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CSS3 Series Tutorial: HSL and HSL

Using the CSS3 HSL declaration is also used to set the color. What's next? HSLA? Yes, this is the same as the Rgba effect.The HSL declaration uses Hue Hue (H), saturation saturation (s), and Luma lightness (L) to set the color.Hue is derived from the color dial: 0 and 360 are red, close to 120 is green, 240 is blue.Saturation value is a percentage: 0% is grayscale, 100% saturation is highestThe lightness va

Conversion of color space RGB to HSV (HSL)

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/jiangxinyu/article/details/8000999General 3D programming only need to use RGB color space is good, but in fact, the art staff is more using HSV (HSL), because it is easy to adjust the saturation and brightness.Sometimes art needs a program to help adjust the saturation to achieve a particular style of rendering effect, this time you need to convert color space.Source: http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/

Sass Function--color function--HSL function

Introduction to HSL FunctionsWhat are the specific functions of the HSL color function, and what is the function of it: HSL ($hue, $saturation, $lightness): Creates a color from the values of Hue (hue), saturation (saturation), and brightness (lightness); Hsla ($hue, $saturation, $lightness, $alpha): Creates a color from the values of Hue (hue), saturation

Mutual conversion of RGB and HSL colors

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/aniven/article/details/2205851RGB and HSL (also called HSB/HSV) are two color spaces, namely: red, green, Blue (red,green,blue) and hue, saturation, brightness (Hue,saturation,lightness or brightness or value), the former is suitable for machine sampling, the current display color is composed of these three colors, and the latter more in line with human visual sense, such as people generally express a color will

Analyze HSL/HSB to obtain the Dominant Color of the image,

Analyze HSL/HSB to obtain the Dominant Color of the image, The HSL/HSB values of colors have been studied a little over the past two days, this is mainly because the write program wants to obtain the most prominent color values in the image through an image (similar to the playing Bar background in Groove Music, it is used to retrieve the dominant color from the album cover, you can also obtain the main col

Visual designer Color-born heart: HSL color model

Article Description: Color-born mind: humanized HSL model. For visual designers, RGB, CMYK or whatever is as familiar as the right-hand person. But if only in the way of mental arithmetic, do not use the Photoshop color Picker or any similar tool, you can quickly say "Begonia red" corresponding to the RGB color value? If you add a little orange to go in, increase the brightness a little, the color value is how much?It's hard to answer

CSS3 HSL Colors Usage Instructions

HSL is a very intuitive way to choose colors. If you need to "darken a little more" or "lighten up a little bit", using the hexadecimal combination can be quite troublesome. Fortunately, through HSL, it's just a simple number change. HSL color model is a color standard of industry, by changing the hue (H), saturation (S), Brightness (L) of three color channels a

RGB and HSL Conversion

In the computer, RGB (red, green, blue), red, green, blue, and HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) colors, saturation, and brightness are our two most commonly used color formats, in some cases, we need to convert them accordingly. The principle of conversion between them is as follows: (more color format conversion can be viewed: http://www.easyrgb.com/index.php? X = math) RGB ------ HSL code Code h

RGB and HSL Color Conversion

RGB and HSL Color Conversion Cheungmine //// The following code completes color conversion: RGB Reference: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/recipes/colorspace1.aspx#rgb2

CSS3:HSL and Hsla

This includes dissolved materials from Earth's crust as well as materials releasedFrom organisms. The most important componentsof seawater that influence life forms is salinity,temperature, dissolved gases (mostly oxygen and carbon dioxide),Nutrients, and PH. These elements vary in their compositionAs well as in their influence on marine life.CSS3:HSL and Hsla

Example of simple use of HSL and Hsla in CSS3

Using the CSS3 HSL declaration is also used to set the color. What's next? HSLA? Yes, this is the same as the Rgba effect. The HSL declaration uses tonal hue (H), saturation saturation (s), and brightness lightness (L) to set the color. Hue derived from the color plate: 0 and 360 are red, nearly 120 are green, and 240 is blue. Saturation value is a percentage: 0% is grayscale, 100% saturation is the high

