how to write kpi report

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Report development instance-dynamic multi-level KPI drilling report (I), multi-level kpi

the back is dynamic "Architecture 4, architecture 5, architecture 6... architecture 13 "(the root node" Province "corresponds to" Architecture 0 "). The report corresponds to two oracle database tables, tree (tree structure dimension table) and kpi (indicator fact table), such: Tree table Kpi table The leaf node of the Tree table, which is associated with the

Report Development Example-dynamic multi-level KPI drillthrough report (II)

in the report development Instance-dynamic multi-level KPI drillthrough report (I) , we talk about the scenario where the dynamic hierarchy report needs to be drilled, and introduce the implementation method of Oracle complex SQL. This report is still used to find out how to

Add KPI to report by Reporting Service

1. Use the background color to display the current KPI statusIn the table, right-click the cell that contains the [linetotal] field and select "text box attribute ". In "fill", type the following expression: = IIF (sum (Fields! Linetotal. Value)> = 30, "Transparent", IIF (sum (Fields! Linetotal. Value) For each cell whose line total value is less than 20, the background color is red. All values between 20 and 30 are displayed in yellow. values grea

Basic storage and read/write of the report cache, and read/write of the report Cache

Basic storage and read/write of the report cache, and read/write of the report Cache

Write a report Heart

1. If the report is written in the ugliest, it is estimated that it will never become leader. PPT Basic ability is a hard technology, can improve on the improvement.2. The report is important, no less than the actual work you are thinking of. In most cases it takes time to write a report, and if it's just a

SQL Server 2005 Stored procedure write report Example

I heard that Ms SQL 2005 with the report function, so I tested a bit, but also relatively easy to use, so I recorded a stored procedure to write a report example. Since there is no voice in the test process, I am here to explain. The stored procedures used are as follows (in the video I finally changed the stored procedure): The database used is the Northwind d

How do I write a script that captures the company's annual report in Sina's financial network with Python?

Main Accounting Two graduation design thesis DDL imminent, do is to analyze the food enterprise accounting information and stock price of empirical issues, currently need to collect 100 food companies from Sina Finance nearly five years of financial results, if manually collected by the SFC 2014 4 quarterly listed companies industry classification result Listed company stock code to the stock home _ Sina Finance Search box, and then from the selected company's webpage (e.g. Condal (000048) stock

How to write an analysis report

The output of the analysis report is the result of your entire analysis process. It is a qualitative conclusion for evaluating a product or an operation event. It is likely to be a reference for product decision-making, since it is so important, you must write it. I think a good analysis report has the following points: First, you must have a good framework.Like

How to write a good defect (Defect) Report

version, and so on. So, here's the problem! Defects include so many aspects, if each flaw is so written, how much effort to spend!!! (after all, the most busy test!) )Personally, there is no need to write every one of these, after all, writing a bug report does not have value for the customer. Defect reporting is a defective information carrier, and its existence is meant to be used for better, clearer com

"Continuous Update" is the time to write a complete product Experience report.

Write a complete Product experience report for the first time, not to be continued ~ ~ Some angle of view or point of view is bound or lack, hope you make a lot of corrections!One (a) Android side experience reportExperience Equipment: OPPO N5117Experience Product: one (a)Software version: 2.5Device Operating system: Android4.3Network: WiFiExperience Person: FayeExperience Time: 2015.07.29-First, preface 1.

MySQL report can ' t create/write to file '/tmp/ib0n3frl ' (Errcode:13-permission denied)

temporary file; Errno:132017-04-03 19:52:21 7918 [ERROR] Plugin ' InnoDB ' init function returned ERROR.2017-04-03 19:52:21 7918 [ERROR] Plugin ' InnoDB ' registration as a STORAGE ENGINE failed.2017-04-03 19:52:21 7918 [ERROR] unknown/unsupported storage Engine:innodb2017-04-03 19:52:21 7918 [ERROR] Aborting2017-04-03 19:52:21 7918 [Note] Binlog End2017-04-03 19:52:21 7918 [Note]/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld:shutdown completeReport/TMP does not have permissionWorkaround:chmod 777/tmpThen perform

