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HP-UX platform IoctlASYNC_CONFIGerror, errno = 11 Error Analysis

The most recent user's database has the following error: IoctlASYNC_CONFIGerror, errno11 environment is as follows: HP-UX11.31, ORACLE10. metali The most recent user's database has the following error: Ioctl ASYNC_CONFIG error, errno = 11

Connect HP-UX iSCSI to netapp

  Follow the http://docs.hp.com/en/T1452-90011/index.htmlInstall iSCSI software initiator on HP-UX.     Verify under 11.23     1) # swlist iSCSI-00# Initializing...# Contacting target "db1 "...## Target: db1 :/# # ISCSI-00 B .11.23.03f HP-UX iSCSI

HP-UX Installation

Required media and materials for installation:HP-UX 11.0 core OS install/update/recovery Cd (1)HP-UX 11.0 support plus (1)HP-UX 11.0 Application Software Cd (5)1. Preparations before installation:Before installing the system, check the connections

Oracle -- HP-UX Itanium Oracle 11g R2 Remote Installation manual

The project team needs to install Oracle on a remote HP minicomputer. The hardware information of the system is as follows: The software information is as follows: 1. Download the correct Oracle Installation version HP-UX can run on HP's own

Use of EMS under HP-UX

Event monitoring service is an integrated HP-UX service that monitors host hardware in real time and reports monitoring information to system maintenance personnel in a specified manner, this helps O & M personnel detect host faults in a timely and

HP-UX Platform Oracle Boot instance encounters: ora-27154,ora-27300,ora-27301,ora-27302

Environment: HP-UX 11.31 + Oracle After you install Oracle on HPUX, you cannot start the instance after you configure the parameters by business requirements.The error is as follows:ORA-27154:post/wait create failedORA-27300:OS

Windows R2 uses NFS shared disks for HP-UX or Linux mounts

This task is to share Windows R2 's local hard drive via NFS to the HP- UX DB backup;This simulation environment is A Windows R2 Server and a Centos 5.4 are installed on VMware Workstation, and the Next experiment begins:Although the use of CentOS 5

Differences between LVM operations on HP-UX and Aix

1. view what VG is there. A. View on the HP-UX 1) view # vgdisplay by command --- Volume groups --- VG name/dev/vg00 VG write access read/write VG status available Max lv255 Cur LV 11 Open LV 11 Max PV 16 Cur PV 2 Act PV 2 Max PE per PV 4384 Vgda

How to Create a disk image for the root disk in a HP-UX

Use the following command to determine and record the hardware address of the disk to be an image Disk: ioscan-FNC DiskIn this example, the disk used as an image is/dev/DSK/c1t0d0. Please refer to the help pages of each command used below to better

HP-UX. Back up local disk data to tape. hp9000 & tape array 5300

Back up all data on the local disk to tapeBy default, you do not need to specify the file system device number. The value is "/dev/RMT/0 m ". However, if this device does not contain tape media or you need to apply other devices, you must add the

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