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The new HP laptop and linux are a correct choice. What about you?

The new HP laptop and linux are a correct choice. What about you? -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. In a world dominated by Microsoft Windows, it was big news when a company announced that it was about to implement a linux operating system, one of its computers. But even more surprising, a computer is a

HP laptop uses nonstandard power adapter to solve battery performance problem

 If the size of the power adapter used is the following: 1, too small-the voltage provided is not enough to start the notebook computer, the battery led will Flash 8 times quickly, and in the lower right corner of the screen display a notification message "The output power of the HP Smart AC Adapter connected to your computer is insufficient. Please connect a higher capacity AC adapter. " For example, if you try to use a power adapter designed for H

How to maintain HP laptop

Note: The following methods are for reference only. If you cannot handle the problem, please contact the designated Gold Medal service center of Hp in a timely manner and the professional engineers of the service center will help you solve the problem. The laptop battery adapter only provides the pressure change function, without voltage regulation. If the voltage is unstable when a single external power ad

Use a LINUX system installation disk to crack HP laptop partition Protection

Use a LINUX system installation disk to crack the partition protection of the HP laptop -- general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. The current HP laptop is basically not attached with an installation disk. There is a backup system hidden and can be

HP laptop driver installation sequence

For HP laptops, the chipset must be installed with drivers in some operating systems to work properly. If the driver is not installed in certain sequence, it may not be normal after installation. For example, the mouse panel does not have certain functions, and the Device Manager has unknown devices. From multiple practices, it is found that the driver installation has certain sequence requirements: Download the latest driver from the

The way the laptop suddenly doesn't sound.

, to find a way to plug the sound card can solve the problem. b, the active speaker input is connected to the speaker output of the sound card, the active speaker Bell in the sound card line-out end, it output signal did not go through the sound card amplification, noise is much smaller. Some

HP notebook Debian compile sound card drive method

HP notebook installed after the Debian system, voice problems, most of the sound card driver failure, at this time can be reinstalled to install the sound card driver to solve the problem, the following small series to give you a detailed introduction to the next Debian compiled installation sound card driver method.

What is the reason for the high sound of the laptop fan?

It takes a long time to have a notebook and sometimes a loud sound occurs. So, what about the sound of a laptop fan? Sichuan Xinhua Computer School for your ideas: What about the sound of a laptop fan? Several possible sounds: 1. The use of time is too long, fan coil aging

What if there's no sound on your laptop?

What if there's no sound on your laptop? The computer does not sound the reason is nothing but 2, computer hardware problems and software problems. Hardware problems are the main sound card is bad, or output sound interface damage, and so on, the general

When the laptop is turned on, only the battery lights are on, and the working sound is heard, that is, the screen does not respond. Why?

battery of the motherboard .)Which of the following statements about inbound traffic _________!!! My laptop has a black screen. I don't need to read the hard disk on the machine. I changed the motherboard. Fortunately, it is a three-year warranty. Black Display1. when there is no image display on the black screen of the Monitor (however, when there is no signal sent from the host, the screen displays quot; no signal line connection quot ;), first,

Win8 system laptop does not have the sound to do?

Win8 System Laptop does not have the sound to do? One, the sound card is not installed well 1, right click on "My Computer"----"management". 2, click on the left "Device Manager." 3, to see if there is no yellow exclamation point, if any, it is proved that the sound card is not installed we

The correct setting for the laptop to connect the built-in sound box

1, the speaker connected to the laptop USB interface, waiting for computer recognition, in general, the computer will automatically switch the sound card to the USB sound card, if there is no switch need to restart the speaker, still useless words to jump to the next step; 2, click on the lower right corner of the taskbar's

How to cancel the alarm sound of a laptop with low battery power

How to cancel the alarm sound of a laptop with low battery power 1, right click on the lower right corner of the taskbar small horn icon, select "Voice"; 2, the general sound scheme is the default use of "Windows default", we can change the sound scheme to "silent", Attention is not "silent (modified)"; 3, if yo

Laptop HDMI output with image no sound solution

the ATI HDMI Output icon and select the Enable option, a green "√" (Figure 3) appears on the LCD TV icon, which indicates that the HDMI audio was successfully used as the default playback device. Figure 3 Setting the HDMI audio as the default device Four, HDMI audio output back to normal Click the "Apply" button, at this time through the HDMI output to the LCD TV, the sound of high-definition movies back to normal, but it is worth no

G480 Laptop installed sound card driver error no appropriate Driver to be installed solution

Laptop installed sound card driver error no appropriate Driver to be installed Cause Analysis: There are Realtek and conexant two kinds of sound cards, when the system can not automatically identify the device when there will be an error. Solution: Enter the corresponding folder double-click Setup to install the driver If Realtek's

What if there's no sound on your laptop?

The use of notebook computers has been integrated into the daily life of everyone, many people like to listen to music on the computer, watching movies and TV, chat about social software and so on. But sometimes, there is no sound in the notebook, what is the cause of it? There are many reasons for this, so what if there is no sound on the laptop? Here are some c

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