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Printer installation under HP-UX

The system is a HP-UXB.11.31 and the printer is the maid. The installation procedure is described as follows: 1. install HPJetDirectPrinterInstallerforUNIX #/usr/sbin/swsintall? S/var/tmp/hp11e134. sdJ4189-11001C verify installation successful:

Printer installation under HP-UX

The system is HP-UX B .11.31 and the printer is HP LaserJet 5100. The installation steps are described as follows: 1. Install HP JetDirect Printer Installer for UNIX # /usr/sbin/swsintall –s /var/tmp/hp11e134.sd J4189-11001C Verify whether the

HP-UNIX jdk1.6 installation instructions

  The installation process is as follows:1. Confirm the system version Bash-4.2 # uname- HP-UX shipsv13 B .11.23 U IA64 1660023518 unlimited-User License  2. Download the JDK of the corresponding system

[Linux] To view the performance of the command (top and glance) of the detailed __linux

Liunx view the commands for performance (top and glance) Top command for Linux The top command is a commonly used performance analysis tool under Linux to display the resource consumption status of each process in real time, similar to the Task

One day to learn about Linux RHEL6 system Process Management 3 process observation top command

Top: dynamically observe process changes. ps indicates the process status at a certain time point, while top indicates dynamically observe the running status of the process in real time. We can divide the result of the top command into three parts,

Virtualization Technology for data center VSE

At present, enterprise Data center is becoming more and more popular, enterprise business application is more and more complex, it has posed serious challenge to the traditional resource fixed allocation mode of IT infrastructure. It has become

UNIX is 40 years old

Ken milberg, Writer/website expert, future tech January 04, 2010   UNIX History UNIXOriginated in the late 1960s S. Ken Thompson joined the Bell lab's computer research division in 1966. He was initially engaged in multicsProject, an

How to analyze CPU bottlenecks and related operations

The following content comes from the reprint and its own initial experience. Vmstat [Root@master ~]# vmstat-n 3procs-----------Memory-------------Swap-------io------system-- -----CPU------R b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in CS US sy ID WA St0 0 1

How to configure EMC storage on HPUX

1. Install EMC host base agentmount-F CDFs-O cdcase on the client /Dev/DSK/c0t0d0/CDROM (only such a mount can read the correct EMC disc) swinstall-S/CDROM 2. Create a raid group (group 3) on the EMC Manager server) 3. Create Lun (Lun 8) on the raid

Performance Tuning--CPU Performance analysis

1:CPU architecture and how it works 2: Operating Systems and processes 3: Metrics to measure CPU busy 4:CPU resources as a symptom of system performance bottlenecks 5: Which processes are the big players that consume CPU resources? 6: Using the SAR

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