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How to solve the problem that hp qc (Quality Center) cannot work in Windows 7

Hp qc (Quantity Center) is a good test management tool. Recently, after upgrading the company's operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7, we found that we logged on to the Addin page of QC Server, many client components cannot be downloaded normally, and thus the entire QC cannot be used. The solution (http://www.sqaforums.com/showflat.php? Cat = 0 Number =

HP Comprehensive Green Storage Solution

With the advent of the business science and technology era, the interaction between business and technology in the continuous upgrading of business results, but also inevitably brought about serious energy expenditure problems, including electricity and cooling energy consumption has become a large part of the enterprise IT expenditure. Among them, according to Storageio Group's research results, the current energy consumption of storage devices accounted for the entire data

HP LaserJet Printer m1522nf: Ready 2 download Solution

1. download firmware upd-pcl6-x32- and M1520_MFP_Series_FW_Update-20130923 and uninstall HP printer drivers 2. decompress the package to the C root directory. . 3. Select USB Mode 4. Turn off the power, connect the USB to the computer, select HP universal printing pcl6 and click send firmware to send it. About five minutes later, the system will exit after a smiling face appears. 5. Restart

How to display the operation center icon on the taskbar in win7

Problem description The "Operation Center" icon is not displayed on the system tray due to incorrect operation. How can I restore it? Solution 1. Right-click the blank area of the taskbar and select Properties to open the taskbar and Start Menu properties: 2. Select the button in the notification area and customize it (c ): 3. Select the open

WIN10 Operation Center Quick Action icon How to modify the location?

Solution: Operation Center of the lower part of the icon, a total of 12, only the first row can be set, the other icons are based on the first line set the order of automatic adjustment, the first line of the setting method is as follows: Step one: The taskbar blank place click the right mouse button, select attributes; Step two: In the pop-up window, click

Windows 7 Solution Center graphic

Windows Solution Center, after entering the system desktop, can see this striking lighthouse icon in the system tray. When you click the icon, the following illustration appears. The system prompts me with two messages, click Open windwos Solution

Css notes-small icon text alignment intermediate solution, css alignment

Css notes-small icon text alignment intermediate solution, css alignment Source: http://www.zhangxinxu.com/study/201603/icon-text-vertical-align.html Css .icon { display: inline-block; width:20px; height:20px; background: url(delete.png) no-repeat center; whi

Introduction to the solution of win8.1 system running GTA4 appearing R icon Flash-back

button to open the NVIDIA console 6, Catalyst control center-power supply-can switch the display card mode 7, can switch the display card mode-manually or according to the power selection graphics processor-Application 8, when you selected manually or according to the power to select graphics processor in the case of plugged in external power by default is the use of high-performance GPU, if there is no choice y

Windows 7 Computer taskbar cannot display power icon Solution

Today, I will introduce you to the solution that the power icon cannot be displayed in the Windows 7 taskbar. This is definitely in the notebook, and the desktop will not display the power. Turn on the notification area icon. The power option is gray and cannot be selected !!Collapse the image and expand the image. Don't worry. Try the following solution:In the

Solution WIN7 System Right bottom corner Network icon can surf the net but show little sun

Registration nearly 10 years, and today to record a solution to the WIN7 system in the lower right corner of the network icon can surf the internet but show the problem of small sun.Phenomenon:1, the system can surf the Internet, but the network icon in the lower right corner can surf the internet but show the small sun, or rolling small circle.2, the network and

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