hp laptop no audio output device installed

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win8.1 upgrade WIN10 system prompts "not installed audio output device" How to resolve

win8.1 Upgrade Win10 system prompts "not installed audio output device" How to resolve The method is as follows: 1, Volume icon--right--Play device--Change the default device try; 2, overall or drive the problem, such as

Win8.1 prompts "No audio output device is installed"

The Win8.1 system uses the process to suddenly have no sound, uses the troubleshooter automatically detects that prompts "does not install any audio output device". But you have already plugged in the headset, why do you have this hint? Here's how to solve this problem.   The method is as follows: 1, from the desktop win+r; 2, enter "regedit" to open R

Dealing with Audio Output Hardware Device for processing Audio Output

Users have a number of alternatives when it comes to enjoying the audio from their Android devices. most devices have a built-in speaker, headphone jacks for wired headsets, and descrialso feature Bluetooth connectivity and support for A2DP audio. Check What Hardware is Being UsedHow your app behaves might be affected by which hardware its output is being routed.

Call flowchart of the getoutput function of the audio output device in the audio system

In the audio system, the call flowchart of the getoutput function for setting the sound output device is as follows: There is only one derived class for audiopolicyclientinterface, that is, the audiopolicyservice class. The base classes of audiopolicyservice are defined as follows: Class audiopolicyservice: Public bnaudiopolicyservice, public audiopolic

What if the audio device is not installed on the win10 computer?

What if the audio device is not installed on the win10 computer? Sometimes our computer may have sound cards but no sound. What is the problem? Today I want to explain to you what if the computer has sound cards but no audio devices are displayed? When you click Start and open the sound and

XAudio2 Learning III acquisition of audio output device information __xaudio2

XAudio2 Learning three get output device informationThe output device information includes the audio format supported by the output device, the dev

WINDOW7 computer does not sound, prompted not to install any audio output device how to do

Talking about the win7 system download official website of the fault, which is really a lot of kinds, not only that, cause the same fault is also a variety of reasons, and we have to do, is based on the Win7 flagship computer in the tip of the solution, only according to the prompts, We can accurately find the cause and find a solution, today, small series to introduce about the Win7 flagship computer failure is "Win7 flagship computer no sound, prompted not to install any

Use the multi-media library bass. DLL to play MP3 [2]-bass_getdeviceinfo: Get the current audio output device list

In Delphi 2009, you need to modify the bass_deviceinfo structure definition in bass. Pas. Otherwise, garbled characters will occur: // Change bass_deviceinfo = Record Name: pchar; // description DRIVER: pchar; // driver flags: DWORD; end; // to bass_deviceinfo = Record Name: pansichar; // description DRIVER: pansichar; // driver flags: DWORD; end; In this example: Code File: Unit unit1; interfaceuses windows, messages, sysutils, variants, classes, graphics, contro

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