda), and more. JavaScript is also the first language for many beginners to

Share the classic JavaScript development tips _ javascript tips-js tutorials

This article shares more than 40 typical JavaScript development skills with you. I believe that reading this article will greatly help you develop javascript, if you are interested, refer to the typical JavaScript development skills to share with

45 kinds of JavaScript skills Daquan

The sample code in this article has been tested on the latest version of Google Chrome 30 (V8 Be sure to use the var keyword when assigning a variable for the first timeVariables are not declared and are directly assignable, and as a

Comparison of efficiency performance of switch and IfElse in PHP _php tutorial

About the difference between switch and ifelse we do not introduce, here I will introduce switch and IfElse performance bar, when in the end is more appropriate to use switch or ifelse it. There are two methods in PHP that are used to determine

Switch of rman backup recovery command

One switch command1 switch command usageUpdate the data file name to the data file name specified during image copy under rmanUpdate the data file name to the name specified by the set newname command. 2. Prerequisites for using the switch

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