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Performance test HP LoadRunner 11 [CD image] Thunder download and Cracking Method

LoadRunner is a load testing tool that predicts system behavior and performance. LoadRunner can test the entire enterprise architecture by simulating tens of millions of users to implement concurrent loads and real-time performance monitoring. By using LoadRunner, enterprises can minimize test time, optimize performance, and accelerate the release cycle of applic

5 tips to correlate Web HTTP scripts in HP LoadRunner

correlation result. To get a better correlation result next time, you can modify the generated rule based on your application by extending the boundaries, adding filters to XPaths, and supplying format-specific info in regular expressions etc.For example, the automatically generated regexp-based rule for the GUIDs in the screenshot below are very generic, and could Match irrelevant strings. So we can manually the change it to a regular expression, specifically matches a GUID, such as: "\a\{[0-9

Record Android apps with HP LoadRunner Vugen

Richard Pal from: perftesting translation: Elaine00In this article, I'll show you how to test the network traffic for an Android app with HP LoadRunner Vugen. During the test, the Android SDK will be used to execute the Android app, while the HP LoadRunner Vugen will be used to capture the package and convert it to the

HP LoadRunner 11.00 fresh taste

Shortly after the release of HP LoadRunner 11.00, the installation package is 4 GB. I need to download and try it out quickly. I will share the detailed process records with you: [The best change to the first impression is "support for Windows Server 2008, Windows 7", and "Support for custom plug-ins] I,Install Compared with the previous version, Perl must supp

LoadRunner hack method--lm70.dll,mlr5lprg.dll Download address

One, because in the stress test execution, there is a-10803 error, in order to resolve this error, reset the environment variable, in the second execution error, this problem solved, but another problem came out, LR, open the Script Editor old hint can't find the temp directory, then did not think will be set The problem with environment variables, the result of reinstalling LR 11, when cracked, prompts license security violation. Operation is not allowed error, pressNormal cracking steps: 1. Af

LoadRunner 11 download and cracking

1. Download the reference article: Http://www.51testing.com /? Uid-4827-action-viewspace-itemid-225451 2. References for cracking: Http://naotang.com/index.php? Option = com_content view = article id = 66: loadrunner11 catid = 11: C-testtools For convenience, I copied two articles: Article 1: Download loadrunner11:You can download the link to lr11 through per

LoadRunner 11 download address

1.: http://www.genilogix.com/downloads/loadrunner/loadrunner-11.iso Or http: // Qtp 11: http://www.genilogix.com/downloads/unified-functional-testing/quicktest-professional-11.iso3. loadrunner11 cracking:The method for cracking is the same as tha

Download 50 exclusive free Icon Sets

emoticons of WordPress icons. Green and Blue icon settingsThe five icons are in the PNG format of 128x128 pixels. This icon represents the gallery, download, emoticon, calendar, and folder. Airport Express LineDownload IContainer, PNG, and PSD formats. This icons for personal use only. HP Dock icon settings1024px, 512px, 256px. All file types. Png. Charming 3rd-part iconsThe size of 16, 32, 48, 64, and

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