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* Use while loop to iterate through arrays to create indexes and self-increment index values

Package com.chongrui.test;/** Iterating through arrays using while loops*** */public class Test {public static void Main (string[] args) {TODO auto-generated Method StubString[] aves = new string[]{"Bai Lu", "Red-crowned Crane", "Lark"};//create an

Use While to solve the file waiting Problem

A friend asked me for help a few days ago. He said he encountered a problem in Unix system management. He deploys a database system in Unix systems. Now he hopes to implement remote backup for this database. His solution is to first use the database'

I want to keep up with Python, use while for loop, and learn python

I want to keep up with Python, use while for loop, and learn python In python, it also has this meaning, but the difference is that "when... "This condition is set up within a certain range or interval, so that python can do many things during this

Do not use while,for,if and so on to achieve addition

Do not use if, while,for,switch, etc. to achieve the addition from 1 to 10Solution: Static and static variables are implemented here, and similar methods can be used to print from 1 to 1000Class Thesum{public:thesum (); static int getsum ();p rivate:

Git Multi-account configuration use while using GitHub and Gitoschina_ favorites

This article is on the previous article "Git-tortoisegit Complete configuration Process" expansion, so need to have an understanding of the previous article, of course, directly down to see also can, some of which mentioned some basic

Use while to determine whether the input number is a return value.

main (m, val, sum =, & = sum * + m %/= (sum = // Process analysis of the while statement// Assume that the number entered by the user is 121 and whether the number of input files is true. If m is not 0, false, true, YES, and false, No;1 ---> sum =

Laravel5.1-how does one set up a process in the php background to listen to Redis queue messages? Use while?

I know that the Redis list has the pubsub mode, but how can I enable a process in the php background to listen to the Redis queue messages? Is a while loop used? Isn't that good? I know Redis list has pub/sub mode, but how can I enable a process in

How to use while,if,for statements in Python

This article mainly introduces the use of while,if,for statements in Python, small series feel very good, and now share to everyone, but also to make a reference. Let's take a look at it with a little knitting. One, if condition statement Basic

Use (while (getchar ()! = '\ N');) Remove the carriage return

Just a few simple, if there are deficiencies, welcome to shoot bricks .... I am still studying the basics of C. Today I see the example program in the book using while (getchar ()! = '\ N'); To remove the carriage return (specifically, the line

With the old Ziko python use while to loop _python

In Python, it also has this meaning, but a bit of a difference is, "when ... Time "This condition is established within a range or time interval so that Python can do a lot of things during this time interval. It's like a situation like this: While

iOS Learning Notes---C language the third day

Loop structure : While loop Do...while loop (almost unused) for loop (most used)Characteristics: When a given condition is established, a program section is executed repeatedly until the condition is not established.The given condition is a cyclic

Php-help experts, rigid loop output array is not used well, is there a better way to output?

For example, if I want to output the data of a category table, the output array defines a channel page, and the output [category ID] is placed in a channel hyperlink, and then the category name is output. However, the company's [About Us] [News] are

About the foreach output problem

$sql 1= "SELECT * from Y_cate ORDER by ASC"; $result 1=mysql_fetch_array (mysql_query ($sql 1)); Var_dump ($result 1); foreach ($result 1 as $ke = = $a) { echo $a. " "; } ?> I want to use foreach to loop through the output of all the data in the

Java learns eight from zero (circular structure)

Cyclic structure is based on the determination of the condition of the establishment or not, determine the number of execution of the procedure paragraph, and this program paragraph is called the loop body. Second, while loop while is a loop

Python growth path article 1 (4) _ if, for, while Condition Statement, python_if

Python growth path article 1 (4) _ if, for, while Condition Statement, python_if With the above basic foundation, we have already written a few small exercises, and you will certainly have a lot of dissatisfaction. For example, why does one query

8.17_linux bash Shell scripting Getting Started (iii) cycle and use of function functions

Bash shell scripting Getting Started (iii) cycleWhat is loop execution?To run a code segment repeatedly multiple timesHow many times to run repeatedly:Number of cycles known beforehandNumber of cycles unknown beforehandThere are entry conditions and

Python Learning Path (7)--while cycle

While loop  1. Basic cycle 123456 while条件:         # 循环体    # 如果条件为真,那么循环体则执行    # 如果条件为假,那么循环体不执行 2. BreakBreak to exit all loops 1234 whileTrue:    print "123"    break    print"456" 3

Python Learning (6)

Exercise 1:Set a user name and password, the user entered the correct user name and password, the display login is successful, otherwise prompt logon failure, the user failed the most 3 times, or quit the program.Tip: Use while or for to limit the

POJ 1426 Find the multiple

From Find the multiple Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 10000K Total Submissions: 38108 Accepted: 15916 Special Judge Description Given A positive integer n, write a program to find out a

Vb. NET implementation of DIRECTDRAW9 (1) Hosted DDraw

Managed Keywords: DirectX DirectDraw 9 Author: Dong Gangjun Reprint please indicate from: ================ below is nonsense (keeping a diary is a good habit) =============== Should have continued to DirectSound

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