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Hp-unix Depot Software Installation method

How do I install depot files? First Su to root user, then swinstall –s/home/... Hit the path and file name, enter, a character interface with a menu, you can tab switch, first in the following "box" to enter, select the entry to install (1 of the 1 selected), and then tab to the menu, use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the Actions Enter, select Mark for install, the following marked is yes, then choose Actions under the install, if the analysis is not a problem, Choose OK to start the

The issue of unzip when installing oracle database software under hp-ux is hp-uxunzip.

The issue of unzip when installing oracle database software under hp-ux is hp-uxunzip. When you first install the oracle database under hp-ux, you will encounter the Oracle database software medium (*. zip Format) cannot be decompressed, because there is no unzip executable

HP HP DL160 G6 RAID and Server2003 system installation method

HP HP DL160 G6 RAID and Server2003 system installation method HP ProLiant DL160 G6 Server Manually install the Windows Server 2003 system and manually install all drivers (Pictures from Xin Pengcheng) Hardware environment: DL160G6 Software Environment: Windows Server 20

HP-UNIX installation Oracle PHCO-40381, hp-unixphco-40381

HP-UNIX installation Oracle PHCO-40381, hp-unixphco-40381First, we need to identify the HP processor.View machinfo The product number of pa-risc is set to rp, and the product number of itanium is set to rx. Different products need to download different media from the official website. The operations such as creating a

HP Server HP 360G5 CENTOS7 installation Issues

HP Server HP 360G5 CENTOS7 installation IssuesOne: The boot disk does not recognize the hard drive1, enter the installation CD, with the upper and lower keys to select the installation of Centos--install Centos7 (note Do not press the ENTER key),2, press the TAB key to insta

Current Situation of HP OpenFlow and Software Defined network strategy

In Interop 2012 in Las Vegas, I asked HP two questions: what is the current situation of HP OpenFlow and software-defined network strategy? What is the progress of the HP 12500 Series Data Center rack switch? Fortunately, at the end of the meeting, I had the opportunity to communicate with Mike Nielsen,

Unzip problems when installing Oracle database software under HP-UX

Tags: UNIX HP-UX unzipWhen you first install the Oracle database on HP-UX, you will not be able to extract the Oracle DB Software media (*.zip format) uploaded to HP-UX because the executable program is not unzip.At this point, you can go to https://updates.oracle.com/unzips/unzips.html this URL to download

Oracle -- HP-UXItaniumOracle11gR2 Remote Installation notes

The project team needs to install Oracle on a remote HP minicomputer with the following hardware information: Software Information: 1. Download the correct Oracle Installation version HP-UX The project team needs to install Oracle on a remote HP minicomputer with the followi

HP-UX Installation

][Advance options]Select [install HP-UX] and press enter to continue.8. Screen Display: user interface and media optionslllllllllSource location options:[*] Media only Installation[] Media with Network enabled (allows use of SD Depots)[] Idnite-UX server based InstallationUser Interface option:[*] Guided installation (recommand for basic instils)[] Advanced Insta

The JetDirect vulnerability in HP printing software has threatened multiple network printers (analysis)

Spanish researchers during this monthGuerreroResearch found HP Printing SoftwareJetDirect has a vulnerability that allows attackers to bypass bio-or swipe card security protection, access some printed documents, or advertise the network to cause DoS attacks on vulnerable network printers.Although JetDirect was designed by HP, many printers use the software, inclu

HP Computer Reload Win7 64-bit after all software is not installed problem

All software is not installed after the HP computer reload.Installed nearly 100 Cretin machine, first encountered such a.Bug Description:The new notebook just installed a pure version of the 64-bit flagship version of Win7, want to install software, the popup has stopped working. For example, install Firefox browser, pop-up Firefox network

HP Service Manager Software information leakage (CVE-2016-4371)

HP Service Manager Software information leakage (CVE-2016-4371)HP Service Manager Software information leakage (CVE-2016-4371) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: HP Service Manager Software 9.41HP Service Manager

Oracle -- HP-UX Itanium Oracle 11g R2 Remote Installation manual

The project team needs to install Oracle on a remote HP minicomputer. The hardware information of the system is as follows: The software information is as follows: 1. Download the correct Oracle Installation version HP-UX can run on HP's own processor PA-RISC and Intel's Itanium (anteng) processor Oracle official site

Installation and configuration of Oracle 8I under HP-UX

Oracle recently in the toss hp-ux11.11, I will be the Oracle 8I in HP-UX installation and configuration process written out, I hope to share with you, if you can help, Diao greedy feel gratified. If you have any questions or your experiences and suggestions, please contact me, discuss or not discuss any technical issues, just make a friend, my mail:yuepengfei@mai

How to use HP printer with software scan under Win7 system?

Officejet576 series Win7 with the software to achieve the scanning settings (USB connection) 1, open "HP printer Assistant" 2. Run "scan documents and photos" 3., select Source file source, as needed, choose Save type A. Save as PDF 1 PDF has 2 file types: PDF and searchable pdf. The first PDF cannot be edited, copy. The second searchable PDF can be available for copy. But it ca

HP recruiting software developers

Yi Xun technology is currently recruiting software development engineers for HP gdcc. At present, it is in urgent need of. NET and J2EE engineers. The specific job requirements are as follows. If you are interested, please contact me quickly: Lever 1: SSE Job description: 1. in-depth understanding of large-scale Management Information System Development 2. More than 4 years of application

HP Server ILO remote control software Introduction

ILO understands:ILO is a group of chips, internal vxworks embedded operating system, behind the server there is a standard RJ45 port external connection production with switch or out-of-band management switch. The ILO full name is Integrated lights-out, which is an integrated remote management port on some HP models of servers that allows users to manage servers from a remote end based on different operating systems, enabling virtual access and contro

Use HP dedicated network printing server network printer Installation

have to see if they match the Network Print Server Model marked on this download page) http://support.hp.com.cn/support/J4169A/drivers/ If the system exits when anti-virus software or firewall is running, double-click the downloaded driver file and uninstall the package automatically. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. Run the hp install network pr

HP-UNIX jdk1.6 installation instructions

The installation process is as follows:1. Confirm the system version Bash-4.2 # uname- HP-UX shipsv13 B .11.23 U IA64 1660023518 unlimited-User License 2. Download the JDK of the corresponding system version Https://h20392.www2.hp.com/portal/swdepot/displayProductInfo.do? Productnumber = hpuxjavahome Jdk1.6 is installed in this case. We recommend that you download the H

Raspberry Raspberry Pi Installation cups for print server sharing HP P1007 printers

While many articles mention how Raspberry Raspberry Pi installs cups to implement shared printer services, I have tried to find out for myself that HP P1007 is always unusable, tossing for a long time and finally finding a way to record it.The default Raspberry Raspberry Pi has already done the basic setup, ip,ssh and the like have been OK.First to perform the update, I just did not perform the update, resulting in subsequent operation error, download

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