hp laptops with nvidia graphics

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Graphics card: Comparison between two mainstream graphics cards: ATI and NVIDIA

pages and other detailed local ranges. ATI is much better than vodda. NVIDIA graphics card: NVIDIA geforce graphics card series GPU laptops and desktop computers bring incomparable performance photos, high-definition videos, and ultra-authentic games to users. The gef

NVIDIA dual-graphics card

you use a video card to implement some special tasks, in one sentence, your computer can be used normally.If you have to worry about it, what should you do? There is a way, although NVIDIA Optimus does not plan to support Linux, someone has solved it.Http://bumblebee-project.org/Ubuntu is easy to operate.Bumblebee 3.0 "tumblewed" NVIDIA Optimus GPU switching for Linux has been released-how to install Bumbl

Install nVidia graphics card driver in a notebook

All laptops are installed with OEM drivers from the laptop manufacturer. However, people who need to use cuda like me will be overwhelmed by the manufacturers. Sony's driver updates are too slow. However, you cannot use the nVidia graphics card driver for the public version. No way, I had to send back my own spirit of doing well. First of all, you need to know th

Debian (squeeze) 6.0.5 install the NVIDIA graphics card driver

Debian (squeeze) 6.0.5 install NVIDIA graphics card driver 1: colleagues took the HD Line away. after changing a line, the desktop resolution of debian is changed to 1280x1024 and stretched (the company uses the HP brand machine and the default resolution is 1366x768 ), so you need to re-install the video card driver www.2cto.com 2: first, search for the

NVIDIA Optimus dual-graphics Ubuntu driver problems

choose your machine and operating system. This is where the software problem arises. Only a limited local version is supported, but the advantage is that the laptops are all made on a large scale and there are just a few graphics cards. For example, if my machine meets the general requirements, the operating system must be correct. My n53sn is the same no matter what Sn or sl, I can select 1. The image tr

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