how to wipe windows xp hard drive

Want to know how to wipe windows xp hard drive? we have a huge selection of how to wipe windows xp hard drive information on

How to enable Windows xp, Windows 7, and win8 from a mobile hard drive/USB flash drive using USB + vhd

Windows xp, Windows 7, and win8 use USB + vhd to start from a mobile hard drive/USB flash drive. Using a mobile hard drive/USB flash

How to enable the AHCI hard drive mode in windows XP (how to load the AHCI driver in windows XP)

Problem descriptionAfter you use the IDE mode to install the XP system and enable the AHCI mode, the blue screen restart may occur. How to load the AHCI driver under XP so that the AHCI option in BIOS can be enabled to achieve the best performance of the hard disk.Problem Analysis The Windows

How to install Windows XP from a hard drive without an optical drive

Many of my friends asked me what should I do if the optical drive on my computer is broken and I want to reinstall the system? Next I will introduce how to install the system from a hard disk. I. Preparations 1. Prepare an original xp sp3 system and extract the i386 package directly with WinRAR. You only need to extract the i386 package. If you are using a

How to disable automatic playback of Windows XP mobile hard drive or USB flash drive

Disable Windows XP mobile hard drive or USB flash drive for automatic playback:1. close the service method right-click my computer and choose manage. On the displayed Computer Management page, find services and applications-services ", in the right pane, find the "Shell Hard

Embed the SATA hard drive into the Windows XP Server guard Disk

Embed the SATA hard drive into the Windows XP Server guard Disk Many Computers are now equipped with Sata hard disks, but the operating system Windows XP (hereinafter referred to as

How to install XP with a new hard drive under Windows 7

First, install Windows XP dual system under Windows 7 This dual system installation does not belong to the new installation and coverage of the WIN7 system, but it is not completely infeasible, in fact, XP in accordance with the method of this article installed to D disk, you can still find ways to remove WIN7, and th

New Way to install Windows7 on Windows XP hard drive

This method is to install Windows7 single system method, instead of installing a dual system, if you want to install Windows XP and Windows7 dual system, it is not so complicated, you can use the virtual optical drive or directly under the hard drive to run Setup installatio

Hard drive Install Fedora Core 7 under Windows XP

First, because Fedora Core 7 can not be recognized in NTFS format ... So first the hard disk format into FAT32 (the original hard drive has a WinXP system, in order to prevent in case, the retention of the XP system) Copy the ISO image file to the old hard

So that Windows XP under bootcamp can also have d hard drive slots)

Wow, haha... Finally, the hard drive slot D can be created for XP under bootcamp! Although it is not the same as bootcamp in the original phase, this method is really more simple than just another method, I will list my practices for candidates to take the exam. First, describe the configuration of the hard disk magn

A new way to install Windows 7 under an XP hard drive

Not all computers are equipped with DVD ROM, which allows the computer to install Win7 problems. Cannot install Win7 from the optical drive, or can use U disk installation method, but USB disk installation is not all computer support. You can only use the hard disk installation method. Prior to this, XP and Vista were able to directly use the virtual optical

Fedora 13 14 hard drive installation (for Windows XP)

If you don't need to talk about it, go to the topic. The method described here is suitable for installing fedora 14 or similar Linux in XP. 1. Download: Download grub4dos software: Address ( Download fedora14, live-CD or DVD: Address ( 2. Preparation Take installing the system on the C drive as an example: 1. Put the grldr file in

Windows 7 or XP does not recognize memory and mobile hard drive prompts are not driven

Failure problem: When the system is plugged in and when the hard drive is moved, there are no drivers, and then they become unrecognizable devices. Use the "Auto search for updated driver software" in Device Manager to find installation drivers No, I didn't have this problem before. Analysis Processing: Execute the Start-run command, enter the "cmd" command in the Open Run dialog box, and enter the command

Blue screen has changed when installing Windows XP system the hard drive mode is still invalid

Scope of application: This failure presupposes that you can try this scenario if you have a blue screen when you modify your Windows XP system, and you do not have the option to change the hard drive mode. Knowledge Point Analysis: When installing the Windows

Change the startup sequence after Fedora16 is installed on Windows XP hard drive

Change the startup sequence after Fedora16 is installed on the hard disk of the XP system-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. After Fedora 16 is installed on Windows XP hard

XP under hard Drive install Windows 7

XP system under new hard disk installation Windows 7 1, download Windows7 7600 ISO image, with virtual optical drive copy to non-C disk (such as d:7600) 2, the d:7600 directory under the bootmgr and boot directory, and in the C-packing directory to build a sources folder 3, the d:7600sources under the copy

Install CentOS6.2 on a hard drive in Windows XP

What we want to achieve now is to install linux on a hard disk. Here we take CentOS 6.2 as an example to briefly introduce the installation process. It will not be very detailed, just give a thought. Essential tool CentOS 6.2 ISO file: used for reading and writing ext2 or ext3 partitions in windows: In th

Ubuntu 9.04 official installation tutorial for Windows XP + Fedora multi-system hard drive [multiple images]

Let's take a look at how to open the website of the Linux community when installing Ubuntu9.04, and then talk about the specific process. Click to view the big picture. : During hard disk installation of Ubuntu9.04, the homepage System of the website of Linux community was originally installed with WindowsXP, Fedora10, and Ubuntu8.10. It had been upgraded to 9.04, but the installation was addictive, and the official version of Ubuntu9.04 was re-instal

Windows XP hard drive install Fedora system

Do not develop a good computer, like soldiers on the battlefield do not have the right weapons. One of the company's servers has been replaced by several notebooks, which is not, another laptop is dead, fan turn slow, a few minutes on the panic, the old can not be old machine, too lazy to dismantle machine practicing, simply find a desktop, cough cough, or broken machine, better than a notebook good point, let us toss down. The basic configuration is this: BD7II motherboard, 512M RAM, Pentium 1

Windows XP Pull out the killer who occupies the hard drive

problem, in the C-packing directory found Hiberfil.sys and Pagefile.sys these two files surprisingly large, view the size, found two files actually have more than 700 m! It looks like they're messing with each other. Kill the murderer. Let's take a look at Hiberfil.sys this file, look at its size, found that after the strange phenomenon, its size is just 256M, how can the size of the same size as memory? A coincidence? This is also a coincidence, of course not, the author found that as long a

One-click USB flash drive _ How to use a USB flash drive to install the system-Windows XP system and Windows 7 system tutorial-one-click USB flash drive boot disk creation tool tutorial

One-click USB flash drive _ How to use a USB flash drive to install the system-Windows XP system and Windows 7 system tutorial-one-click USB flash drive boot disk creation tool tutorialStep 1: preparations and precautions before p

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