How to write a good report on postgraduate

A recent review of graduate students ' open-title reports reveals common problems and summarizes the following:1) The background of the study should lead to problems that need to be studied, highlighting the possible consequences, and it is best to illustrate the fact that these problems exist and have serious consequences.2) The related work part to carry on the analysis, induces the question which to study the present situation, certainly has not solved or solves the bad, further clarifies thi

Crystal Report Small to large write the function number-VB

,len (DX_STR) -1,1)ElseD= ""End Ifif (b= "0") and ((d= "0") or (B=B2) or (c= "circle") or (c= "million") or (c= "million") then b= ""if (a= "0") and (cif (c= "circle") or (c= "million") or (c= "billion")) and (d= "0") and (a= "0") ThenDx_str=mid (Dx_str,1,len (DX_STR)-2)D=mid (Dx_str,len (DX_STR) -1,2)if ((c= "Circle") and (d= "million")) or ((c= "Million") and (d= "billion")) then c= ""End IfDx_str=dx_str+b+cB2=bNext I' handling of amounts less than 1If Len (dx_str) if (num_decA_int=tonumber (S

Workaround for Database report packet for query is too large (1986748 > 1048576) (MySQL write data is too large)

Tags: mysqld body modify INI file ACK packet change no likeWORKAROUND: A system parameter for MySQL: Max_allowed_packet, which defaults to 1048576 (1M), Enquiry: Showvariables like '%max_allowed_packet% '; Modify the value of this variable: The MySQL installation directory "Max_allowed_packet = 1M" In the [Mysqld] segment of the My.ini file (some files may not be in this line) The format is: [Mysqld] Max_allowed_packet = 1M (change 1M to 4M (if there is no line, add one line)), Save Restart the

How to write a good data analysis report

First of all, the importance of writing a good data analysis report is very simple, because the output of the analysis report is the result of your whole analysis process , it is the qualitative conclusion of evaluating a product, an operation event, it is probably the reference basis of product decision, since it is so important to write it well. I think a good

How can I use Python to write a script to capture the annual report of a specified enterprise on Sina finance and economics network?

classification results of listed companies by the China Securities Regulatory Commission in the fourth quarter of 2014. The stock code of a listed company is sent to the stock homepage _ Sina finance The search box, and then from the page of the selected company (such as kangdal (000048) stock price, quotations, news, financial report data Click "company annual report" to download the annual

Four steps to teach you to write a product's operational data analysis report.

the game that needs our attention. According to each level player's clearance participation number, you can easily see each level players participate in the situation, so as to determine whether the level set unreasonable or data anomalies.In fact, in addition to system monitoring, the player's upgrade, mall pay, etc. can do a detailed analysis, mainly to see your game at which stage, the focus of the analysis.7. Key business event paying player participationThe analysis here mainly includes th

After the text is created, write the text and report "The file is being used by another process, so the process cannot access the file"

Loading editor... // Check the file. If the file does not exist, createPrivate void existsfile (string filepath){// If (! File. exists (filepath ))// File. Create (filepath );// The above writing method will report an error. For more information, see the following description .........If (! File. exists (filepath )){Filestream FS = file. Create (filepath );FS. Close ();}}Private void button2_click (Object sender, system. eventargs E){Existsfile (serve

MongoDB Big Data High concurrency read-write Performance test report

10 10 6 100000 10 100 39 100000 10 500 370 (peak memory 95G) 100000 1 1 1 1000000 1 10 1 1000000 1 100 8 1000000 1 500 32 1000000 Query performance Collection size (Million records) Number of concurrent threads Full table Query time-consuming (second

on how to write an experimental report

By the computer network teacher learned a bit, learn good, well do the experiment reportThe process is as followsWhat to do---? The specific steps, the photograph of the photo, the written writing, specifically how to do to write clearlyThe last problem solution is not important, the most important thing is to write good encounter what problems, but also how to solve the problem.How do you

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