OC for iOS Development (eight)--supplement to the Little Knowledge supplement Init method

. If the initialization succeeds, it is necessary to proceed with the next initialization if (self = [super init]) {//Initialize success ; } return Self ;//3. Returns a value that has already been initialized}3. Custom Construction methodsSome specifications of the L-structure method -(ID) initwithage: (int) Age { if "self = [super init]") {= age ; } return Self ;}Pass multiple parameters for initialization-(ID) initwithage: (int) Age Andno: (int)

Oracle Import and Export File supplement, oracle Import and Export supplement

Oracle Import and Export File supplement, oracle Import and Export supplement In the past two days, oracle has imported and exported table data. 1. oracle provides three ways to Import and export files. (1) Oracle export/import (2) slq export/Import (3) PL/SQL export and import The second method is suitable for the import and export of one or more tables, with a small amount of data imported and exported. I

Linux scheduled task supplement and Linux task supplement

Linux scheduled task supplement and Linux task supplement Scheduled task instances Example 1: print your name to the "/server/log/file named after your name" every minute. [Root @ chengliang log] # mkdir-p/server/log/[root @ chengliang log] # echo "chensiqi">/server/log/chengliang [root @ chengliang log] # crontab-l # time sync by zcl at least /5/8 */5 *****/usr/sbin/ntpdate time.nist.gov>/dev/null 2> 1 [r

13.Django Database Models&orm Supplementary table operation supplement and other Knowledge Points supplement (ii)

'}]For row in result:Print (row) #获取queryset中的字典数据类型.About Values_list:result = models. User.objects,all (). Values_list (' username ', ' password ')#生成一个queryset数据类型, but this query results only username columns and password columns, except that the Ganso type is stored in Queryset.# queryset[(' username ', ' xxx '), (' Password ', ' xxx ')]!! How do I cross tables when using values and values_list?Double-underline _ _ Cross-table forward lookup:res = models. User.object.all (). VALUES (' id '

Linux terminal and command supplement, Linux terminal command supplement

Linux terminal and command supplement, Linux terminal command supplementWhoami: print a valid user IDWho: displays which users are logged on to the systemWho-r displays the running levelWho-H display field nameW: Show who has logged on and what are they doingLast: the/var/log/wtmp file is displayed. The user logon history and system restart history are displayed.-N #: displays the latest # related informationLastb:/var/tmp/btmp, displays the user's wr

Insufficient number of Sql digits to supplement 0 or other characters

Label:--Right (' A ' +cast (' B ' as nvarchar ()), C) Variable on the right A : The maximum length of the character to be replenished. For example: ' 0000 ' up to supplement 4 bit, insufficient Bit with 0 "AAAA" total 4 bit, less bit with A Add. B : Variable C : string length after supplement Select ' CDMS ' +right (' 0000000 ' +cast (' 111 ' as nvarchar (50)), 7) DWBH-- Results: 0000111 Select ' CDMS

HTML Knowledge Supplement

HTML Basics Supplement 1. Table Defined Instance Effect HTML Knowledge Supplement

CentOS-based MySQL learning supplement three--create database tables in bulk using the shell

Tags: mysql database centos shellThe source of this article: http://blog.csdn.net/u012377333/article/details/47006087 After the introduction of the CentOS-based MySQL learning Supplement two-using the shell to create a database, this article continues to explore the use of shell and MySQL together, I don't know how to quickly create a well-designed database table and add the appropriate basic data after a database design is complete, what I now know i

C-language-scanf function supplement

About the scanf function supplement1 about "character" and "integer" Mixed input2 "integer" and "integer" Mixed inputTwo "integer" is written in one piece, must have For example: 1 and 1, if not split, it's 11.3 "After the project in actual combat, all separated by commas* When there are characters: scanf ("%d,%c,%d", a,ch,b); Input time: 23,a,3 print Out is: 3 A* No characters at the time: scanf ("%d%d%d", a,b,c); Input time:90C-language-scanf function supp

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